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Let’s take the game predictors on a fantasy tour with Dream 11 Clone App

Not everyone is a player, but everyone is a fan of some game. Let’s offer these enthusiastic fans some fun by making predictions on their favourite game with an app like Dream11. Our Dream 11 Clone app is a complete package of entertainment for game enthusiasts and a money machine for entrepreneurs.

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Dream11 Clone - Launch a Fantasy Cricket App Like Dream11!

The digital era has invited every business to join it. The gaming industry is no exception. To be more specific, the gaming industry has turned more profitable than ever after joining the digital marathon. This digital revolution has given a chance to game enthusiasts from all over the world to be something more than just an audience. The Dream 11 clone allows the users to predict the game and award them with cash if their prediction of the game turned out to be right. This award for predictions has made the already existing fans a more die-hard fan of the game and also enriched themselves with more knowledge on the game. All these behavioral patterns have given rise to a huge market for fantasy game app solutions. Entrepreneurs looking out for a breakthrough start to launch your fantasy cricket app like Dream11 now and hit boundaries out of the park.
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What is the Dream11 clone script?

Dream 11 clone script is Turnkeytown’s ready-to-launch 100% customizable solution of a fantasy cricket app. The app comes with functionalities similar to the Dream 11 app. It is embedded with real-time analytic tools, live score trackers, in-app advertisements, and more exhilarating features.

The Mandatory Features To Hook Your Users With Our Dream 11 Clone

Live Scores

Keeping the users updated with the live scores of every cricket match held. This makes the user come back often to the app to check the score.

Push Notifications

The notifications of boundaries hit or wickets dropped to create a curiosity in the user to know how it took place.

Live Commentary

Commentaries add flavor to the match. Fans who are unable to watch the match life can fulfill their hunger by reading the live commentary.

Pre-match Analysis

An analytic report on the pitch, the climatic conditions, and how these factors can affect the result of the match gives insights to the user before making predictions.

Post-match Analysis

A post-match analysis is as important as pre-match analysis. It gives the user an understanding of where his predictions went wrong so he could rectify them in the next match.

Cash Rewards

The joy of earning rewards for something we predicted right is incomprehensible, and if it is cash, then it is a double dhamaka. Let your users taste that pleasure, and they are not going to stop using your app for a while.

Our Fantasy Sports App Solutions Store

Our fantasy to create fantasy cricket app solutions is not limited to cricket. We have more in the store for you.

Fantasy Football App Development

Fantasy football has swept nearly 70% of the sports fans in the U.S. as fantasy football fans already. We all also know Football is the sport with the largest fanbase in the world. Launching a fantasy football app is always a gambit move, considering the huge fanbase.

Fantasy Kabaddi App Development

Kabaddi has always been a sport with a huge fanbase in Asia. With the introduction of various leagues like Pro Kabaddi, the viewers for Kabaddi has been rising. If you have noticed this surge in the fans for Kabaddi, you should be launching your fantasy kabaddi app soon.

Fantasy Rugby App Development

Rugby has been a sport of rage and compassion, the two basic emotions of humans. The Rugby world cup in 2019 had nearly 12.8 billion viewers reconfirming its greatness. Launch an app for the rugby fans and earn some bonus points.

Fantasy NBA App Development

NBA is one of the four professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. The followers of this basketball league are from all over the world. Launching a fantasy app for these fans will be a three-pointer shoot for you.

The Workflow Module of Dream 11 Clone App

The workflow of our Dream 11 clone app is easy to travel the road for the user.

Step 1:

The user signs up to the app with their contact information or any social logins.

Step 2:

Once the user signs up, they can choose their fantasy team and the contest they wish to participate in.

Step 3:

The user is credited with some points as a reward for signing up. The user can contest their first game with this point.

Step 4:

Each player costs some points considering their recent form and history. The user has to form a team with the points limitation assigned for the contest.

Step 5:

Once the match starts, the user either gains or loses his points with regards to the team they have created.

Step 6:

If the user wins the contest, he/she is awarded the winning points declared for the contest.

What do we offer in Dream11 Clone Script?

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • Admin Panel

Onboard Your Users on a Fantasy Cricket App with Fantastic Features


Onboard your users into this fantasy game by entering any of their social logins.

Invite and Earn

Offer your users credit points on inviting a new friend to install and login to the app.

Payment Mode

The users are offered various modes of payment like net banking, debit/credit card, or any payment platform.

Surf Contests

Numerous contests are conducted for the same game with different prize amounts. The user can scroll through these contests and join in any one or more.

Select Teams

The players for the match are enlisted along with their costs. The user forms their winning team with their knowledge of the game.

Create a Contest

Our dream 11 clone app not only offers the users to join in contests but also creates contests for other users to join.

Profile Management

A profile with a picture, bio, the history of the user’s contests, the remaining points the user has to join a contest, and more.

Withdraw the Earnings

The user can withdraw their earnings through the app directly to their bank account.

User Management

The Admin can manage all the users in the app through our powerful admin panel.

Match Management

Numerous matches are held at the same time around the world. The admin makes sure every match is enlisted for fans to create fantasy teams.

Management of Payments

The Admin overlooks and initiates all the withdrawals and credits made by the user in the app.

Management of Credits of Players

The cost credit for players varies from match to match, considering their performance. The Admin determines these player points.

Management of Reward Points

Every user may win more than one contest; all these data are stored and regulated by the admin.

Analytic Dashboard

The Dashboard provides complete data on the user pattern, the number of dormant accounts, active profiles, and more.

Multilingual App

The app has a multilingual feature using which the user can choose their preferred language to use the app.

Chat with Contestants

The users can have a friendly chat with their fellow contestants regarding the match and their predictions.

Score Updates

The scores of the live matches are updated to the users in the app.

Post- Match Ceremony

A detailed write-up of the post-match ceremony and the press meets updated in the app.

Bonus Points

Bonus points will be offered to the users on winning a streak of contests or on any other conditions.

Weather Updates

The updates on the weather in the stadium, the pitch conditions, the dew factor, and more other details can be provided in the app.

Premium Features that make our Dream 11 Clone more engaging

  • Predict the Playing 11

    The Playing 11 members change from match to match considering the pitch conditions, injury, and more. Predicting it will be an add-on of fun to the users.

  • Cricket Quiz

    Quiz can be held in between the matches, and the users opting for the right answers can be awarded points.

  • Score Prediction

    This is a very critical and unreliable prediction accompanied by a thrilling sensation to it. This may trigger the users to give their blind luck a chance.

  • Match Highlights

    The prominent events in the match can be summed as a highlight and uploaded in the app for the users to watch it.

  • Analytic Data

    The user is provided with thorough analytic data of the match so they can select their team accordingly.

  • Player Details

    A small description of the players can help the users make decisions on forming a team.


Fill your pockets with our Dream 11 Clone

The dream 11 clone app has interesting ways to generate revenue.

Contest Commission

For every contest, a commission is charged from the amount each user pays, and the remaining amount is split as a reward amount and presented to the users.

In-App Ads

Ads can be posted in the app. This can help you earn potential revenue with a huge base of users.

Paid Features

The app can be availed with paid features like analytic reports. The user gets to access the analytic report only on payment; this urges the user to pay, generating you revenue.

Dream 11 Clone App- Your way up the ladder

Reliable App
Our Dream 11 clone is the most reliable fantasy cricket app in town. Any user would prefer a reliable app over a dodgy app. This reliability factor of our Dream 11 clone helps you grow.
Ready-to-Launch App
We don’t make you wait to launch your dream app. Our Dream 11 clone is a script that can be launched instantly.
100% Customization
Our Dream 11 clone can be customized completely depending on your business requirements. We also design it with your logo and the color palettes present in your logo, making it more authentic.
White Label Solution
Our Dream 11 clone app is a white label solution; this makes your app look as if built from scratch.
Multilingual Support
In a world of diverse languages, to stand in a global competition, your app also needs to be diverse. Our Dream 11 clone comes with multilingual support sneaking you to the global arena.
Multiple Payment Options
The user is offered various options to pay to create their team. They can use a debit/credit card, net banking, any payment apps, and more with our Dream11 clone app.

Launch Your Fantasy Cricket App With Us

Launching an app requires crisp planning and a long process to work it out.


Client Meet

Our core team of analysts, developers, and designers have a meeting with the client to understand the client’s business, their target crowd, and the market they are about to penetrate.


Market Analysis

After listening to the client’s side of the story, our analysts perform market research to get deeper insights into the business.


Customization Requirements

Now that we know what is best for our clients and what they expect from us, we jot down all the add-ons to our already existing script.


Work Allocation

An exemplary plan never goes wrong. We breakdown the work and allocate it to different teams to make sure we deliver your dream app on time.


Designing your App

Our creative team designs the UI with more pleasing colors and appealing designs to make the user-experience more comfortable.


Back-end Development

The expertise developers get their hands on all the add-on features that assist the growth of the client’s business.


Testing and QA

The quality of an app is what makes users fall in love with it. And for that, we run various tests on the app to make it bug-free.


Going Live

Once our team and the clients are satisfied with the product, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Should You Move in with Turnkeytown
to launch a Fantasy Cricket App?

Turnkeytown is a community of expert developers, designers, business analysts, and marketers striving to put their clients on the map of the digital world.

  • Transparent Work Procedure

    When you are on the right track, there is nothing to hide. We follow a transparent work procedure keeping our clients updated on every move of ours.

  • Punctual

    Punctuality is a trait we learn at school and follow in work. We plan extensively and work accordingly and never disappoint our clients when it comes to on-time delivery.

  • Client Focussed Support

    Our Support team is always available for the clients. Resolving the client's queries on time with full satisfaction is what they strive for.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    Overcharging for a product is not ethical, and we don’t do it at any cost. We always disclose the price for the app after knowing the client’s customization requirements, and most of our clients feel it is cheaper than our competitors.

  • Expertise Team

    Our developers are well-experienced in developing fantasy game apps similar to Dream 11 and more other white-label apps. This is one reason our clients trust us.

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Professional $XXXX (USD)

Works on multiple servers of the Android Platform.

Premium $XXXX (USD)

Works on multiple servers of both Android and iOS platforms.

Hire the Finest Fantasy Sports App Developers

Every sport is returning to the stadiums, and fans have also started to plunge into the stadiums in some countries. All our favorite leagues are on schedule and are awaited by the fans to celebrate their favorite teams after a long time. With expectations skyrocketing for the games, this is a perfect time to launch a fantasy game app and feed the hunger of the fans.

We at Turnkeytown have expertise ourselves in reading the minds of users and understand what makes them stay on the app a minute longer. Along with this, we provide 100% customization and white label solutions supporting entrepreneurs to launch authentic apps in a short time. Our Dream 11 clone app is filled with exciting features that would tie up people in it. Join us and launch a Dream 11 clone app and start earning instantly.

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Technology Stack

We work on the most durable and robust technologies to develop our Telegram clone app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Dream 11 Clone is a ready-to-launch script for an app similar to Dream 11 with all the engaging features in it.
Yes, Of course, the dream 11 clone can be launched instantly without any delay. But if you need to make any customizations, then it may take some time considering the changes.
Dream 11 is an app that has tasted humongous success in fantasy game apps. It has been the most preferred fantasy app by users since its launch. Our dream 11 clone comes with the exact features of Dream 11 that have been loved by users.
Yes, we work to make the businesses of our clients find their way into the global arena. We don't want the language to be a barrier to the success of our client's business. So we have developed it bilingual.
The price to launch an app depends on various factors, especially the customization requirements of the client. So, we can only quote you a price after knowing your requirements.