EOS Racing Clone

Why Is Developing An EOS Racing Clone Beneficial For You?

EOS is a mega-popular game among Wombat fans. In this blog, we will delve into the world of EOS racing and see how to develop an EOS Racing Clone.

EOS Racing

Have you ever played a Car Racing game? If yes, then it is easy for you to become familiar with the EOS Racing Game. Just in case you have not, let us explain the main game concept. EOS is a racing game based on your skills of driving a virtual car to the finish line before time runs out. The player needs to rush and still be able to navigate his way around other vehicles and obstacles without crashing.

Steps To Get Started

  • Get Wombat! Wombat is tailor-made for the EOS Racing game. Open the explorer tab on Wombat and go to the EOS Racing game site.
  • The loading screen will redirect you to a login screen where you can choose your language and EOS node. Pick a node with a green or yellow indicator. Then login.
  • Once you enter the game, you will first see the match screen, where you will receive your first free car.
    Start racing with your brand new car.

Game Modes

This game has two modes: Match and Competition


The only criteria to participate in matches is to own one car. So as long as you possess the free car given to you by the game. You can take part in the race.

You will always see a list of 10 matches. These matches are of head to head nature. You will be pitted against one opponent. You need to beat the opponent’s travel time in order to win rewards and make money. The winner receives prizes in the form of fuel or components of cars. The racing track is of 3kms.

You can play as much as you want and try to win races as many times as it pleases you. You will need to get a different car if you’re going to race faster than 50 seconds. Once you have played one type of match among the 10 that are listed, you will not be able to access the same kind of car race until you receive the rewards and the entire list refreshes. This usually takes 4 hours.

The opponent is just a virtual simulation, and so they gain nothing by winning or losing as you will not be pitted against an actual human being. These are virtual races designed by one of the programmers.


Competitions will display a list of four types of races. You have to spend a little fuel to get into these races, and depending on the period you finish the race, you get ranked. The shorter the time, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be. All competitions exist for a short time of 48 or 72 hours. The results will be announced once the race is over, and winners will receive their prizes 24 hours later.

These competitions have guidelines on which tier car can be used for that particular type of race. Read the instructions carefully to know if your vehicle can fare well in that race. Just as in real life, the car you drive determines the amount of fuel spent per race. The higher the level of the vehicle, the more the fuel that is required to participate, i.e. 15/race for a level one car, 20 per race for level 2 and 60 per race for level 3. You can also use free passes if you have any.

Once it is available, click on the “Rewards for race event” tab to claim your rewards. One vital piece of information to remember is that each player can only win 24 races per day.

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Features of EOS Racing Clone

Get Crypto Rewards

This is a Play to Earn crypto-based game. Players enjoy playing the game and are also rewarded for their time and skills through in-game prizes.

Decentralized Game World

A decentralized game that is based on the EOS blockchain that is loved by many virtual racing fans.

Shifting Market Economy

The supply and demand of in-game services and goods determine the prices of products.

Why Is Developing Games On The EOS Blockchain Beneficial?

System Of Governance

Gamers can gain governance rights through a series of protocols from the administrators. This gives the players a sense of pride and ownership.

Free Transactions

Gamers all over the world prefer games on the EOS blockchain network due to the almost nominal transaction fees.


EOS dApps operate under the Delegate proof of stake mechanism instead of the proof of work mechanism. This allows the developers to free the entire blockchain in times of problems to fix the errors instantaneously.

Extreme Scalability Level

Other networks might face the issue of scalability, but EOS can effortlessly perform a minimum of 4000 transactions per day.

Why Is It Good For You To Develop An EOS Racing Game?

Hacking has become a primary concern for the whole world as hackers find new potholes to penetrate through even the strongest firewalls. The same applies to the gaming industry as well. EOS Racing games transform the gaming world by collaborating games with blockchain technology and decentralization. This is a major reason for gamers to trust and rely on the safety of this NFT gaming platform which is for sure to boost your venture’s performance.

Why Must You Build An EOS Racing Clone?

Budding entrepreneurs have begun to build games on the EOS Blockchain Network due to its bright future prospects. Racing games have long been on the list of all-time favourite games for many gamers. Combine the knowledge with the wisdom of Blockchain technology and race your way to the success line.

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