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Guide To Launch An On-Demand Handyman App Like Uber

In this busy world, calling for a handyman to do trivial jobs has always been a headache. Often, they don’t show up at the designated time or don’t carry out their jobs in the stipulated time frame, or are relatively lax in their approach. Sometimes it merely means that you will have to take some time out of your busy schedule and postpone some work to get the job done.

Mobile technology, too, has gone a long way in making these services a lot more accessible. These apps have simplified the job of acquiring the benefits of the handyman. A lot of people are currently using such apps for their jobs and are happier than ever. On-demand uber for Handyman app services are indeed the future, and to be a part of this business, start right away.

What is an On-demand Handyman App?

A handyman is an on-demand service provider app for people who are looking for instant help in their busy schedules. This app consists of ready handymen workers for each professional work. Once they select their problem listed in the app from anywhere and anytime, certain handymen will be assigned to complete the job.

Since the technology is snowballing and a handyman-like uber app is needed for day to day fixation of problems people experience. This app is used by ordinary people in various sectors. As more and more businesses started going online, the handyman business followed suit too.

Working Model of Handyman App like Uber :

The consumer can ask for any service specified on the app, be it handymen, electricians, plumbers, etc. The users are provided with a list of providers who have been rated and priced according to their experience and customer satisfaction index. Once you have selected a particular service provider, you will have to wait for affirmation from their side of the business.

Job role

If the provider has accepted your job, he arrives at the location specified with all the tools and supplies required for the job. He starts the job and enters the time of start & on the app. The hourly rate depends on the provider’s experience, availability, and distance covered to reach the location.

Once the provider has completed the job, he can stop the timer and generate the final bill, which is then shared with the customer. If the provider has bought any external tools based on the requirements, they can also be added as a part of the bill. Hence, the app simplifies the process of hiring people to do your job for your manifolds.

Benefits of Handyman App like Uber :

  1. The ease of hiring a handyman from anywhere and anytime to do the service.
  2. The app provides its users with real-time jobs and providers rather than some unworked links.
  3. There is no haggling or unnecessary conversations involved. They receive their payments in due time either by online payment or cash/card.
  4. The providers benefit from growing their business outside their local client base without much effort and advertisements.
  5. Handyman app comes equipped with useful security features for both the customer and the provider.
  6. It also has an emergency button on the app in case of a threat to either of them.
  7. Location features are accurately developed using google maps, and there won’t be any issues in navigating.

Features of Handyman App for users & providers :


The handyman app, like uber, has a list of options for each service and cost details along with it. Customers have the option to give reviews for the provider based on their job done.


The handyman app should have a secure payment transaction mode with all the industry-standard safety features. Also have various payment transaction modes like online payment, cash/card for customers.


The handyman app should be able to book a provider’s service; they feel good enough for their job. Bookings should be made useful, flexible, and communicative for both the customer and provider to have a smooth work experience.


The handyman app like Uber and its operation is based on trust and security. Ensure that the user’s and provider’s privacy, conversation, payment transaction, and location are secured.


A handyman app like uber needs to be stable so that users and providers feel comfortable using it. Ensure that they both don’t experience a crash while using the app since it can annoy them at times.

Features of Handyman App for Admin Panel :

Secure Login

It can be done with an authentication process to log into the admin dashboard securely.


It’s an on-demand app for starting the Handyman app business operations with key metrics and highlights.

Provider Management

Add and manage the service professionals involved in the network, their schedules, payment, feedback, etc.

Customer Management

Keep a record of all the users, their request status, feedback; the payment received, etc.

Promotion Management

The Handyman business owners will have the option to send promo offers and coupon codes through SMS, push notifications, and email channels to their customers.

Rate and Pricing Management

The rates need to be set for every service the handyman business wants to offer through the app. Manage the pricing settings based on the service type, distance, time taken, and other possible options. Generate an electronic bill based on the settings.

Reports and Analytics

The handyman business owners can get useful business insights based on app usage patterns and other valuable services.

How to launch a Handyman App like Uber?

To launch a Handyman app like uber, you can start from scratch, but you will be experiencing a lot of time, money, and effort based on mistakes made.

Instead, you can give the project to a development company and get your ready-made model within a couple of days at an affordable price.

Summing Up

The technology has boomed so well that everything is made available for the user from anywhere and anytime. This Handyman app is the right platform for entrepreneurs to invest in this business since it’s a growing field and necessary for users on a daily basis. You don’t need to doubt it because it’s going to be an intuitive solution for users when they need help for fixation. Also, providers can use this business for their growth apart from local client-based jobs. If you are interested in this Handyman app like Uber, then reach out to Turnkey Town for owning it since they have professional experience developing an on-demand multi-services app that suits your business needs at an affordable price.

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