Top 15 Features Integrated With Our Telegram Clone App

Are you the one who is thinking about launching a robust messaging app that has the potential to attract a vast user base? Then you are in the right place. The Telegram clone app development is the golden ticket for you to surpass your career.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging application. The app was launched in 2013, and now it is one of the top 10 most installed apps. The alluring features it has incorporated play an important role in its victory. 

Hence, while developing an app like Telegram, make sure your app consists of all the highlighting features that boost the user experience to another level. In this blog, let’s explore the top 15 features of our Telegram clone script, which promisingly give fruitful results to your venture. 

The Outstanding Features Of The Telegram Clone:

  • Group Voice/ Video Calls:

Apart from messaging in texts, the users can enjoy a real-time conversation through the in-app call feature. Both voice-calling and video-calling are compatible with our Telegram clone script. Therefore the users can experience an enhanced and deep conversation safely as it is end-to-end encrypted.

  • Schedule And Silent Messages:

No more thinking all day about sending a birthday wish or any personalized texts at a specific time! With our Telegram clone app, the users can schedule their messages by setting a time. The app sends the message at that particular time. By turning on the silent message, the recipient doesn’t receive any notification sound for that message. The users have to long-press the send button upon typing the message.

  • Chat Themes:

The regular plain theme is boring to see. Therefore enthrall your users by providing them with the option to change the theme of the chat. This makes the chatbox so much interesting, and likely attracts a huge crowd of cybernauts to join your platform. 

  • Edit Pictures Before Sending:

Attract your users by giving them an opportunity to edit the pictures before sending them. The Telegram clone app comes with a variety of photo editing tools that can enhance the quality of the picture. By clicking on the selected picture, the editing tools appear at the bottom of the screen. There are editing tools like image cropping, fine-tuning, etc. Apart from that, the users can also set a self-destructive time which makes the image disappear from the chat when the time ends.

  • Categorize Chats In Folders:

This advanced feature present in our app can help you to stand out from the other existing messaging apps available in the market. This feature allows the users to create folders and categorize the chats. The users can manage their chats efficiently through this option.  

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  • Real-time Notifications:

This is the key feature that helps you to retain the existing users of your app. It is very important to keep the users updated about incoming messages or other activities occurring in the app. So the app sends consistent notifications and keeps the followers on board.

  • Unlimited Storage:

The cloud storage integrated with the networking app solution allows the users to save personalized messages. The saved messages can be accessed by the user even after logging into the platform through other devices. 

  • Find People Nearby:

This feature improves social networking among people who are residing in close proximity. By turning on the ‘find people nearby’ feature, the app displays the name of the users who have chosen to be visible.

  • Live-location Sharing: 

These days GPS integration is vital for any networking application. In that way, this messaging app allows the users to share their current location or live location for a specific duration of time. The live location helps the recipients track the movement of the user. 

  • Interactive Emojis:

Entertain your users with the most alluring features. Turn a simple emoji into a bewitching gesture. The users, upon sending an emoji, can click on the animated emoji to see a full-screen effect. Don’t underestimate the power of emojis. The cyber surfers note down each highlighting feature that enhances the user experience. So give them the best of it with our ravishingly developed messenger app. 

  • Video Playback Speed:

The Telegram clone allows the users to send high-quality videos through the platform. While watching the videos, the users can change the speed of the video to 0.5x or 2.0x. In simpler terms, the users can watch the video either in a faster or slower way which doesn’t affect or alter the original file. 

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  • Share Screen During A Video Call:

During a live video call, the users can share their screens for the viewers to view. For any group conference call, this feature can widely help the presenters to put forth their explanation to the listeners.  

  • Auto-delete Messages:

There is no need to delete unwanted text or chat manually. By turning on the auto-delete messages option available in the app, the particular chat or message gets deleted from the set time. The users can set a time limit such as for a few weeks or months. Upon which the messages automatically disappear from the chatbox.

  • Bot Menu:

Searching for emojis or relevant stickers is made simpler with the bots. For example, if the users type ‘food’ in the chat section, the emojis related to food appear nearby for the users to select and send instantly. This feature can definitely enhance the chatting experience of the users on your platform.

  • Payments:

The Telegram clone app also allows the users to send money rapidly through the app itself. The users ought to sync their bank account with the app to enable fund transfers. Various security tools integrated with the app make it a robust and trustworthy platform for sending money.

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To Put It All Together,

Though there are multiple messaging applications available in the market, the app that offers the best features can attract a vast user base right away. We, at TurnkeyTown, offer the best Telegram clone app development solution that is packed with futuristic features which help you to stand out from the existing messaging apps. This eventually can help you to elevate your venture swiftly.

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