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Provide Security to your passengers with Safety Toolkit feature by Turnkeytown

Uber has stated that security is lax when passengers are commuting in taxis. Both driver and passenger face some misconduct or any other possible danger and taxi-hailing companies do not integrate with the needed security feature. Turnekytown makes a breakthrough by introducing a unique safety feature named Safety Toolkit.

According to the statistics from The Independent, the sexual offences in the taxi and private taxi hire cars have gone up from 136 to 164 in 2016 and is still growing. Uber almost lost its license to operate in London because of the growing offences by the drivers.

From these statistics, we can conclude that no iron-wrought security feature will protect its driver and passenger. The security is lax in various situations such as the ride met with a crash or accident, the passenger or driver will not be able to contact police assistance. The lack of in-built backup will create apprehension in both driver and passenger.

Introducing Safety Toolkit Feature

Turnkeytown has integrated Safety Toolkit feature in its uber clone app to protect and provide security for the passenger and driver. Some of its features include,

Panic Button

This inbuilt feature will allow both the passenger and driver to call the police and require assistance. The passenger can also send the distress call to their three trusted contact in the phone along with the ride details.

Share trip details

The passenger may choose to send the trip details to the trusted contacts in case of facing any apprehension. The information may contain the taxi’s license number, the destination, last GPS location and driver’s location.

Ride Check

This feature extensively uses the GPS location and location of the driver’s smartphone. If the ride has been stopped for a relatively long period, the admin will check on the passenger if everything is okay, if not, the required actions will be taken.


Turnkeytown has secured the ride-hailing service for its passenger and drivers by integrating the safety toolkit in the Uber clone app. The entrepreneurs can now create the much-needed taxi app and secure their passengers by obliterating any apprehension while riding a taxi.  

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