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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs. These new emerging techs are taking the world by storm and people are going crazy over it. NFT games where people play and earn through them are one of the most preferred passive incomes celebrated by young people today. Ethereum-based blockchain game Ethermon is one game that is attracting all the NFT geeks out there.

With people crowding towards these blockchain-based games, NFT game development is trending among young entrepreneurs. Are you that ambitious blockchain enthusiast looking for an opportunity to launch an NFT game? Then the Ethermon clone is here to make your dreams come true. Here are the insights you need to know about developing an NFT game.

Why do people love NFT games?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs in the blockchain provide exclusive rights to digital assets. That is, if you own an NFT of a digital image, then you are the exclusive owner of that digital asset which is recorded on the blockchain. It is unchangeable and unhackable once recorded through smart contracts.

In games, players will use characters, accessories, and other tradable collections that can be minted into NFTs. In game-fi or game-finance, players can sell or buy these tradable gaming items to other players and they can earn a passive income out of it. There are also some games that offer a Play-to-earn model. The more they play the more they get rewards in these types of games. Ethermon is also such a game that helps users to earn through playing.

The first NFT game on Ethereum blockchain

Ethermon is the first-ever NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this, the players have to grow and train mons or monsters and take them to battle. The players can buy these ethermons either from the official store or from other players.
These mons have 6 attributes. They are

  • Health
  • Primary attack
  • Secondary attack
  • Primary defense
  • Secondary defense
  • Speed

Since every mon is unique in its own way, the rarity system will classify these mons into 5 categories. The rarity classification is leveled from common, uncommon, rare, legend to Mythic. There are only 10x mythic mons and it is considered the most expensive and powerful mon in the ecosystem. Ethermon offers two game modes one is Adventure mode and the other is player vs player auto-battle mode. These auto-battle tournaments can be played by the users in the browser directly. The mobile application for Ethermon is still under development.

How do people earn through Ethermon Clone?

The native token of Ethermon is EMON and players earn this token by playing the game. As mentioned earlier, it operates on a play-to-earn mechanism and offers rewards to the players depending on the time they spend playing with the mons. Here the players will play and earn MARK which is an in-game token or currency. The players can sell or burn these MARK tokens to get EMON tokens in return. They can either sell them in the marketplace or in the game. The players can buy Ethermons, accessories, equipment, or other asset packs through this EMON token.

Ethermon clone in Metaverse

Metaverse is the hot trend now with NFT games. Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where people can interact with each other through 3D avatars just like they do in the real world. Ethermon entered the metaverse through Decentraland.

Here the players can enjoy skill-based battles and new gameplay modes. The players have to visit some destined location to find and battle with other Ethermons. The game is slowly being expanded in Decentraland and people are excited to get NFTs and experience the metaverse together. In spite of other metaverse games, NFT games in the metaverse like Ethermon are getting the utmost attention.

Why should you launch your Ethermon Clone?

Ethermon clone is a white-label solution developed and tested by our experts and it is open to your innovation. That is, you can include new features, change the existing features and characteristics of the game and upscale it according to your need. With the increase in the application of blockchain technology, NFT game development is the one hot trend that people are preferring. Apart from blockchain, Metaverse technology is another hot trend among techno-geeks. Our Ethermon clone will bring blockchain and metaverse together.

Developing an NFT game from scratch might be time-consuming and requires lots of resources. Entrepreneurs find white-label solutions a better method to launch a decentralized platform on the blockchain. Though Ethermon is living in the Ethereum blockchain, you can build your NFT game like Ethermon on any blockchain network.

Why Us?

At TurnkeyTown we have skilled developers who have years of experience in NFT game and Blockchain development since its inception. We offer a transparent development process by protecting your ideation. We are experts in providing

  • Best user experience
  • Customization
  • AR/VR features
  • Affordable solutions
  • Round the clock support
  • Post-development marketing
  • Technical support

Key takeaway

This is the onset of blockchain and metaverse technology and this decade is going to see tremendous growth in technology with these two hand in hand. Games are always in trend and Game-fi is getting an overwhelming response from the pro gamers. It is the right time for you to get started with NFT game development.

NFT games on metaverse will be a futuristic approach. Be an early adopter of these emerging technologies by launching an Ethermon clone with us. Stuck in taking your first step in developing your first NFT game? Feel free to get in touch with our experts who are ready to guide you. We assure you to give you the best possible technical guidance from our side.

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