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Urban Company Clone

Provide on-demand services straight to the homes of your customers with our feature-rich Urban Company Clone. An innovative solution built with accessibility and convenience in mind.

Urban Company Clone App Development

In today’s business environment, with the onset of mobile application technology, the name of the game is accessibility and convenience. On-demand services have taken over in virtually every market across the business world. From food delivery to hotel booking and beyond, there is an app for everything.
This concept now extends beyond the doorstep and into the homes of consumers with apps like Urban Company Urban company like app development. The Urban Company Clap clone app, TurnkeyTown’s offering, is an on-demand home services application that allows users to avail of an incredible number of services from the comfort of their homes.
Whether it be cleaning carpets and cars, washing clothes, getting a haircut, or fumigating the apartment, the Urban Company Clone is a one-stop-shop for all services.
Stake your claim in the profitable on-demand home services market with our cutting-edge white-label Urban Company clone.
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Key Features of The Urban Company Clone App Script

Service Provider Location

Finding a service provider nearby is made super easy with the Urban Company Clone. Users can choose the type of service they want, and they will be provided with a list of service providers in their locality.

Wallet Integration

Users can store money in their integrated wallet and use it at any time. They never have to worry about not having enough money when they need it.

Scheduled Appointments

Users can schedule their service appointments well in advance with this useful tool. Service providers will be notified and will arrive at the specified date and time.

Service Request Management

Admins can effectively oversee all the appointments in the Urban Company clone with a few clicks on their dashboard.

Cloud Storage

All the information pertaining to the services will be stored in the cloud in an organized manner to make life easier for the admin.

Auto-detect Location

Users can either manually enter their location or choose the ‘Auto-detect’ option which will pinpoint the location accurately via GPS.

Mark Favorites

When users like the service provided by a participating service provider, they can mark them as favorite.

How does the Urban Company Clone Work?

Availing a service has never been easier than with our Urban Company Clone App. Users can request and have a service provider at their doorstep in a few simple steps.

Customer Side

Customer logs /
into the app

Browse through the list of services

Choose a service

Select a date and
time to schedule an appointment

Book the appointment

Pay for the service

Service Provider

Provider logs in to the app

Sees the list of service requests

Accepts/Declines the service

Necessary information is provided

Payment is done post service

Pay for the service


Benefits of an On-demand Service App like Urban Company Clone

Our Urban Company clone provides a host of benefits for both users and the service providers, making it a must-have solution.


The process of booking and availing service is streamlined, increasing the efficiency of your business.


With scheduled appointments that are well thought out in advance, the precious time of both users and service providers is not wasted.

Ready Access

Users can browse through and choose a service in a matter of seconds. This will keep them coming back for more. Loyalty guarantees success.


Our Urban Company Clone can handle the work of many different apps in one power-packed application. Users can get anything they need with this one useful app.


With all the data for each and every service rendered safely stored in the cloud, you can learn more about your customers than ever before.

The Urban Company Clone Script Package

Our premium Urban Company Clone Script has every tool required to run a successful enterprise.

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • User Web Panel
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Service Provider Web Panel
  • Admin Android App
  • Admin iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel

Get the complete Urban Company Clone package and start your service business today!

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Urban Company Clone Features

Easy Sign-up

New users can start using the app with a quick onboarding process.

Browse Services

Users can browse through the list of services available.

Search Services

Users can search for a specific service they want to avail.

Appointment Booking

Users can choose the date and time which is convenient for them.

Special Requests

Users can leave instruction notes to the service providers to request anything they want.


Users can pay through numerous ways including cards, net banking, cash, and UPI.


Users can provide their feedback and rate the service post-completion.


Providers can register the service they wish to provide and get approved with the necessary documentation

Set Radius

Providers can set a radius in which they choose to render their service

Set Timings

Providers can set the time of availability. Service requests that fall in this time period will be sent to them.

GPS Navigation

Providers are directed to the address of the users through the help of GPS navigation.

Revenue Tracker

Providers can view all their commission details in the revenue tracker option.

Rate Customers

Providers can share their service experience with other providers by rating customers.

Customer Support

Providers can get in touch with customer support for any help they need.

View Service Requests

Admins can view all the service requests in the app.

Approve Providers

Admins can view and approve the providers who wish to join the platform.

Bird’s Eye

Admins can have a bird’s eye view of the operations in the app.

Manual Bookings

Admins can manually create appointments and notify service providers.


Admins can view insightful analytics with periodic reports.

View Feedback

Admins can view the ratings and feedback for each service and provider.


Admins can offer promotional offers and discounts for users

OTP Verification

Users are provided with an OTP which has to be verified with the service provider to boost security.


Users can avail discounts by referring their friends and family members to the app.

Billing Details

Users can view a breakdown of the billing in detail.

Commission Tracking

Providers can track their expected earnings with detailed breakdowns.

Push Notifications

Users are notified at every step of the process through Push Notifications.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel a previously booked service request 24 hours before the appointment.

Revenue Model Of Our Home Services App Solution

By investing in a on-demand home service app like Urban Company, you can earn through a variety of ways.


For every service request, the admin/app owner gets a percentage of the fees charged. The more number of service requests fulfilled, the more you stand to earn.

In-app Advertising

For every service request, the admin/app owner gets a percentage of the fees charged. The more number of service requests fulfilled, the more you stand to earn.

Premium Providers

For service providers who would like to enjoy greater visibility in the app, an extra fee can be charged. This is an investment on the provider’s part to potentially get more service requests.

Why Choose TurnkeyTown for Urban Company Clone App Development?

Vast Experience

We have an international expertise in the field of development.

Guaranteed Results

Our knowledge in the industry allows us to guarantee results like no other.

End-to-end Development

We take ownership of every step of the process from ideation to launch.

Skilled Team

We house a world-class team that comprises designers, developers, marketers, and more.

Cutting-edge Tech

We only use the latest technologies in the market to ensure our projects are future ready.

Quick Turnaround

Enjoy a lightning quick development process and get in the market right away.

Pricing Details

Our Urban Company Clone comes at different price points. Choose one that fits your budget and get started!

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS & Android App

Ready to become the premier choice amongst customers?Launch your own Urban Company Clone Today!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Urban Company clone is an on-demand home services application that lets users avail 50+ services from the comfort of their homes. Everything from cleaning to moving, tutoring, physical fitness, grooming, and more can be availed in the Urban Company Clone.
On-demand services are the preferred method for users worldwide. With more and more users choosing readily available services through their smartphones, investing in a home services app can be a great way for you to become a part of this robust market.
Absolutely. Provided that you can find a service provider that can fulfill requests, any service can be integrated into the Urban Company Clone.
The Urban Company clone from TurnkeyTown comes at varying price points with varying features and list of tools. You can take a look at our pricing details or get in touch with our team to learn more about the price estimation.
Very soon. The basic version can be launched in a matter of days. The development duration depends on the features you want to implement but we promise the quickest turnaround in the industry!
Yes we do. Maintenance services can be availed at a cost-effective price.
Yes! We have an in-house marketing team that can get your Urban Company Clone to reach great heights at an affordable price.