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On-demand beauty services, more than a luxury, have become the need for the people of today’s world. It’s not just the users who benefit from it but also the service providers who get to earn substantial revenue through such apps. By the way, are you the one who aspires to begin your business in the digital world? Welcome to the world of the On-Demand Beauty Service App Industry! It bestows you with a lucrative chance to make huge profits out of the beauty sector.

What Is An On-Demand Beauty Service App?

An on-demand beauty app is a platform that connects the customers with the salons and beauticians at the tap on their phones. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Such is the convenience that is offered by on-demand beauty apps. An added advantage is that customers can review the rating and service of the beauty professional before making the booking. It contains a number of features that make it easy for users to make bookings as well as the service providers to manage the appointments.

Statistics That Proves On-Demand Beauty Service App Development To Be A Sure-Shot Way To Success:

Mobile apps have captured a huge market, with an increasing number of audiences widely accepting them. Let’s have a look at the trend and what potential does the Uber for beauty app hold.

  • As per the latest reports given by PwC, the on-demand app market is expected to reach $335billion by the year 2025.
  • Skincare is the leading category in the beauty industry that accounts for about 42% of the global market, and its revenue is projected to generate 177 billion US dollars in 2025.
  • The global cosmetics market is estimated to increase from 2021, reaching over 122 billion US dollars in 2025.
  • The Hair Care sector, which constitutes an important part of the beauty industry, has made 78 billion dollars in 2020, which is likely to surpass 100 billion US dollars in 2025.

These astonishing stats quite speak well for themselves. With 70% of global users embracing the on-demand culture where 40% are millennials and the rest 30% are in the middle-age group, can there be any second opinion in launching an on-demand beauty app? Let’s dive into the depth of the intricacies of Uber for beauty app development.

What Are The Essential Components Of An Uber For Beauty App?

An on-demand beauty app has basically three ends. It should all work in perfect sync for carrying out the business operations efficiently. The three parts of the app include,

Customer app: Customers can make bookings for the service using this app. Furthermore, they can also track the location of the professional and set reminder alerts to intimate them about the service using the app. Some of the standard features to have in a customer app includes,

  • Registration
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Schedule booking
  • Easy navigation
  • Integrated payment system

Service professional app: Beauty care professionals can make use of the app to get bookings from clients. They can go home to do the grooming or do it in the venue itself. Some of the standard features to have in the service provider app includes,

  • Accepting Appointments
  • Add additional service
  • Navigation tool
  • Live chat facility
  • Earnings report
  • Service history tracking

Admin Dashboard: Pricing, Discount, Catalog, and others can be managed by the admin through the operative dashboard. You can further customize it as per your needs. Features that can be included are,

  • Service catalog & pricing
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Service packages
  • Generate sales report
  • Advanced analytics

How Do You Make Your Brand Speak For Itself?

There is a swarm of brands out there in the market, and how really do you gain visibility among the herd? That’s why it is crucial to instill certain gratuities in your Uber for beauty app that sets you apart from others.

  1. Pool of professionals: You can provide a variety of beauty services in your app that gains goodwill on your brand from your customers. It can cover up beauty services from hair care to nail care so that your customers won’t have the need to search elsewhere.
  2. Appointments at user’s disposal: One of the many reasons why users prefer on-demand apps is the flexibility in the date and time of the booking it grants. Therefore, bestowing this special perk in your app can gain you an upper hand over other rivals in the market. You can include options for,
  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments.
  • Zero cancellation fee for appointments canceled within 24hours from booking.
  • Providing varied time slots.

      3. Expert consultation facility: Your app can allow users to consult an expert beautician regarding any query related to beauty or hair or skincare treatment. In-app communication options or connecting through call, email, or SMS can help to accomplish the task of solving queries with ease.

      4. Freelancing platforms for beauticians: In the ever speeding monetary race, your app can add an extra source of income for many certified beauty experts. It can be any bookings from salon appointments, bride and groom make-up, wellness services, pedicure, manicure, etc.

How Do On-Demand Beauty Apps Serve To Be Beneficial?

Uber for beauty app brings the services to the customer’s doorsteps at their fingertips. Not to miss, services according to the choice and user preference.

  • Salons, beauty parlors, and other beauty professionals can get booking appointments and gain immense popularity, which in turn multiplies their revenue inflow.
  • The convenience it offers to users at a competitive price range.

For every booking made through the app, it adds up revenue into the app owner’s pocket.

Wrapping Up,

The competition is getting more and more aggressive as the world is fast moving towards digitization. Therefore, in order to stay ahead of the pack, you need to make sure you stay relevant in the market. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority of all to outgrow in the market.

We at Turnkey Town, understand this and help you with the Uber for beauty app development that perfectly matches your vision and mission. Encash on this profitable opportunity and have a grasp of the alluring benefits it accords.

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