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Telegram Clone

An Interactive Messaging App Embedded With Appealing Features

Who would not love to receive instant messages from their friends and families? An app like Telegram has profoundly gained the attention of enterprises and has made a huge hit in the messenger app market. If you are interested in venturing instantly, our Telegram clone script is here.

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App Like Telegram
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Stay connected with our Telegram Clone App solution

We are a species living as a community conversing with each other and expressing our love for one another by communication. Staying idle without conversing with our fellow people is still a penance we all undergo. Today connecting and conversing with our friends and family has sneaked its way into the online world with instant messaging app solutions. It has served as an intermediary connecting people from far away lands. Our Telegram clone script is one such instant messaging app solution with enticing features capable of attracting users.
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The Mandatory Features Embedded in Our Telegram Clone

Building an app with essential features will fulfill the user’s basic requirements and also a seamless flow in the app's functionality. Our Telegram clone is also embedded with extensive features.

Contact Synchronization

Once the user signs up in the app, they are available with the contacts in their phone, so they can start chatting with no further delay. This is executed by the automatic contact synchronization feature.

Multiple Log-ins

Being stuck with work and unable to chat with friends? The multiple log-in features is integrated with our Telegram clone, providing easy scanning of QR codes for your users to chat and work simultaneously.


Status is one of the most engaging and entertaining features in instant messaging apps today. The users share photos and videos on their status to be viewed by other users.

Group Chat

Planning a trip with friends, organizing a meeting, managing a team are all made effortless with the group chat feature in the chat app solutions.

Location Sharing

This is a breakthrough feature in a chat app. The user can share their location with their friends or family to assist them in reaching them effortlessly.

Multimedia Sharing

The users are offered a chance to share their photos, videos, audio, and other multimedia content with their friends and family and cherish the happiness altogether.

Navigating through the workflow of our white-label Telegram Clone

Unblemished workflow of our Telegram clone app

Step 1:


Our user interface solution offers users to efficiently sign-up into your app by providing their mobile number. Once they have successfully updated their profile details they are ready to chat with friends and families.

Step 2:

Creating a Dynamic Profile

The profile of a user is the first impression of them to their contacts. So, the user is provided with a space to upload their photo and an interesting bio of themself.

Step 3:

Auto-synchronization of Contacts

The next minute a user is onboarded, they are asked permission to allow the app to access their contacts with a yes from the user. All the contacts of the user are synchronized in the app.

Step 4:

Unlimited Chat with Friends

After the synchronization of the contacts, the user can start chatting with their friends instantly without any delay. There is no limit on the number of texts making the user comfortable.

Step 5:

Face-to-Face live Interaction

Video calls can make the term long-distance relationship one screen away relationship, as this feature helps in connecting people from far away lands face-to-face. The user can also make audio calls.

What We Offer?

We work to provide our clients with all possible solutions to launch message app like Telegram. With Telegram clone package, you will get,

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • Admin Panel

White Label Telegram Clone

Start An Enthused Chat App Like Telegram With Exciting Features


Signing up is the feature that gets a user onboard in the app. The user provides their contact number and gets onboard.

Maintaining a Lively Profile

The profile of the user is displayed to the contacts of the user. The user can set a stunning profile picture and an interesting bio for their contacts to get flattered.

Push Notifications

Notifications are the feature that keeps a user coming back to the app often. The user is notified of any new texts, group chats, calls, and updates in the app.

Chat Themes

The chat themes are an interesting feature that allows a user to set different chat themes for different contacts. This lets them set exclusive chat themes for their special ones.

Delivery Note

No more confusion if a message has been delivered or not. The text is marked with a tick mark notifying it has been sent and received on the other end.

Video Calls

Video calls are a necessity for the users as part of globalization. People travel to different countries for work and other purposes and are still connected with their friends and family by the video calling feature.

Privacy Settings

Privacy is an integral attribute for any chat app solutions. The user can hide their profile picture from some of the contacts for their privacy.

End-to-End Encryption

Every chat made by the user is encrypted from the sender’s end to the receiver’s end, allowing the user to share personal messages with their friends or family that they don’t want any others to know about.

Every business needs an admin panel to have control over the app.

User Management

Every profile signed up in the app is overlooked and managed by the admin. Suppose any profile seems to be fake. The admin can delete the profile from the app.

Group Management

The groups in the app are also overlooked by the admin, like the individual profiles. If any group spreads hatred messages or false information, the admin deletes the group.

Admin Status

The admin has an allotted space in the app to share any common news they want to present to the users.

Analytics Board

The analytics board presents graphical data of the user behavior pattern, the number of messages exchanged in a certain period of time, the number of dormant accounts, and more.

Update Notifications

The user is notified with notifications on the updates in the app by the admin. The admin can either force update the app instantly or let the user update the app anytime.

Elective Features For Your Business Needs

Every business requires certain features that other businesses may not require. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with certain elective features.

Ethnic Languages

Some businesses may be confined to certain ethnic groups or languages. Thus they may require translation in their ethnic language.

Multiple Profile Pictures

The user can upload more than one profile picture and also decide which one should be displayed to which contact.

Back-up Messages

This feature helps the user to save all of their chats. This helps them to recover the data when they switch devices.

GIFS and Stickers

GIFs and stickers are required for instant messaging apps that are used for personal chats. It is mostly used to make fun. So, this feature has made it elective.

Top-end Features For An Instant Messaging App Solution

Secret Chats

Secret chats can be created by the user with specific contacts alone. These chats cannot be viewed by anyone other than the user.

App Lock

We integrate your app like Telegram with a security lock feature. Any person other than the user cannot use the app without entering the security pin. Any person other than the user cannot use the app without entering the security pin.

Destructive Chat

The conversation between two users can be diminished automatically in a certain span of time. This feature helps users to have confidential chats.

Group Video Calls

The group video calls are similar to the conference calls in audio calls, but here, the users can see each other’s faces live.

Share Live Location

The user can share their live location with their friends or family. This helps their friends to keep track of the user’s location.

Message Deletion

Any message sent to contact can be deleted by the user. This means the receiver of the message cannot view the message.

Build Your Wealth With Our White-label Telegram Clone

Every app has its own ways to generate revenue and boost up the business in the online marketplace. The simple ways to monetize your Telegram clone app are as follows:

  • In-App Purchases

    The app can have its own products like GIFs, stickers, and more. These exciting products can be sold to the user for a small fee.

  • Premium Add-on Features

    Premium features like secret chat, destructive chat, specific privacy settings, and more can be charged a price for the user to have their hands on them.

  • In-App Ads

    The most common way to generate revenue from an app is by placing ads in the app. This is a promising method to add some money to your pockets.

Telegram Clone App

Build your dream app with us

Developing and launching an app is a step-by-step process.

Market Analysis

Once a client approaches us with an idea to build an app. We research and analyze the market for the business, the target audience, the potential of the business, and more.

Competitor Analysis

After a thorough study of the market, the competitors for the business are analyzed, and their app and the features in it are studied.

Requirement Analysis

A discussion is conducted between the client and us to understand their business requirements and the features to be embedded in the app.


Now that the analysis part is completed, we head to planning to begin the Telegram clone app development. The work is organized and assigned to different teams.

Designing a Stunning UI

The highly creative design team works vigorously to design the app with the logo of your business and the color palettes of your choice and make it pleasing to the user’s eye.

Back-end Development

The experienced team of developers adds all the customized features to the ready-to-launch script of the app.

Testing and QA

The app is now tested for bugs. Several tests are undergone to make sure the app is bug-free and is all set for the launch.

Launching your App

The fully-functional app is now launched in the Android and iOS store, considering the client’s request.

Hire Your Instant Messaging App Developer

TurnkeyTown is an app development company that strives to provide entrepreneurs with the perfect cutting-edge package to make you prominent among the other competitors. We have a troop of dedicated app developers to offer you “Turnkey” solutions and are also experienced in integrating with fascinating UI/UX designs. Our app development firm provides numerous solutions, the latest tools, and tech stacks for developing robust applications. We go one step higher in creating a Telegram clone app keenly and furbishing in such a way that it grabs the attention of a large audience. Connect with esteemed app developers to be flourishing in the online marketplace globally.

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Telegram Clone Script

Tech Stack

We work on the most durable and robust technologies to develop our Telegram clone app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It can be as complex as building it from scratch or as simple as customizing the readymade clone scripts. Our reputed app development company provides scripts that can be bent as per your business needs and requirements.
There are several factors that determine the numbers of Telegram like app development costs. A few factors that have a greater impact on price are feature set, tech stack, level of customization, efforts of developers, etc.
Telegram’s popularity is spreading at an unimaginable pace, say the stats, which gives a good reason why you should go for Telegram clone.

- Telegram has more than 500 monthly active users currently, which is a 150% increase from 2018.
- As of Jan 2021, Telegram is the most downloaded app with over 55.2 million daily active users.
- The user base of Telegram has been consistently growing at a rate of 40% each year since its launch in the year 2013.
It opens up wide revenue streams for businesses to make multi folds revenue. The application offers four most commonly applied ways to make money. They are Advertising, In-App purchases, In-App money transfer, and Gaming, etc.
Our white-label Telegram clone script is fully gorged with security features satisfying the security needs by encrypting the data, protecting messages, and so on. Additionally, our white-label solution lets you do brand customization with ease.