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Know 13 Rare Facts About Uber Clone App Development

Uber is no doubt the market leader in taxi booking apps. From operating as a small ride-hailing platform in San Francisco in March 2009, it now functions in 80 countries across a whopping 10000 cities across the globe.

It has also expanded its taxi-booking services by offering various types like Uber Auto, Uber Black, Uber Green, Uber Lux, Uber Pool, Scooters, and UberXL. Uber also pockets extra income from Uber Eats food delivery and Uber for Business (meal delivery and taxi booking services for small and large companies).

“Entrepreneurs aiming to build a taxi-booking app like Uber have to spend lots of resources and time to launch their application in the market. However, a budget-friendly alternative would be to go for customized Uber clone app development in partnership with Turnkey Town. Our talented development team will create well-functioning Android and iOS apps for users and drivers. A modern web panel helps in the instant booking of rides. An advanced admin dashboard assists in controlling the day-to-day business operations.”

What Are 13 Unrevealed Features About Our Ultra-Modern Uber Clone Script?

1. Book COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments:

Did you know that our Uber app clone allows customers to book a Covid-19 vaccine slot? Users can ride for free in a comfortable cab to the nearby hospital or vaccine centre, get their jab (first or second shot), and return home safely. Sounds cool,, right? Turnkey Town has introduced this feature as part of its social responsibility to defeat this dangerous pandemic.

2. Rent a Car:

Take the driver’s seat, ride the vehicle anywhere, and pay affordable rent after your trip. Our Uber clone script has exclusive tie-ups with popular car rental companies like Avis, Budget, and Hertz.

Apart from the rent, Customers pay an extra valet fee for door delivery of the vehicle. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this Rent a Car feature is that it can be used 24×7 across many countries.

3. Uber Reserve:

Eliminate the headache that arises from last-minute bookings by reserving your cab up to 30 days in advance. Passengers can book spacious taxis as per their convenience to popular cities and towns.

4. Uber Hourly Booking:

Do you wish to stop multiple times as part of your trip? Book your cab according to the specific hour you need to travel. This fabulous feature can be utilized by users of Uber Black (Luxury cars), Uber Premium (presence of highly-rated drivers) and UberX (Economical rides).

5. Uber Pickup and Go for Food and Liquor:

Customers can pick up alcohol from stores and food items from restaurants when they are travelling on an Uber cab. The travellers can press the Pickup and Go feature and get their order delivered quickly by an Uber Eats executive.

What is special about this feature? The users need not pay any extra charges. Besides that, Passengers can also get food items and groceries delivered to their homes while booking trips from airports.

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6. Union Protection for Drivers:

Drivers are an important part of a safe travel experience. Now, they are treated as permanent workers and not independent contractors or self-employed freelancers. Cabbies will get incentives like the choice of location for driving, flexible working hours, minimum wages, paid leave, and pension. Eventually, this will lead to better productivity and higher earnings for drivers.

7. Purchase Ferry Tickets From Our Uber App clone:

Customers can easily buy ferry tickets from Fire Island Ferries. This new feature is available for the entire summer season. Users can book either Ferry tickets or enjoy a ride in a world-class Water Taxi. Explore the world’s vast sea coast and save a lot of money and time by purchasing economical Ferry tickets through our Uber clone script.

8. Cash Incentives For Drivers:

An app like Uber encourages drivers to get cash rewards after taking two shots of the Covid-19 vaccine. The money is credited directly to their bank account after the cabbies share details of their digital vaccination certificate. Ultimately, this helps in curbing the spread of the contagious virus during trips.

9. Lost and Found:

Did you miss a valuable item or a product while travelling on an Uber taxi? Do not get tense as you can press the “I lost an item” option on our Uber clone app. Next, contact your driver instantly and he/she will recover your belongings from the vehicle and return it safely.

10. Offline Booking Options:

Has your mobile data plan expired or do you have a weak Internet connection? Call the nationwide toll-free number of the Uber taxi booking app, share details of your pin code, and hire a cab in no time. Details like the driver’s name and vehicle number will be shared with customers as a confirmation of their booking.

11. Split Fare Payment Facilities:

Did you have a great trip with your colleagues or friends on an Uber cab? Divide the bill equally depending on the number of people who travelled by using the “Split Fare” payment option. Importantly, this feature is valid during the trip and cannot be used after the trip has been completed.

12. Uber Commute:

Adopt an environment-friendly mode of travel by using our Uber Commute feature. It helps in reducing pollution and traffic through carpooling. This option is most suitable for college students and working professionals. It also reduces the total ride bill as many people use the same shared travel service in a particular direction simultaneously.

13. Modify Metrics Option:

Drivers get access to a detailed Earnings report on our Uber clone script. They will know their total income earned every day, week, month, and year.

The cabbies can choose any of the 4 metrics (Earnings from their last trip, Earnings for the Day, Progress towards the Quest Bonus, and Uber Pro points accumulated from the Rewards Program). Drivers can tap a specific metric twice and the screen will refresh.

The new metric for calculating earnings is activated on the Uber clone app. This fantastic feature ensures more transparency as cabbies will know the exact breakdown of their earnings (bonuses, commission, service fees, and tips).

Wrapping Up

Uber is a pioneer in the on-demand economy and has been growing strongly since its launch more than a decade ago. It has accumulated more market share despite heavy competition from rivals like Bolt, Didi Chuxing, Grab, Lyft, and Ola. It will try to enhance its relationship with drivers and offer a first-class travel experience for millions of customers across the globe.

Hence become a top player in the on-demand taxi booking industry by teaming up with Turnkey Town now for game-changing Uber clone app development soon.

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