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How To Easily Build A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 In 2021?

Everyone has their own favorite sport. The sports enthusiasts precisely watch each movement of the players in the tournament. Thus they have the ability to make better predictions. An app that converts the knowledge of sports fans to money is quite attractive, isn’t it? Thus Fantasy sports app development came into effect.

A fantasy sports app like Dream11 allows users to build their own dream team with actual players. Based on the performance of those players in the actual game, the users gain reward points. The user with the highest points gets cash prizes, gifts, etc. Apart from watching the match, the users also get a chance to win money. Thus it led to a spike in the popularity of the fantasy sports app.

Figure and facts Of Dream 11 Clone App:

  1. In 1969, the first public Fantasy league was launched by Andy Mousalimas.
  2. When Yahoo was dominating the internet world, they set up the first free fantasy platform for football.
  3. Now, as per the reports of 2021, there are more than 110 million fantasy sports app users across the world. Out of that, 69% of the users use the app to get live scores than playing fantasy sports.
  4. The millennials show a keen interest in playing fantasy sports. More than 34% of the users are Zoomers.
  5. As per a survey conducted, almost 80% of the users who play Fantasy leagues consider it to be more interesting and are not willing to withdraw for the next ten years.

How to build an app like Dream11?

If you are thinking about getting into a million-dollar fantasy sports industry, you are in the right place. Keep reading to explore more about how to develop a phenomenal app like Dream11.

There are two ways to build your fantasy sports app, which are as follows,

  • The first method is by developing an app from the ground up. You will need to do all the groundwork, from research to the development of the app. Generally, it takes more than a month to build an app this way. The cost of developing a sports fantasy app can lie anywhere from fifteen thousand to twenty thousand dollars based on the complexity of the app.
  • The alternative way is to build a robust app using the clone script of a popular sports fantasy app like Dream11. In this way, you can customize and deploy your app shortly. As it is a pre-built app, all the essential features are already packed with the clone script of the app. Thus by consulting TurnkeyTown, you can develop the best Dream11 clone app and throb the hearts of many sports enthusiasts.

What are the features integrated with TurnkeyTown’s Dream11 clone app?

Login/ Signup:

The users can sign up in a variety of ways, such as using their email id, contact number, and other social media credentials. Thus they can choose their own convenient method. This also allows the users to gain a good first impression of the app.

User profile:

The user profile allows users to enter their details like their team name, email address, mobile number, and other such information. This will be displayed for fellow users to view.

Choose a sport:

There are a variety of fantasy sports available in the app for the users to play. Users can choose their favorite sports and play. They can also play multiple sports in the app.

Create a dream team:

Sports fans can select their favorite game and build their desired dream team. As the players win points in the real match, the fantasy sports players gain points eventually.

Create/ Join a tournament:

The app allows the users to create a tournament in which their fellow users can participate. They can provide details like the name of the contest, total winning amount, contest size, entry per team, etc. The other users can join one or many contests based on their preference.

Invite & Earn:

This is one of the efficient ways to increase your userbase. Users can share their referral codes with their friends and family. Upon successful sign-up of each user using the code, points are given to the user.

Multiple-payment option:

Users can add money by using a variety of payment methods available in the app, such as credit or debit cards, net banking, in-app wallets, etc. Thus the users can choose their convenient mode of payment and transfer money instantly.

What are the benefits of launching a Dream11 clone app?

If you are still thinking about whether or not to get into the fantasy sports industry, then you should know the advantages of developing a Dream11 clone app. There are infinite benefits to deploying a white-label solution.

Apart from playing fantasy sport and earning money, the users can also get live scores through the app. This makes the app more utile and gains the attention of many users. Thus offering additional benefits will eventually increase the user base and allows you to get vast popularity right away.

Dream11 clone app is packed with advanced features that offer a seamless user experience. You can swiftly leverage huge revenue by choosing the right revenue model. The versatility of the script will allow you to add features that can generate income for the app.

There is very few fantasy sports app in the market. But the desire for such apps and soulful fans are massive. Therefore the chance of winning the market by deploying an advanced Dream11 clone app is very high.

As a final observation,

The craze of sports enthusiasts towards their favorite sport is a never-ending story. Keep this in mind and get into fantasy sports app development. Deploying a scalable solution will allow you to expand your app when there is growth in your business.

We at TurnkeyTown offer the best Dream11 clone app in the market, with all the key features.

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