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Multiply your On-Demand Home Service Business with UrbanClap Clone script

Every day people are running for their daily work, and in those busy schedules, they cannot spare some time for themselves or take care of the things in their house. The UrbanClap app is the first on-demand home services app that provides all the services for the users at their doorstep. The Urbanclap Clone Script also provides the same functions and features as the original app.   

UrbanClap app is the largest home services provider in India and also in UAE. It includes multiple home services where a customer can hire a professional servicer for almost all the services like beauty & spa services, carpenters, technicians, cleaners, etc. 

UrbanClap app allows the customers to connect with the service providers instantly. All they have to do is sign in and give all the necessary details. The app will display various services in the list, and the customers can choose whichever they require currently. The professional needs to undergo an intensive training module to be on the list of the app. With the advanced match-making algorithm in the search, the customers can easily connect with their service providers. 

Revenue Model of the Urban Company Clone: 

“The Urban company clone has been a significant revenue change for the service providers. Many home service companies sought this UrbanClap app to enrich their small business. This helped the customers with various home services right at their doorstep. These on-demand home services apps are showing a tremendous change in the online marketplace. For a single day, it provides 5,500 services for the customers through this UrbanClap Clone. They are providing various services like plumbing, electrical, AC installation, and so on.”

What are the various services offered in Urban Company clone?

  • Urban Salon Services –

    Instant solution to a complete makeover for an occasion or parties this spa services provide excellent services quickly. It does include various services like hair cut, body massage, pedicure, waxing, threading, hair coloring, and whatnot. All the therapists and hair stylists are licensed holders to provide high professional services to the customers. They also follow social norms by wearing gloves and masks and maintaining high cleanliness and hygiene levels. 

  • Wedding Services –

    It also includes services like complete wedding makeup for the bride and groom. Almost everyone is a professional makeup artist who gives the best makeover to the customers instantly. 

  • Repair Services –

    UrbanClap company also includes services like installing or repairing any home appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, fridges, geysers, and many more. 

  • Shifting Home Services –

    Planning to shift from one place to another with the UrbanClap company is as simple as it is. 

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  • Tutor Services-

    The UrbanClap company provides a complete service for teaching the students right from their homes. There is no more need for the user to travel to study. 

  • Health and Wellness Services –

    With the UrbanClap company, users can avail of a fitness or yoga trainer and a dietician right at their doorstep. 

  • Event Management Services –

    The users can fix instant parties or events with the UrbanClap Company. The service providers bring the necessary items for the decoration and give an elegant look for the party. 

  • Kids Related Services –

    All the events like baby showers, weddings, baby portfolios, and so on provide certified photographers to capture the beautiful moments. Because of these photography services, it gained lots of audiences.

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Features for Customers

  • Customers can log in in a few steps with any social media accounts such as Facebook, email id, etc. 
  • It also has an in-built user-friendly interface to gain more user’s attention. 
  • Advanced search options for simple accessibility.
  • Customers can also access the service provider’s profile to know more information about the services. 
  • Multiple gateways for instant payment transactions. 
  • Provides security for data and payment information about the users. 
  • The services and the account history will be saved for further work in the future. 
  • Service feedback given by the customer can help the service providers to improve much better. 
  • Service providers and customers can chat immediately with the in-built chat feature. 

There is also a separate panel for the admin and also the service provider. The UrbanClap clone script provides the original features and enables the customers to seek satisfaction in the services. These varieties of features build more users to access this app feasibly. The UrbanClap Clone is a beautiful gateway for the service seekers and service providers and creates an efficient bridge between them. 

Advantages of UrbanClap company clone app development:  

  • Encourage Direct Marketing

Building a mobile app like the UrbanClap will help to boost sales. It also generates insights, information, booking reports, user accounts, rates, search choices, broadcast feeds, and more. 

  • Establish Better Communication With Customers

The best way to increase the communication channels’ ability is through social media apps. Customers will get information about the services, and you can instantly solve all their queries through the app. 

  • Boost Visibility in the Market

On-demand apps have created profound changes in the market industry. Home services are also proliferating and are in great demand. The app also guides the development and also for the present economic growth. It has also gained a lot of attraction from the people.

Urban Company (UrbanClap) is a well-known and successful app in the on-demand home services marketplace. It provides home services to make people’s life feasible and comfortable in the current world. Almost all the people try to seek an easy way to finish their work. The major success for the UrbanClap company to boom faster in the market is that they give services right at the customer’s doorstep.

Winding Up:

On-demand home services apps are creating profound changes in the online marketplace. Numerous app developing companies provide ready-made solutions for an app like Urban Company. App developers at TurnkeyTown, give a 100% customizable app for entrepreneurs to launch an app with innovative ideas for their customers. Building your own app can provide many service providers with an advantage to grow their business and comfort for the customers. It is indeed a significant boost to enrich your business.

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