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How to build a crave easing food-delivery app with GrubHub Clone?

The bond between the food and us is imperishable. Everyone has their favorite food and a favorite restaurant. But the toil-filled life barely allows time to cook their favorite meal or travel to their favorite restaurants. GrubHub clone can eliminate all the hassles and easily bridge the gap between hungry folks and their favorite meal. 

What Is A Grubhub Clone?

GrubHub clone is an online food-delivery solution that connects the diners with the restaurants located near them. It is comprised of advanced features to enhance the user experience, just like the parent app. GrubHub had more than 31 million active users by the end of 2020 and yet growing.

If you are an entrepreneur looking ahead to get into the food-delivery business, it is vital to know the key features of the app, which are as follows,

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Contactless delivery

Due to the spread of the deadly virus, people are isolating themselves in their homes. In order to avoid contact from the outside world and resist the spread of infection, the GrubHub clone has the contactless delivery option. Users can pick their order from a pre-sanitized place and avoid meeting the delivery executive. This allows the users to enjoy their food without having any fear of infection.

Store pick-up

Can’t wait until the food arrives? Yes, there is a solution for it. Users can order food via the app and choose the self-pick-up option, which allows them to collect their orders from the restaurant directly. This feature is widely useful for people who are rushing somewhere and want to have food on the go.


Users need not wonder about the status of their food order any more. Live-tracking enables the users to track their food right from ordering until the delivery consistently. Thus the user can be ready when the food is about to arrive. This feature also helps users to gain trust in the delivery process.

Multiple payment gateways

Comfort your users with multiple payment options for them to choose their convenient method. Users can also sync their bank account, debit/credit card, and other UPI platforms to the app so that the payment can be made securely and instantly.

Route optimization

The executives are navigated through optimized routes to eliminate the traffic-prone zone and avoid any other allied blockades. This ensures the fast delivery of the food.

Apart from these key features, the GrubHub clone script can be extensively customized by adding or modifying as many features as you desire. By knowing the target audience, the additional features can be determined to comfort the users. This can be achieved by doing sincere market research. A defined objective is mandatory before developing an app. Make sure what you want to give your audience. This can improvise the outcome of your app.

What Are The Benefits Of The Grubhub Clone App?

  • People are getting used to ordering food online. Though there are a bunch of food-delivery apps in the market, the app that offers the utmost convenience to its users gains a vast user-base rapidly. It is no wonder that the GrubHub clone can gain a global reach as the advanced features embedded in the app are more likely to elevate your business swiftly.


  • The GrubHub clone app is capable of earning a huge revenue as it has a wide range of revenue-generating options like in-app advertising, direct commissions, transaction fee, etc. Including many other monetizing channels in your app will serve as further sources of additional income.


  • Many older people and workaholics who are unable to move out to munch on their favorite meal can easily get their food delivered effortlessly. In this era, it is the most helpful tool for such people.


  • The evolution of food-delivery apps revolutionized the gender discrimination practices that revolved around women. Earlier, women were the only ones responsible for cooking food for the whole family and barely had the chance to step out of their homes. Now women can have no bars and are capable of leading their life as they wish. Cooking is no longer a barricade for working women as food-delivery apps like GrubHub eased the efforts.


  • Develop a food-delivery app with GrubHub clone app embedded with the top-notch features and add some additional benefits for the users like coupons and discounts that can potentially gain a wide reach among the audience.

Do you want to gain the fame and reach of your app among the audience like Swiggy, Zomato, Postmates, etc.? All it takes is to select a proper business model.

The Revenue Model Of The Grubhub Clone App

Choosing the right revenue model is crucial to thrive your business to the next level. There are a few revenue models listed below to follow,

Commission fee

The restaurant owners pay a fee in order to register to the app and avail of its service. An additional charge is applicable to showcase the restaurant’s name on the top of the list. It is said that the users give priority to the restaurants that pop at the top of the list. Thus a consistent revenue is earned by implementing this revenue model.

Transaction fee

For every transaction made via the app, a part of it goes to the app owner as a  transaction fee. The transaction fee is a stable monetizing tool as digital payment is the most preferred method of payment.


By utilizing the banner space of the app with third-party advertisements can gain huge revenue. Whenever a user clicks on the ad posted in the app, the app owner gains money.

Want to excel in the food-delivery business? Get your GrubHub clone right away

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To sum up,

There is no way that developing a white-labeled food delivery app can go wrong. As ever since the lifestyle changes, and people are more likely to stick to this culture in the near future. 

The GrubHub clone script is 100% customizable, and the scalability of the app is very high. TurnkeyTown will help you get into the most desired food-delivery business by developing the best GrubHub clone in the market. So without any delay, get going with the GrubHub clone app development and soar high in your business right away.


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