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Launch A Tummy-Filling App Like UberEats And Revolutionize The Food Delivery Industry

These days people are no longer interested in spending long hours in the kitchen cooking. Thus to cope with this fast-paced lifestyle, elevate your food delivery business or restaurant business to the next level by launching an app like UberEats right away.

An Overview Of UberEats

UberEats is the daughter company of the pioneer Uber which is the top ride-hailing company. UberEats is a leading on-demand food delivery application that has more than 70 million global users. It witnessed a 152 percent growth from the previous year with a total revenue generation of 4.8 billion U.S dollars in 2020. Another interesting news is that UberEats spends 43.5 dollars to deliver an order of 40 dollars. This customer-oriented functioning is the major cause for such tremendous growth.

An Effective Way To Develop An App Like UberEats

The UberEats clone app is a ready-made solution that allows you to customize and launch right away. Our robust solution is brimming with all the key features and functions just like that of the parent app. You can include additional features to enhance the user experience. Deploying a white-label solution can help you to promptly launch your application on various app distribution platforms within a short span.

Outstanding Features Of Our Uber Like App Solution

The features of the app determine the retention of the user’s interest to stay in your platform. Thus, it is vital to include all the key features for the smooth functioning of the app.

Our UberEats like app development comes in a complete package of four different panels, each one for the customers, restaurant partners, delivery executives, and admin panel. Thus to gain a clear understanding, let’s explore the features and functions of the customer, restaurant, and delivery executives app in the forthcoming passages.

Customer App Features

  • Quick sign-up: Users can log in to the platform using the multiple easy sign-up methods of the app.
  • Advanced search bar: In the middle of hundreds of options finding the right place might be tiring. Therefore using the advanced search option, the users can filter and search a particular cuisine or a restaurant instantly.
  • Place an order: Upon choosing the restaurant and the food, the users can place the order with just a few simple steps.
  • Live-tracking: Once the order has been successfully placed, the users can track the movement of the set delivery executive in real-time.
  • Multiple payment methods: Utilizing multiple payment methods, the users can choose their convenient methods and make instant payments.
  • Push notifications: Keep your users updated by sending consistent push notifications about every activity happening in the app.
  • Ratings and reviews: Upon every successful food delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the food as well as their experience with the app.

Restaurant App Features

  • Profile page: Each restaurant has its own profile page where they can add the restaurant details, such as name, location, food menu, etc. They can edit the menu and other information any time they want.
  • Upcoming order notifications: Once the food order is placed by the customer, the restaurants receive a notification. The restaurants can accept or decline an order based on their availability.
  • Delivery partner notifications: The app notifies the restaurants about the details of the delivery executive who is assigned to accomplish the delivery services.
  • Payment status: A robust dashboard about the payment transactions happening in the app is displayed on one page for effective management of the expenses.

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Delivery Agent App Features

  • Delivery executive profile: Upon successful registration and verification, the delivery executives can log in to the platform. The profile page displays the basic information such as name, contact details, etc.
  • Availability toggle: The delivery partners can work in their own flexible time. Thus, they can show their presence or absence using the availability toggle.
  • Delivery order notifications: Once a food order is confirmed, the delivery executives who are available in that location receive instant notifications.
  • GPS navigation: Upon accepting the delivery order, the app directs the delivery executives through optimized routes. Thus the fastest delivery is made possible.

The Revenue Model Of An App Like UberEats

For any business, generating revenue is the key to elevating to the next level. Thus while deploying an app like UberEats, keep in mind to choose the right revenue model and implement it in your app. Some of the common and effective revenue models are as follows,

  • Commissions: The users pay the cart value directly to the restaurant through the platform. A fixed percentage of the restaurant’s income goes to the app as a commission.
  • Featured listings: There are a number of restaurants that are exhibiting their service through your platform. In order to display the name of their restaurant on the top of the list, they can subscribe to the featured listings on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Premium subscription: The basic features of the app are available for everyone to use. But the users can enjoy certain advanced features and additional perks with a premium subscription.
  • Advertisements: Utilize the banner space of your app to display the ads of third-party companies. Each time a user clicks on the ad, revenue is generated.

What Makes Turnkey Town The Best Place For Developing A Robust Online Food Ordering Platform?

Turnkey Town is well-known for developing robust mobile applications and websites. With years of experience, our expert team is all set to build an app like UberEats using the latest technology. As we offer a 100% customizable solution, you can easily customize and launch your app that fits all your expectations. The scalability of our app is vast, and so you can expand your app in the future when your business expands.

To Make A Long Story Short,

These days people are getting used to the comforts of ordering food online rather than cooking. Thus, go with the trend and streamline your restaurant business by launching an app like UberEats.

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