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Cater Ample of Home Based Services For Customers With Our Postmates Clone Script

Fulfill The User’s Cravings For On-Demand Delivery Of Food,Groceries/Services Promptly With Our Postmates Clone Script.

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Postmates Clone

Postmates Clone - Launch an On-Demand Delivery App

Customers today are peering for any product or service that saves both time and money, all in their own comfort zone. This contemporary mentality of the customers has compelled all businesses to turn online and on-demand. Postmates Clone is an on-demand solution to get the orders placed by the customers from their favorite shops delivered at their doorsteps. This serves the customers with their immediate needs at the comfort of their homes. Postmates have already caught the eye of the customers as well as the investors. It has raised $100 million recently. This reassures how launching a Postmates clone app will turn out into a gargantuan success. Join us to launch an on-demand delivery service app like Postmates and lead the on-demand industry from today.
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Hop on With Us and Get the Alluring On-Demand Features Delivered

Every business is based upon certain cornerstone features. These features make the app/business serve its purpose.

Categorized Product Directory

The details of the usually needed products are listed here with their price, brand, a short description for the customer’s understanding.

Add to Cart

The products the user wishes to shop for later can be added to the cart. The order for these products can be placed anytime.

Order Now! Deliver Later

No one is home all the time, delivery of the orders placed at a time when no one’s home is not a safe option. This feature allows the user to schedule the time of delivery at their convenience.

Search Filter

A filter option is embedded in the search menu for the user to filter the search within a price range or a brand.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a mandatory option for an on-demand business. Our Postmates like app development comes with a P2P payment option, credit/debit card option, and net banking.

A Pandemic Immune Postmates Clone

Managing the threats instilled by the pandemic is very critical in enduring the business in the long run. Considering this, we have equipped our white label delivery solution with features to handle the impact of pandemics, thereby ensuring the safety of your users.

Postmates Clone App
Contactless Delivery

This term has been going around from the beginning of the pandemic as a safety precaution. Now it has turned into a practice by all delivery service providers.

Sticking to the Covid Guidelines

Ensuring the safety of your customers initiates trust in your services. At tough times like this, make sure the delivery personnel follows the guidelines and the customer does not get susceptible to any disease caused by your service.

Make Payments Online

Cash on delivery is no longer considered a safe option. Make online payment modes mandatory, so the customer experiences a 100% contactless delivery.

Update Health Conditions of Delivery Person

Delivery Provider can be made to run through temperature check and enter those details in the app. You can verify them before they are allowed to take up the delivery orders for the day.

Banners for Awareness

Integrate banners that provide awareness regarding the pandemic and the latest news on it within the app.

Our Multifarious On-Demand Delivery App Solutions

The on-demand delivery business is on a hike towards an epitome of success. With such an explicit surge, it can’t be confined to a single product or good. Our Postmates clone can help you deliver various goods.

Postmates Clone Script

Food Food delivery is one of the forerunners in the on-demand delivery business. Get your customer the delicious food they were just fantasizing about.

Postmates Like App Development

GroceryGetting to the market in the mornings to get groceries is not something everyone has time for in today’s world. Let your users stay cozy and sip their bed coffee while you deliver their groceries for the day.

Postmates Clone App Development

PharmacyWalking down to a pharmacy to get medicines when feeling sick is not an easy option. Let your users take rest at those times, and you get them their medicines.

App Like Postmates

StationeriesTaking stationery to school or work is something that escapes our memory. The users no longer have to worry as you can assist them in delivering it at their workplace.

Postmates Clone Script

AlcoholYou can’t predict when you would feel like taking a shot at midnight or in the afternoon. Make sure your users do not worry about how and where to get it while you are there at their doorsteps with their favorite beverage.

Postmates Like App Development

Drinking-Water CansLet your users drink water as much as they need when they feel thirsty instead of worrying if they would run out of water. Let them place orders, and you fulfill their thirst.

An Easy-to-Use Workflow

The Postmates clone app comes with a simple workflow. It can be used by all people without any difficulties.

Step 1:


The user signs up in the app by using their email address and contact number or any social media login with ease.

Step 2:

Surfing for Products

Once the user gets on board, they can start surfing for the products they need to purchase.

Step 3:

Placing Orders

After surfing for products, the user selects all the products they are going to purchase and place the order.

Step 4:


The payment for the purchase is made through any one of the payment options offered by us.

Step 5:

Searching Delivery Agent

Now that the payment has been made, the app searches for a delivery person and assigns one for them.

Step 6:

Live Tracking of Delivery Person

The user can track the live location of their delivery person to keep themselves intimated with the arrival of their order.

Step 7:

Receive the Order

The delivery person picks up the order from the stores and gets it delivered to the user.

Step 8:

Rate the Experience

The user can rate and review their delivery experience both about the product and the delivery agent.

Learn About Our Postmates Clone Script Package

  • User App

    Give your customers a delightful experience with a user-friendly app that comes along with exciting features.

  • Admin Panel

    An all-in-one admin panel that assists you have complete control of your business. It also assists you in managing and overseeing all the functions.

  • Delivery Agent App

    Support your delivery agents with an effective app to help them navigate to the user’s place, calculate their earnings, and more.

Postmates Clone App Development

Postmates Clone App Features


The user gets on board in the app by signing up with their email address, contact number, or any social media login.

Place Orders

The products the user needs to purchase are selected and placed for the order. It will be picked up and delivered by the delivery personnel.

Pick-up Location

The store in which the user has placed orders is marked as the pickup location for easy navigation of the delivery person to the pickup point.

Drop-off Location

The location for the purchased goods to be delivered is marked as the drop-off location.

Preferred Delivery Time

Most of the people will not be available at their homes all the time. They can select their preferred time for delivery, and the goods will be delivered during that time.

Live-Track the Delivery Agent

Once the delivery person picks up the products and is set out for delivery, the user can start tracking the delivery person.

Call Driver

The driver can be contacted by the user via call or chat if they require any assistance.

Push Notifications

The user is notified with every update on the order placed, like the order placed is successful, the order is accepted by the store, the order is on its way, and more.

Accept/Reject Requests

The orders placed by any user are matched to the delivery person. They can decide whether to accept or reject the order.


The driver is provided with the user’s drop location and also the route to navigate to it. This is done by integrating google maps within the app.

Order Value

The value or the amount the delivery person will be paid for every order is displayed to the delivery agent.

Order History

The history of all the orders accomplished by the delivery person is showcased in the app.

Total Earnings

The driver can keep track of all their payment and the total amount they have earned in the day, week, or month. This motivates them to accomplish more orders.

Contact Support

The delivery agent can contact the nearest hub in case of any problems like vehicle breakdown in the middle of an order and more. This ensures that the order is not interrupted.

Management of Drivers

The admin has the sole authority to onboard drivers after verifying their authenticity and other factors.

Task Management

Every order can be overseen by the admin, and in case of any shortcomings, the admin takes care of those issues.

Zone Management

A city is divided into zones in order to make efficient deliveries. These zones are all managed by the admin using the admin panel.

User Management

The data of all the users and their purchase behavior is analyzed and stored in the admin panel to send them to push notifications to encourage them to place many more orders.

Analytic Dashboard

The analytic dashboard feeds the admin with insights on various aspects of the business like the predicted growth rate, the expected orders in the coming week, and many more.

Profile Management

The admin can manage his/her profile using the feature. As an added advantage, he/she can also manage the profiles of the sub-admins.

Premium Add Ons of Our On-Demand Delivery App solution

App Like Postmates
Call Masking

The calls made between the user and the delivery person can be masked so that the user's contact number is not shared with the delivery person. This is mostly practiced for security reasons, as in some cases, the user's contact number can be misused.

Customization with the Color palettes in Logo

We all dream of building an app from scratch, but the setback is it takes a lot of time to do so, instead of developing a clone app with the best features by customizing it with all your requirements. And designing it with the color palettes of your logo gives it an authentic look and can be launched in a very short time.

Multiple Deliveries

The delivery person can be assigned with more than one delivery at the same time if two different users have placed orders from the same location. This is termed a batch order, and the delivery person is provided with an amount higher than the amount for one order. This saves some amount for you as assigning two delivery persons for the same location costs too much.

Get Deep-Pocketed with our White-Label Postmates Clone App

Postmates clone is one of the most profitable business ventures today. Learn how can you make money with Postmates like app development.

  • Delivery Charges

    The most common way to generate revenue with an on-demand delivery app is by charging an amount to the user for delivery. This is the main source of revenue.

  • Convenience Fee

    The users are charged a small fee in the name of the convenience fee. This is charged as the customers get all the products they need at their convenience. The users are also happy to pay for this as they receive all their needs without losing their comfort.

  • In-App Ads

    This is a very basic and common method to generate revenue by launching an app. By placing ads in the app, you get a passive income.

  • Merchants Onboarding Fee

    The merchants tying up with the on-demand delivery app are charged an onboarding fee as getting enlisted in the app acts as an aggregator for their business.

  • Commission Fee

    The stores are charged with a small percentage of every order placed through the app. This is also a promising source of revenue.

Benefits Of Engaging With Us For Postmates Clone App Development

White Label Solution

Our app like Postmates is a white label solution that can be customized with your logo and designed considering the branding requirements of your business.

Deploy on a Server of Your Choice

The fully functional app can be deployed on any server you, as a business owner, prefer. If you do not have any preferences, then we will deploy them on our server.

Multiple Payment Options

The user is offered multiple options to pay. They can pay using net banking, credit/debit card, P2P transactions, and more.

Highly-Scalable Solution

Our Postmates clone script can be upgraded whenever you plan to scale up your business without any difficulties.

Round the Clock Support

Our dedicated support team is always available for your call at any time of the day. We provide free support even after launching the app for a short tenure.

Ready-to-launch Solution

Our Postmates clone is a ready-to-launch solution, and this means it can be introduced in the market instantly.

Join Us on Launching your Postmates Clone App


Client Meet

The core members of our design, development, and business analyst teams have a discussion with the client to understand the client's requirements and business needs.



Now, we make a plan to build an app that fulfills all the business needs of the client and also supports it to be a blockbuster app.


Alluring Design

Our team of creative designers comes up with alluring designs that make the users feel comfortable using them.


Back-end Development

The developer's team gets their hands on the back-end of the app and develops all the exclusive features that help our client's business stand out.


Run Tests

The fully developed app is undergone various tests to make sure it is free of bugs and functions real quick and good.


Launch in the Market

After making sure that the app is fully functional and is ready-to-launch, we confirm with our client and launch it in the android and iOS stores.


Professional $XXXX (USD)

Runs in multiple domain/server with Android application

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

Runs in multiple domain/server on both iOS and Android applications

Hire Our On-Demand App Developers and Stay in Demand

We have been gifted with a team of extremely talented and experienced on-demand app developers. They have the expertise themselves with the latest technologies, languages, and tools to develop apps that meet global standards. They have been hanging in here for some time now that developing is fun for them, and they work effortlessly and tirelessly. They are always well-planned, making them ensure an on-time delivery every single time. Hire our developers and launch your on-demand delivery app like Postmates and stay in demand forever.

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