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Lever Up Your Business With The Zillow Clone App

With Zillow clone app, no more hectic hunt for the right property. Modern technology drastically changes our lives in every way. The advancements in technology make the life of people easier. Starting from transferring funds to consulting doctors, everything happens with just a few clicks. When mobile apps are capable of providing solutions for everything, why not find the right property?

Over the past decade, the real estate market has undergone significant changes. Earlier, people used to visit a real-estate agency and travel to the desired location and look at the property in person. It was quite a time-consuming process. These days with the emerging real-estate apps, the hunt for the right property is no more tiring.

Are you Wondering how the Zillow clone app works? Well, let’s explore the workflow of the app.

The app is of two ways, one for the guests and the other for the hosts. 

The Workflow Of The Guests App,

  • The users can log in to the app by entering the required details such as name, contact number, and location. It can be modified later on by the user.
  • Using the advanced search bar, the users can search for the right property in the desired location. This helps the users to surf through a variety of options in a particular location.
  • When the right property is spotted, the users can book the property to the listings. This way, the users can show their interest to the property owner.
  • The owner gets notified about the user interest and confirms the deal. Thus the property owner and the buyer can contact to discuss the deal.
  • Upon confirmation, the users can proceed with the payment and buy the property. The payment can be made via the app.

The Workflow Of The Hosts’ App,

  • The hosts can log in to the app by filling in the required information. It is a quick and facile process that collects basic information about the host.
  • Hosts can add their listings with the necessary information and wait for the guests to contact them.
  • Hosts can view the booking request and have the right to accept or reject the request.
  • Once the payment has been made, hosts receive their commissions.

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There Are Several Indispensable Features To Include When Developing Real Estate Clone Apps.

Detailed Photos

Customers buy properties based on the photos presented in the app. Users should be able to upload high-resolution images so they can get a better sense of the property. The details of a house define it. The interior of the house will be scrutinized based on specific factors. In this way, customers can get a better view of the house by zooming in on images. Not just images but videos can also increase the prospects of a house purchase. Adding 360-degree images and videos must be possible.

Search Based On Sorting 

Users can choose properties based on a variety of parameters. Customers can sort properties according to their needs using efficient algorithms. The three most important parameters for sorting are price, location, and date of ad posting.

Reviews And Ratings

Customer reviews are included with every listing so buyers can see what their fellow buyers think. There must be an option for buyers to leave their honest reviews.

In-chat Feature

Using the in-app chat feature, customers can schedule a meeting with the property manager or owner. Additional information about the property will also be helpful to customers.

Geographic Location View 

Real estate properties depend heavily on their location. Clients can view a property on a map by using in-app map features. Google maps can be integrated with the app so customers can get directions to the property without leaving the app.

Home Loan Support

Some users may not be financially able to buy a house all at once. There must be ties with banks across the globe, so people can easily apply for loans and take advantage of EMI privileges.

Compare Prices

In the compare module, people are allowed to add up to three listings. To better compare products, users can select criteria such as price, house dimensions, etc.

Property Value Calculator

The Zillow clone app should have an in-app calculator to compute prices based on location value, so sellers can better describe prices. By analyzing market trends, it can help place relevant ads on the application.

Add To Favorite Option

Similar to e-commerce websites, this feature allows users to track their order status. Clicking on the tab lets the customer save a property and view saved listings.

Revenue Model Of Zillow Clone

Freemium Model

Provide a free version of your real estate app so users can access the basic features for free. Nevertheless, let them pay a fee to use these premium features. Alternatively, you could offer your app without ads or a mortgage calculator with a particular charge.

Listings Promotions

Feature listings of real estate companies and agents on top of search results to earn a certain amount of advertising fees. These listings will benefit from increased visibility and reach, thanks to this update.

Commission-based Model

Your real estate application will earn you a commission every time a property is sold. Commission can either be a fixed fee or a percentage of the price of the property.


Display advertisements for third-party products or services by charging a fee to advertise on your platform. There are various parameters that can influence how much an ad will cost, for example, the number of clicks or impressions.

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Summing Up,

Almost everything in modern life is done through applications. When it comes to finding a home, it is no different. With app like Zillow, you can suit the needs of a new generation of consumers. Get going with the Zillow clone and seize your space in the real-estate marketplace.

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