How To Build A Veve Clone App With AR Features?

How To Build A Veve Clone App With AR Features?

“Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day,” says Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of cryptocurrency investment firm Paradigm. He is also a co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. As he had mentioned, it is vivid that the world is adhering to the thriving crypto realm without further delay. Who knows we might be fully reliable on blockchain technology for decentralized platforms? Furthermore, how would you feel if you, too, could step into the Metaverse? Undoubtedly, take the ready-made VeVe clone app and stun the crypto enthusiast with an augmented reality experience. 

Throughout this blog, you will be illuminated with the ways to evolve with an instant and alternative solution. Along with examining the diverse features and niches that help to provide an AR experience. Without much ado, let us step ahead and unveil them right away! 

VeVe – A Brief Introduction 

The craze towards buying and selling the NFT collectibles has never faded. To be precise, it has boomed right now and will be ruling the whole crypto space, and there is no doubt about it. 

In that way, VeVe is consider to be the topmost and foremost NFT marketplace that is solely for the popular brands to display their NFTs. For example, renowned brands like Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Givenchy, Coca-Cola, and Pixar offer their NFTs on this VeVe marketplace.

This VeVe is support and compatible with both Android and iOS apps. VeVe is exclusively released by Ecommi, and therefore it offers a licensed NFT marketplace. Isn’t that great to replicate a platform that has huge partnerships with renowned brands? Moreover, through these platforms, everyone has access to premium digital collectibles that can we bought and sold.

Apart from this, one can also customize the rare, one-of-a-kind collectibles and showcase them in their virtual showrooms. With this single platform, one can make use of multiple benefits with the digital collectibles, and therefore, they can easily trade with fellow VeVe users.

Furthermore, the most unique part of this VeVe platform is the astounding AR experience. Every VeVe user can make use of augmented reality to even get a snap with their digital collectibles. Till date, this VeVe, a freemium-based platform, is providing numerous enticing things to comic lovers, and 3D-animation lovers cannot stop looking through it. 

What Is A VeVe Clone? 

Now, you have an outline of the flourishing NFT marketplace and would have thought of following their footprints. In that case, the VeVe clone acts as an alternative solution that is compiled with complete source code that resides in the existing platform. The development process indeed requires quite a lot of technical knowledge and consumes a lot of time for starting from scratch. 

But here, with Veve clone, every budding and aspiring entrepreneur can get ahead into the crypto space. As said earlier, this will include the basic features and solutions that help it to run in the crypto market. Along with this, the entrepreneurs can customize their white-label VeVe clone based on their business requirements. This will help them to achieve the platform just the way they require and preferences. 

Why To Implement With AR Features? 

By now, you must be aware that everyone has the craze towards withholding rare collectibles. But did you know that most of the crypto users prefer augmented reality? Undoubtedly, the growth of the NFT marketplace that has in-built AR features tends to hit the market greatly. 

Doesn’t it sound good to take a picture of the digital collectibles with all features like rotate, tilt scale, and be one among them? The users also get a chance to share the highlighting moments with their friends and families. Henceforth, the scope towards these AR features is in high demand, and I hope you will be benefitted efficiently. Now, it is time to shift towards the features that will elevate the functionality of your VeVe clone app.

Thriving Features To Be Focussed On! 

Enticing Outlook – Isn’t it important to magnetize the users as soon as they enter into your white-label VeVe Clone marketplace? Thus, incorporating the storefront features will be a perfect choice. Here you can display the various collectibles and their information that will provoke the crypt users to move further into your platform. 

High Liquidity – Offering complete transparency for the users will tend to increase their liquidity pool effectively. Therefore these NFTs with indispensable value will produce a high liquidity pool. 

Bidding – Bidding is the essential part that pushes the users into a state of hype and enthusiasm. Awaiting till the time period to know the winners is a different kind of liking that crypto users will not miss. Therefore, using the bidding feature will keep the crypto users engaged throughout the process. 

Product Listings – The creators can make use of this vital chance to market their digital collectibles and make them list on other various marketplaces. 

Item Status – Let your users be known instantly with the status of the digital collectibles that are on the platform. This will make them take decisions without much ado. 

Landing On New Products – You can also start promoting the new NFTs that are listed on your platform. This will make sure that a massive audience appears towards your NFT platform. 

Multi-Currency Support – Sticking with a single cryptocurrency mode will not help your platform reach a wider audience. Thus, having multi-currency support is highly beneficial to venture to great heights. 

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What Are The Highlighted Ways To Develop A White-Label Veve Clone? 

  • Being an entrepreneur, you must first gather all the needs and requirements to create an NFT marketplace app like VeVe
  • Undergo keen research on the business requirements and execute a plan that will give an unblemished output. 
  • Technology has driven us to the next stage. See to it that you implement the advanced technologies and tools. This will ensure that your user witnesses a zero-friction platform. 
  • If you require other creative ideas that will satisfy your crypto users, then shoot them at us without further ado. Incorporate the features that have been mentioned earlier in this blog. And, do not forget to include attractive augmented reality features. 
  • Once it is all done, check it on multiple platforms before it is getting launched. This will help you to attain a bug-free platform and offer a seamless experience for your users. 
  • After you have successfully completed your development process, it is all set to be launched in the competitive market. 

Winding Up 

To conclude, by now, you must have had a clear outline of how to develop an NFT marketplace. It is now time for all the budding entrepreneurs to rapidly step a foot into the crypto space. We, at Turnkeytown, as a team of masterminds in blockchain technology, provide the complete tech stack solution and the strong development process that had been mention earlier. You can throw out your creative ideas and interact with our leading experts right away. Dial-in with us to claim free consultations right away!

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