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How Is The Gojek Clone App Different From Other On-Demand Multi-Services Apps?

On-demand apps have shown a profound change significantly during the pandemic. On-demand apps have invaded more users to buy products through online platforms, which will be delivered right at the customer’s doorstep. An app like Gojek provides door-to-door services bringing conveniences for the customer. The customers need not travel or walk around to buy the necessary products that they require. The Gojek clone app is constructed so that the customers can easily access and purchase any products.

The Gojek app is efficient and also a leading multi-service app providing a wide range of services for the customers. This is a feasible way for the users to access various services from being in a single app. The services provided in the Gojek app are Taxi services, delivery services, and other services too.

Definition of Door-Delivery Services

It is the right time to get away from the traditional way of shopping or buying any products at the grocery stores. During this pandemic, the on-demand services apps have gained popularity as there is no need for the customers to go out due to safety precautions. Instead of spending much time traveling and standing in the queue, you can provide an app like Gojek for a hustle-free shopping experience right at their doorsteps. The delivery offers a cozy life for the customers and leads to a stress-free life.

Gojek app is a multi-service app providing ample services starting from taxi service apps to delivering courier apps. Customers almost prefer multi-service apps for a feasible way of buying products and a boon to the small and large scale industries to develop their business. The Gojek clone app is recreated from the original app to provide a hustle-free shopping experience for the customers. The merchants need not worry about hiring delivery boys, which can be high in cost and massive chaos for their business. The Gojek app has its own fleet of delivery persons who will pick up the products from the respective stores and deliver them on time without any delay. Through this Gojek app, you will be able to gain more door delivery services which can definitely enrich your business in this online marketplace.

Statistics of Gojek Clone App

According to a statistical report published by Statista Research Development, the Gojek clone app has more than 29 million active users in the year 2021. It is expected to expand even more in contrast with other on-demand services. The customers, delivery agents, and merchants have felt more comfortable with this on-demand multi-service app like Gojek, and there is no doubt that it has gained more profit. The drivers have earned upto 20% of their income by installing digital advertisements on their motorcycles.

Benefits of Gojek App Clone

Doorstep Deliveries

Gojek Clone App offers a variety of delivery options for consumers. When the consumers enable a doorstep delivery, the ordered package will be delivered to the customer’s house at the scheduled time. Almost 75% of consumers prefer doorstep deliveries.

Contactless Deliveries

Contactless delivery is an in-built feature option where the consumer can select when buying a product. The products will arrive at the doorstep, and the delivery person will move 10 ft away after they ring the doorbell. In this way, there is not much chance of virus transmission. The on-demand delivery service app includes this feature as it has set a new trend in delivery products.


Although the Gojek app provides doorstep deliveries, they also offer “Takeaway” preferences. The users can order the products they need and pick them up from the store at the scheduled date and time. This can save a ton of time standing in a queue with zero human touches.

Curbside Deliveries

The curbside deliveries are available only for restaurants and grocery stores. A separate place is allotted at the curbside. The users can reach out to the place according to the time convenience and pick up their products.

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How Does The Gojek App Clone Serve Multiple Business Opportunities?


The budget for the clone app is lesser in number when compared to the Gojek app. The app developers provide a full code script within your budget. Thus it makes you start your own multi-service app within a few minutes.


In this day-to-day life, people who live in metropolitan cities are in dire need of utilizing four to five on-demand services apps, but with the Gojek app, consumers can easily buy products from a single app.

Felicitate Freelancers

Freelancers can update a portfolio about themselves to get a job in the respective services from the list. They will be able to choose their preferences and availability, like either full-time or part-time jobs. With many delivery fleet is an add-on advantage for growth in the business.

Advanced Features of Gojek Clone App

There are four panels separately for the users, service providers, delivery agents, and admin.

The customers can sign up/ create a profile using any social media platform in the user panel. According to its category, there are many services listed on the app and built with a user-friendly purpose where the consumer can search more effortlessly. The consumer has a feature of booking a product/service instantly or booking it for later delivery. There are multiple payment gateways such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, etc.

In the service provider app, they can toggle on and off according to their availability. The merchants can create a portfolio listing their services, making the customers seek immediately. The service provider and merchants can see their insights into the business to keep it growing and expanding. They can also look up to their service histories.

In the delivery agents app, they will view the pick-up and delivery products as soon as the customers order a product. There is also an in-built GPS tracking system.

In the admin panel, you can control all these panels. You can also add or remove any companies or services. You can fix a percentage for every order and receive your commissions. You can also provide offers and discounts to gain huge audience attraction. There are also analytical reports to keep track of your business.

Winding Up

The new changes are constant. A multi-service app like Gojek has set a new trend in buying the products. The consumers can buy efficiently and feasibly as it comes with an in-built User-friendly feature. In addition to delivering multiple services, you can also provide an excellent platform for freelancers and various merchants to enhance their business. You can launch a Gojek clone app instantly to provide a feasible way of home services and delivery services.

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