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Zillow Clone

Real estate dealings have never been more accessible than our innovative Zillow Clone. A robust offering with the latest technology to make buying, selling, and renting easy.

Zillow Clone App Development

If you’re looking to get into the viable real estate industry, there is no better way to go about it than with TurnkeyTown’s Zillow Clone App. Our feature-filled white label Zillow Clone will let you get into the market in the quickest time possible.
A fully customizable offering, our Zillow Clone script comes with an extensive list of features and functionality to make the process of dealing in real-estate highly streamlined and easily accessible for your customers.
Make the most of what the real estate industry has to offer by partnering with TurnkeyTown and availing our Zillow Clone!

Key Features of Zillow Clone

Never Ending Listings

Our Zillow Clone allows users to post a never ending array of listings. For people looking for a comprehensive list of real estate listings, this will be an attractive feature.

Location Based Search

Users will be able to search for a real estate property near them or by manually searching a specific location.

Multiple languages

As a part of our drive to cater to an international clientele, we now offer the Zillow Clone app with an extensive list of languages.

High Compatibility

Users can enjoy the Zillow app clone on multiple platforms. From phones to computers, to tablets, the Zillow clone works seamlessly on all devices.

Image Gallery

Including the capability to upload pictures as part of the listings is a must. Users prefer to look through the images of the property before making a decision.

Virtual Tours

To make the process of searching for potential homes much easier, we have provided the ability to take part in virtual tours.

Become a part of the profitable Real Estate industry with the best Zillow Clone App in the market!


Our Real Estate Development Solutions

At Turnkeytown, we provide a complete package of real estate solutions that tick all the boxes. No matter what your needs might be, our services are the right choice for you.

Real Estate Mobile App Development

Get a custom made real estate mobile app that hosts all the latest features available in the market. This is the quickest and most efficient way for you to step into the real estate industry.

Real Estate Management Solution

For those with a list of real estate properties under their care, our real estate management solutions can help streamline the process and give you the ultimate control over your real estate.

Real Estate Website Development

A website is real estate you can own on the internet. Get a perfectly crafted, highly personalized real estate website that your clients will love. Talk to our experts and get started today.

Maintenance and Support

With our maintenance and support services, expert guidance is just a call or message away. Get help exactly when you need it.

Advantages of an app like Zillow

Increased Customer Interaction

People today prefer the use of applications for everything in their life. It is no different when it comes to finding homes. With an app like Zillow, you can cater to the new age of consumers and homeowners.

Enhanced Property Viewing experience

Elevate the process of looking for properties with our VR technology. Customers can use virtual tours and other cutting edge technology to make the process of finding homes more appealing and fun.

Efficiency Increased

With options such as geo-location based searching, finding a home that fits the users’ needs has never been easier. Customers can sort through a variety of available options to narrow down their search.

Multiple Revenue Channels

For real estate agents, the Zillow clone is a perfect way to increase the number of revenue streams. Apart from their usual revenue sources, they can now get a lot more customers with the Zillow Clone.

Brand Recognition

Like other business ventures, brand recognition is a must to succeed. The whtie label Zillow Clone App puts your brand in the spotlight and lets your brand awareness grow among your audience.

Streamlined Services

With the ability to connect directly with potential customers, real estate agents can streamline their process and boost their efficiency, and subsequently, their profits. Connecting with your customers is super easy in the Zillow Clone.

How the Zillow Clone Works

Guest App


The guest logs in to the app.

View Listings

The guest can view the list of homes available based on their search.

Book Listing

When they find something they like, they can book the listing.


They are then provided with a confirmation from the host.


Upon confirmation, the guest can now complete the listing by successfully processing payments.

Host App


Hosts log in to the application.

Add Listing

Hosts can add their listing with the necessary information.

View/ Approve Bookings

Hosts can view the booking requests and choose to approve or decline.


Hosts are paid their commission from the listing when the payment has been made.

Zillow Clone Script Package

The complete Zillow clone script package comes with all the tools needed for comprehensive real estate services.

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • User Web Panel
  • Host Android App
  • Host iOS App
  • Host Web Panel
  • Admin Android App
  • Admin iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel w/ dashboard.
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Easy Registration

Users can onboard the app in a matter of minutes and start searching for listings.

Browse Listings

Users can browse through listings with many different filter parameters.

Location Based Search

Users can also search for a listing based on their location.

Property Details

Users can view all the details regarding any property they choose to view.

Chat With Agents

Users can quickly get in touch with agents who have put up the listings.

Save Listing

Users can quickly save any listing they like for future reference.

Ratings and Feedback

Users can rate any listing that they view. This helps others make informed choices.


Agents can register on the Zillow clone with ease by providing the necessary documents.

List Property

Agents can upload the property listing with a few simple swipes

Upload Images

Agents can upload numerous photos and videos of the property to entice users.

Property Information

Agents can include all the necessary information such as square footage, price, location and more.

Multiple Listings

Agents can post and manage multiple listings under their profile

Offers and Discounts

Agents can include attractive offers and discounts to garner user interest.

Ratings and Feedback

Agents can rate and provide feedback on the guests who have availed the service.

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easy to navigate within the app.

Approve Agents

The admin can view the request sent by agents to register in the app and approve them as they see fit.

Manage Properties

Admins can manage all the properties listed in the Zillow Clone. They can accept or reject any property.

Manage Users

Admins can view the user profiles and other details such as booking history, ratings, and more.

Detailed Analytics

Admins are privy to regularly published analytic reports that give helpful information about the operation.

Push Notifications

Admins can send messages, offers, and discounts in the form of push notifications to both agents and users.

View Ratings/Feedback

Admins can view the ratings and feedback provided by users and agents.

VR/AR Tech

Users can get the next level home tours with virtual technology.

Customer Management System

Using the CMS, the process of being in touch with the users is super easy.

Smart Listings

With the help of advanced algorithms, agents can learn rare insights about their listings.

Smart Home Features

For homes with smart home capabilities such as IoT, agents can list the available features.

Security Features

Agents can list the available security amenities with the property.


With the help of geo-tagging, users can find exactly what they are looking for.

Revenue Model of Zillow Clone

If you’re wondering how you can make money with the Zillow Clone, wonder no more!


Advertisement revenue in the Zillow Clone comes from two different sources.

Property Management Companies

Big-name property management companies that own numerous listings around the world are not shy about spending on advertising. The bigger your app gets, the more you can charge for advertising.

Mortgage Lending Companies

For people looking to buy a home, mortgage lending is an option that is always on the table. Especially for younger, first-time homeowners, mortgages are a vital part of the search process. Hence, mortgage companies are keen to advertise their services on platforms such as the Zillow Clone.


The bulk of the revenue for admins on the app comes from the commissions they receive from successful listings. The commission rate can be set as whatever the admin and agents agree upon.


Another way for admins to boost up their revenue is through the use of priority listings. Admins can charge a fee for boosting the visibility of listings and promoting them further.

Become a part of the profitable Real Estate industry with the best Zillow Clone App in the market!

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Pricing Details

Our Zillow Clone comes at different price points. Choose one that fits your budget and get started!

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS & Android App

Become a part of the profitable Real Estate industry with the best Zillow Clone App in the market!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Zillow clone is a real-estate application that allows for seamless renting, buying, and selling of real estate properties. It is a clone app variant of the popular Zillow app with additional features and capabilities.
Investing in apps for your business is the best way to ensure success in 2020. With users today demanding the instant access and ease of use that on-demand apps provide, apps like Zillow are the perfect way to cater to the demand. If you’re in the real estate business, our Zillow clone is the perfect solution for you!
Yes, we offer comprehensive customization with our white label Zillow clone. You can change the app however you want and showcase your individuality.
The pricing of our Zillow clone is dependent on the needs of the project. We offer the product at varying prices, depending on the level of customization, and capabilities required. Take a look at the pricing details listed above or get in touch with our team to learn more.
The basic version of the Zillow clone can be ready for launch in a matter of days. If you want further customization, the development time will be set based on your requirements. Get in touch with our experts to get an accurate time frame.
Yes we do. You can avail our support and maintenance services as part of our complete package or additionally at an affordable price.
Yes! We take care of all the ABC’s in making a hit app. From development to marketing and beyond, we can do it all. All our services are highly affordable and guarantee results. Get in touch with us to learn more!