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Grubhub Clone Script The Best-in-Class Food Delivery App Solution

Foray into the perennially profitable world of on-demand food delivery with a stellar Grubhub app for both Android and iOS. Highly Scalable and Ready-to-Launch!

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Grubhub Clone - Launch a food delivery app like Grubhub Today!

Do you know someone who doesn’t know about online food delivery? No, you don’t! The universal receptivity and recognition of on-demand food delivery pose a once-in-a-century value proposition. Tipped to exceed the myriad mark of $200 billion, the frenzy is here to stay for a very long time. With a ceaseless market demand and a colossal user base, there couldn’t be any other time for an entrepreneur to leverage on this momentum. So why wait?
At Turnkeytown, we proffer you with the Grubhub clone- an avant-garde online food delivery solution that’s drenched with world-class features, wrapped around an immersive user interface. Now within a few taps, your customers can browse, order, pay, and get their taste buds dancing to the tune of their favorite food item. Go for it!
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Key features of Grubhub clone script

Contactless Delivery

Knock out the chances of contracting the deadly microbe as customers can collect their orders from a predetermined, sanitized spot near or on their house, doing away with the opportunity to meet the delivery executive.


Not enticed by the ability to receive your orders at your doorsteps? No worries as customers can place their orders online and pick them up by themselves at the restaurant. Catering to the needs of the entire spectrum!


Crown your customers as the master of their orders as they can vehemently track the status of their food orders by achieving live location updates, made possible by the GPS integration. Supersizing the trust of your customers is now a breezy affair!

Multiple Payment Options

Why cling to a single payment method when your customers can leverage a range of popular options! Grubhub clone entitles customers to remunerate with credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and even a designated electronic wallet.

Manual Delivery

Besides automated assignment of delivery orders to the delivery executives, the respective restaurant managers can allocate specific deliveries manually, based on real-time demand, culminating in exponential efficiency.

Route Optimization

Expediting the entire spectrum of the delivery process, the executives are proffered with only the most optimized route for a given delivery location devoid of any traffic or allied blockades. The faster the delivery, the more rapid is the business growth!

Ultra-Responsive Built

Spilling out the ingenious streaks of sturdiness, the Grubhub clone expresses responsiveness of divine levels. This is made possible by the deployment of groundbreaking technological advancements in the app development process.

Food Delivery Mobile App Development Solutions we Provide with Grubhub Clone

Single Food Store

Announce your emergence into the online food delivery silo in style with our Grubhub clone, which could be extensively customized to reverberate with the brand values of single restaurants. This way, expanding the market share becomes a piece of cake.

Food Marketplaces

Taking a cue from the stupendously successful aggregator model of Amazon, the food marketplaces is a ceaseless classic catering to every possible customer vertical's needs by congregating the services of a multitude of restaurants.

Food Store Chains

Leverage the plentiful supply of diverse cuisines and customizations by harmonizing the operations of a chain of restaurants all in a single application. Armed with a centralized dashboard, the management of restaurant proceedings has never been this easier!

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How does the Grubhub clone work?

Customer Registration

By entering their email address, phone number, or social media credentials, customers can instantly register with the app.

Browse Restaurants

Armed with an advanced search bar, customers can scroll over the entire range of available restaurants based on their location.


By tapping the cart addition option, the customer can place the order and pay through available payment methods.

Order Processing

The received orders are processed and prepared concurrently by the restaurants at the quickest possible time.

Order Pickup

Upon notification, the delivery executives pick up the order from the restaurant along with the billing information.


The order is delivered to the customer at the predetermined address by the delivery executive.

Review and Ratings

Customers can express their genuine concerns by rating the food delivery service in the exclusive ratings and review field.

Our Grubhub Clone package

We ramp your arsenal with an assortment of futuristic technological solutions that extrapolate your food delivery business.

  • Customer iOS App
  • Delivery Agent iOS App
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Delivery Agent Android App
  • Restaurant Android App
  • Main Website
  • User Web Panel
  • Delivery Agent Web Panel
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Admin Panel

Features of Grubhub clone script

Advanced Search Bar

Infused with indelible sorting and filtering elements, customers can sail through the ocean of available food items and restaurants seamlessly through an intuitive search bar.

Real-Time Tracking

Demystify the aura behind the delivery by accrediting the customers to vehemently track their orders in real-time through the refreshingly accurate GPS integration.


With unwavering access to the order history, customers can willingly reorder their favorite dishes without the tiring need to search all again. A clear differentiator!

Schedule Order

Banish the exorbitant routine by streamlining the ordering process by conveniently scheduling the orders at the aforementioned date, time, and location.

Push Notifications

Recapitulate your customers with a slew of the latest offers, discounts, promotional campaigns, and special sale days through text messages, email, and in-app push notifications.

Review and Ratings

Empower your customers to lash out their constructive criticism about a specific food item or the service on the whole through the publicly visible ratings and review field.

Prompt Onboarding

Delivery agents can kickstart their proceedings almost instantly by storming into the app through their smart login credentials.

Delivery Planner

Suffused with an arresting view over the delivery orders, their priority level, and allied addresses, the agents can effortlessly ace out their daily delivery targets.

Delivery Updation

Delivery agents are bestowed with the ability to update the status of the delivery request, such as 'out of delivery,' 'delivered,' 'returned,' etc., captivating the trust of both users and admin.

Earrings Management

A consolidated report depicting the performance of the delivery agents besides their earning details over a period of days/weeks/months is willingly available.

Availability Toggle

Delivery agents can intimate their availability for a particular delivery request or the whole day only by tapping on the toggle button present in the app.

Instant Order Notifications

An in-app push notification jumps through the screen of the delivery agents' mobile device the moment a delivery request is assigned to them coupled with their complete details.

Manage Orders

The whole gamut of the restaurant ordering process is made coherent with the automated system with real-time metrics on received orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, etc.

Manage Menu

Restaurant managers are sanctioned to modify their offerings deliberately and add/remove any cuisines and categories besides relentless control over their pricing.

Manage Inventory

Knock out the shades of cart abandonment rates by proficiently handling the inventory operations with a striking display of the critical metrics like food availability, stock, etc.

Restaurant Status

By tapping a single button, the restaurants can either accept/reject online orders in order to strike an amicable balance between their dine-in operations and food delivery proceedings.

Restaurant Profile

Ingrained restaurant elements like name, logo, contact details, specialty dishes, expertise, etc., can be instantly annexed and altered by restaurant management.

Review Assessment

Dissecting the assemblage of customer reviews, the restaurant managers can reideate and revitalize their business strategy to align their products as per the customer demand.

Powerful Dashboard

Admins can diligently monitor over the all-encompassing string of business activities through a centralized control over the app's entire operations.

Customer Management

Absolute access over the database of the customers availing the food delivery services of the app in its entirety is available to the admin.

Restaurant Management

Admins can resolutely add/block any of the restaurants and retrieve their crucial information like description, cuisines offered, their pricing, etc.

Delivery Agent Management

Supplementary to the intelligent order matching system, admins are empowered to manually assign delivery requests to the agents in order to quench timely demands.

Promotions Management

On the grounds of supersizing their customer engagement rates, admins can deliberately designate various promotion efforts such as offers, discounts, exclusive sale days, etc.

Commission Management

The intrinsic rates of commission conferred to restaurants and delivery agents can be intently rewired and reiterated based on existing market standards and business growth.

Earning Management

Admins have an unrestricted ability to browse over the all-important trade numbers of the total, earnings, total profits, percentage of profit, etc., through this feature.

Analytical Reports

Plugin your business with an electrifying supply of insights derived from customer behavior and activity, arming them with the capability to zero in reasoned decisions.

Offline Ordering

Mobilize the widespread demand for internet-less door delivery by replenishing your customers with the ability to place their orders through calls and text messages.

Direct Calling

Galvanize your delivery agents by clearing the way for directly placing a call to the customers so as to receive clarity over the mentioned delivery location.

Listing Management

Admins can wittingly cluster together various food items into rooted categories, skyrocketing their visibility and the consequent surge in sales.

Role Management

Sub admins can be recruited and assigned with various roles in the upper management in the view of ensuring streamlined progress of the food delivery application.

Website Ordering

Tap the immaculateness of nascent and unexplored markets by ratifying your customers to place their orders through an immersive, graphic-laden website application.

Social Site Ordering

Flatter your customers with the ability to relish in social connectivity and simultaneously grab their favorite food by ordering them within the social site. A must-have feature!

In-App Chat

Stray out the shackles of misconceptions and miscommunications by connecting your customers with the delivery agents and restaurants through a secure chat channel.

Logistics Integration

Aggrandize your delivery capabilities by forging a collaboration with third-party logistics firms to maximize the potential and mesmerize customers with an eccentric experience.

Customer Support

Shoot the breeze to exert unremitting customer support through telephonic and email medium, transcending every available support silo in the industry.

Revenue model of Grubhub Clone

Commission Fee

Arguably the most consistent revenue stream. Business owners can impose a substantial commission fee on restaurants for availing the app’s services. The number of recruited restaurants is directly proportional to your ascension.

Transaction Fee

For every single transaction processed over your online food delivery platform, a precogitated amount is transferred into the business owner’s account as the transaction fee.

Promotional Charges

The food delivery silo being a bustling space handling millions of concurrent users, the ad-spaces available in the app, mandates an astonishing lease amount from potential advertisers. A massive, passive income!

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Our process of Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Requirement Analysis

We scribe down your extended iterations of requirements, needs, app vision followed by coming up with a full-fledged planner with precisely defined milestones.

Design and Development

We comprehensively initiate the app's ideation, wireframing, design, and development process with an ingrained approach that culminates in a robust built and resilient functionality.

Quality Assessment and Launch

The Grubhub clone is subjected to some of the most stringent testing processes to deem it devoid of bugs/glitches. Upon your approval, the app is submitted to Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Post-Deployment Support

We take the onus of rendering the app ready for user downloads at the speed of lightning. After all, we have placed your trust at the market leader for mobile app development!

Why Choose Us?

Scalable Solution

Besides being a technological gem, the Grubhub clone is a heavily scalable solution that can seamlessly handle millions of users and transactions without a hitch mark.

360° Support

We entitle your clients with unfaltering support and commitment at all of the entrepreneurial touchpoints expressed in the app development journey.

100% Customization

Enter the business war with an implicitly derived, designed, and developed solution that reverberates your inner business ideologies and relevant market sensibilities.

Instant Launch

What’s better than plunging into the race and securing a competitive advantage of the time! At Turnkeytown, we actuate the entire development process in a matter of a few days.


Flaunting a first-hand experience on various industrial silos, we have deduced the art of professionalism in proffering world-class solutions tailored to your needs.

Pricing of our white-label Grubhub clone app

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS & Android App


Hire our food delivery mobile app developer

The difference between the good and great is the ability to reideate what is generally perceived as ordinary, and we, Turnkeytown, fall in the second category. With a swarm of food delivery firms dropping in and making an appearance every now and then, you need to arm up with a thorough expert for taking up the mantle of creating a world-beating food delivery application that’ll overwhelm the competition and emerge as the market leader. Having done this consistently since our inception, our developers have augmented their expertise and honed their skills, waiting for the opportunity to make your application that numero-uno player in the online food delivery industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Grubhub clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call -+1 718 521 4600 You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.