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Entrepreneur’s Insights On Multichain IDO Launchpad Development With Redkite Clone

Though blockchain and Cryptocurrency struggled to reach the crowd last decade, this decade marked the onset of its rising popularity. With many innovations coming up to strengthen web 3.0 with blockchain, people are attracted to this emerging technology. This is the right time to get started with the blockchain field with a multichain IDO launchpad like Redkite. Blockchain enthusiasts find launchpad development is a promising area to shine in the world of crypto.

Why should you launch an IDO launchpad? And how can you do that with white label solutions? How will an IDO launchpad benefit the blockchain community? Here is a complete guide to emerging entrepreneurs to start their fundraising platform development.

Why Are People Interested In IDO?

The popularity of Cryptocurrency increased drastically as a result of the passive income it generates. People started trading Cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchange platforms. Initial DEX Offering is a fundraising module used by new crypto projects in its development stage. They launch a crowd fundraising campaign and raise funds from the public through token sales. They launch an IDO token pre-sale which is open to the public.

The funds raised from this token sale is used by the business to develop their projects. On the other hand, the public investors who invest in these tokens get a product or a service at the end of the project development. Also, these early investors can also sell their tokens when their value rises during or after the project development. This way they earn a passive income by investing less in tokens and getting an increased return upon selling them.

The pre-sale of IDO tokens is often launched in an IDO launchpad, where people can identify promising projects which are not scams or frauds. These IDO launchpads are usually a decentralized exchange platform that lists down potential IDO projects after a series of security checks. It is a platform that not only gives a stage for emerging blockchain projects but also a safe environment for early investors.

To make it simple, the IDO launchpad is a platform that gets the funds for project development and gives a high return on investment to the investors.

Inching Towards Redkite Clone IDO Launchpad Development

When you think about IDO launchpad development, you might think it is a challenging job. Developing a multichain IDO launchpad from scratch might need resources and take a long time to complete the process. Redkite clone, a white-label IDO launchpad that is pre-developed and tested by expert developers. It is open to preferred customization and can be launched sooner.

At Turnkey Town our experienced developers offer various levels of customization. The time taken to complete and launch the platform depends on the level of complexity of the customization. In order to start your development process, you should be ready with your ideation.

  • You have to select the blockchain in which you want to launch your IDO platform. Redkite is built on the Polkadot blockchain. Our developers can offer it in any blockchain you desire.
  • Discuss the level of customization and its feasibility with the development team. We offer you complete guidance right from the first step till the last step in launching the platform.
  • With your ideation, you can decide the workflow of your platform, its security patches, features and options in the launchpad.
  • The front end and back end development with an updated tech stack is essential.
  • An easy to use interface is crucial when it comes to user experience in the launchpad. It must be self-explanatory and should be easily understandable by even beginners.

Features of our Redkite clone

Multichain IDO launchpad is a platform that is capable of interacting with other blockchain networks apart from the blockchain it has been built on. Interoperability is one of the most important features of our Redkite clone. An IDO launchpad must include the following features

  1. Multiple Wallet integration
  2. KYC verification
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Integrated vested schedule
  5. Secured selection of projects
  6. Fair allocations
  7. Reputation points
  8. Tier system for investors

If you have your own feature to be added to the platform or have an idea to upscale an existing feature, our developers can impeccably bring life to those features in detail.

The unbiased whitelisting process

Redkite offers an unbiased allocation during the whitelisting process. That is, when the public applies to participate in the IDO, the decentralized platform has to allocate slots to these investors depending on the requirement of the IDO fund.

The investors should buy and stake the native token of the platform in the liquidity pool. In the case of Redkite, it is PKF tokens. Depending on the number of tokens staked, the investors will be categorized into different tiers which are Phoenix, Eagle, Hawk and Dove. They will be allowed to fund the project based on their tier level.

  • Stake native platform tokens in the liquidity pool
  • Get categorized in any of the four tiers.
  • Complete KYC verification
  • Apply for whitelisting
  • Give necessary details
  • Connect the required wallet
  • Participate in IDO once the sale starts.

Why Us?

At Turnkey Town, our experienced developers with their expertise in blockchain technology can bring your dream multichain IDO platform to reality. With a cutting edge tech stack, we offer a transparent development process. We offer

  1. Expert technical guidance
  2. On-time delivery
  3. 24/7 technical support
  4. Updated security solutions
  5. Post-development support

Apart from this, we have a team of professionals who are well-versed in marking crypto-based platforms. With their expertise in social media marketing, Discord marketing, email marketing, content marketing, PR, and others, they can take your platform to the spotlight.


Developing in an application on blockchain through a White label solution for a fundraising platform like redkite is an affordable way to hit the market immediately. You can have a small chat with our developers and take your first step in IDO launchpad development easily.

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