Binance Clone

Binance Clone:Facilitate Simplistic Crypto Trading With An Crypto Exchange Platform

This world is getting into cryptocurrency at a very rapid pace. With this, many countries are taking steps to make it legal, while few already did. This is bringing more attraction to cryptocurrency exchanges right now. Crypto Exchange Platform like Binance clone is a holistic solution for simplistic crypto exchange. It is a platform curated to suit even beginners who are new to the cryptoverse.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a perfect exchange platform with your own innovations? Here is a guide with every fundamental you need to know before launching your cryptocurrency exchange solution. Our Binance clone is highly customizable solution  to alter with your business preferences.

Understanding White-label Binance clone

Binance is one of the most trusted and largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. It is the platform that recorded the largest daily trading volume so far. In just 5 years, the growth of Binance has been tremendous, and it is considered a safe platform for exchanges. It supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies on the platform.

A Binance clone is a White-label solution that is pre-designed and tested with existing features of Binance. The good thing about White-label solutions is that they are customizable according to your requirements. This customization can be upscaling existing features or adding your new innovative features. It is possible to curate every element of the platform, including the UI/UX.

Brainstorm before taking the first step

People say, do your research before starting the development, but it is equally important to brainstorm the needs. So before taking your first step, make sure you get answers to every question that sparks your curiosity.

  • What are the features you are going to give your users?
  • How should be your User interface?
  • What are the security features included?
  • What is the tech stack used in the front and back end development?
  • How are you going to manage your database?
  • How should your platform work?
  • Is your platform going to be beginner-friendly?
  • How are you going to market your platform?
  • What are the post-development activities you need to concentrate on?

There are many more questions that might arise before starting your research on the development process.

If you are still confused about where to start, you can always get in touch with our experienced developers who are ready to assist you.

Premium features of our Binance clone

Let’s assume that you have a basic idea of the above-asked questions. When it comes to a cryptocurrency exchange solution there are a few features that make the platform user-friendly. Our Binance clone offers those features,

Registration and login-

The users will have to provide some basic details to verify their identity. It includes name, email, phone number and a password to login


This is to ensure safety to the users by allowing only authorized users to get into the platform.

KYC verification-

This is to make sure that all the users are identified and stay on a secured platform

Fiat currency support-

The users should easily buy cryptos using their fiat currency. Multiple payment gateways make it easy and comfortable for the traders

Wallet integration-

The users can store their cryptocurrency in the crypto wallet that is integrated with the platform.
Easy deposit and withdrawal for the users to enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Multi-lingual option-

This will ensure the seamless working of the crypto exchange platform to a global audience.
Live trade chart or pricings- It will offer the users a better understanding of cryptocurrencies to make reasonable trading decisions.

Multi-coin support-

You can select the cryptocurrencies that your prospects might look out for on your platform and we’ll integrate them.

Interactive user interface-

An user-friendly interface for the users to get a better user experience. The more the users are comfortable with the platform the more they stay and it will attract more users.

Workflow of our Binance clone

The workflow of the cryptocurrency exchange platform is also a significant part to concentrate on while developing it. Our binance clone is designed in such a way to offer impeccable working.

  1. The users will have to register their profile on the platform along with a user id and password to signup
  2. Secondly, Once the registration is over the users can opt for two-factor authentication to ensure double safety for their account
  3. To start trading, the users have to deposit some cryptocurrency. If the user does not own any cryptocurrency, they can buy cryptocurrency using the local fiat currency. They can use any payment method available on the platform for a secured transaction.
  4. Our binance clone includes two interfaces, a basic and advanced interface for beginners and pros respectively. The user can use any of these modes to start trading on the platform.

Why is Binance like exchange the right choice?

There are many cryptocurrency trending platforms in the market. But why should you choose Binance as the parent to your budding crypto exchange platform? Binance is the first trading platform in the crypto market that reached millions of users in just 5 years. The crypto trend is attracting more users recently and a platform with the following benefits like Binance, with more innovative features, is the key to taste the success.

  • Very Low gas fees
  • Manages high trade traffic effectively
  • Accepts new cryptocurrencies
  • High security
  • Easy user interface
  • Several altcoins
  • Additional rewards for regular traders

You might ask what are the security features makes this platform so secured. Binance clone is developed with stringent security protocols that will secure the platform from external threats.

  • Secured cold wallet storage
  • Anti-Denial of Service
  • HTTPS authentication
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-sig wallet integration

Why choose us?

We are a team of experienced developers working in the blockchain field for years now. We offer expertise pre and post-development assistance to make sure you succeed in your crypto journey.

Our experienced professionals offer round-the-clock technical assistance after development. You might wonder how to take your platform to the spotlight. We have a skilled team to promote your platform to the targeted audience.
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