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Satiate the demand for food delivery app like postmates

Food delivery apps like Postmates  are massively growing and needed everywhere. The technological changes increase the demand for services to be a few clicks away. Thanks to the internet and smartphones. Food is fundamental to humans, and food delivery apps flourish at every point of the day.

Starting a food delivery app can take the business to the next level if the strategy framed suits its goals. It is the ease of ordering and receiving, prompt time delivery, food options as combos, discounts, etc., left to choose that motivates app users to order food.

“In March 2020, in the U.K, 60% of the adults aged between 18 to 34 increased their use of food delivery on-demand services. 26% planned on increasing.”

Overview of Postmates Clone

Postmates was founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehman, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street and headquartered in San Francisco. The company initially began as a courier service delivering consumer products. They launched an application programming interface in 2014 for merchants to allow small businesses to challenge big companies like Amazon. Uber acquired postmates on December 1, 2020, for $2.65 Billion.

Postmates combined technology and a modern approach to business that every worker can function as a courier. Statistics says that Postmates has partnered with 6,00,000 restaurants and covers 80% of the U.S market for food delivery business . It is located in over 100 metropolitan places in the U.S. The company has tie-ups with several giants as Walgreens, Starbucks, chipotle, apple, and Mcdonalds.

How does postmates Clone app work?

The app has four routine steps:

  • Browse restaurants– The users browse through the list of restaurants, choose and order food.
    Payment- The orders are placed and paid. All the payments are handled by postmates
  • Matching process– As the order is placed, a notification is received at the restaurant’s end, and a delivery agent can deliver the order.
  • Food tracker– The app comes with an inbuilt GPS to track the order. In case of a query, the app will send a message to the delivery agent through the app.

Understanding and structuring business strategies

There are three essential applications to be designed:

  • Customer App– Login through mobile number, email, social media handle; profile settings, search bar, payment gateways, cancellations, reviews and ratings, in-app chat, order tracking, apply discount/ coupons, push notifications, etc.
  • Delivery Agent App– Login, view, accept, and reject order option; in-app chat, GPS tracker, push notifications, etc.
  • Administrator App– Login, view, and manage users, transactions, in-app chat including customer query, customer and delivery agent data, statistics, push notifications, etc.

Guide to develop on-demand Food Delivery app like Postmates

Stay updated with current trends of the food delivery service market.

Opt for the latest technologies like voice recognition, chatbot for the customers as it provides more convenience. Keep up with technological news, especially with the food delivery service market. Customers always look for new updates constantly. Maintaining separate menus for customers and restaurant partners will provide a smooth experience for both parties.

Conduct a thorough market research

Conduct thorough market research and observe the movements of your competing businesses. Every business has its model, designed to suit its goals. Take inspiration from them. Set an audience to target the app. The audience may be based on age, demographic, or interests.

Food delivery model

Postmates belong to the aggregator delivery model. They enter into partnerships with restaurants and big logistics companies as partners. Opting restaurants that do not own delivery agents will provide more scope to the business.

Create a new aspect or selling point

Customers often look for something unique in the businesses. It is imminent to do deep market research to create your ideas. The special value proposition will make the customers choose your services amongst the heavy competition.

Essential factors to consider when building your Food Delivery App

Summation of all the inputs

Collect all the inputs needed for the app-building from scratch with proper specifications of where, what, and how the tools can be implemented and used effectively.


Prototyping includes assembling user flow logic and the creation of application screens. The screens typically have to find restaurants to dine in, managing orders, restaurant menu, etc.

UI/UX design

The moment a customer enters into the app, they should be ensnared and further explore the app. The app should contain colorful images and capture attention with pleasing aesthetics. The colors should not blare and confuse the visuals.

App development

App development involves using suitable programming languages, databases, backend development to get the desired features. Some tech stacks for developing on-demand Food delivery app like postmates are React.js, Redux, Material UI, EC2, AWS, S3, Google maps, Twilio for SMS, Facebook SDK, Fabric, Stripe, Firebase, Elastic mail, APNS, Fire cloud messaging, etc. Using Facebook as a medium for registration will prove to be beneficial.

Location and Restaurants

The location option helps the user filter the location and select the restaurant he needs. The app should contain restaurants with detailed information as description, menu, ratings, review, pictures, offers, etc.

Payment System

Offering multiple payment options will give the user the freedom to choose the most suited method.

App Testing & Launching

Application testing is an essential part of app development as they decide the app’s performance and precedes app launching.

Revenue model to adapt for Postmates Clone app.

You can monetize food delivery apps through:


In-app ads such as skippable video ads, unskippable video ads, promotional banners fall into this method. Advertising leads to immediate conversion.

Freemium/ Subscription

Customers who subscribe may be offered the option of getting free delivery on all orders or above a particular price window.

Other Charges

You may ask the restaurants to share a portion of their earnings or profit using the app’s services.

Outlook- Make a wise decision and launch the Postmates clone app.

Launch your postmates clone app by seeking on-demand delivery app solutions. The on-demand food delivery app development’s cost will vary on the app’s specifications, such as UI/UX designs, additional features apart from the ones built in the clone. Build your business while helping build the economy by choosing to develop your food delivery app.

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