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Alien Worlds Clone: An Exclusive P2E Solution To Enter Metaverse!

Technological advancements have brought about a new gaming era. Play-to-earn games have turned the tables. Video games are starting to replace normal 9 to 5 jobs for many. This is a fantasy turned reality for gamers. Alien Worlds is a popular game loved and played by hundreds of thousands. It is a blockchain-based metaverse. Players earn in NFTs, converted or traded for real-time money. Players can mine the native token(TML), battle other explorers for possessions, or receive commissions from their virtual real estate sales. Alien Worlds Clone has become so popular that it is hard to believe that Alien Worlds came into the picture only by 2020. It is a Metaverse based game.

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse is nothing but a virtual world filled with real-life experiences and events. It is a cutting-edge technology for people to meet, interact, play games, conduct businesses, fashion shows, conferences, and much more. Virtual reality was named Metaverse by Neal Stephenson in 1922 in his book Snow Crash, where he writes about a virtual world called Metaverse filled with human avatars.

Alien Worlds Game Basics

The person engaged in Alien Worlds takes on the role of a space explorer like Captain Kirk in Star Trek. The game equips the player with mining tools to mine planets that they explore to find Trillium. Trillium is the game’s native cryptocurrency. The game is constructed so that it is easy for gamers to make a comfortable living just off this game.

The quantity of Trillium that a gamer mine depends on the planet he lands on, the land he chooses to mine, his tools, and his gameplay. Mining a piece of land could take anywhere from 2 seconds to 3 minutes again, depending on the aforementioned factors.

How to Play Alien Worlds?

  • Create a digital wallet with It is easy to create as all you need to do is link your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account to activate your wallet,
  • Sign up for the game and choose one of the two avatars on your desktop screen. A mobile version of this game is not available as of now and might not be for quite some time.
  • Choose a planet to mine! Your choice matters as the planet you choose determine the Trillium yield. You need to consider the amount of Trillium present in a planet(Mining pot), and the amount of time it takes to mine Trillium on that planet (Filtrate). Do not fret as at the start, it is pretty basic, and your choice won’t affect your earnings much.
  • Your options do not end there. You can also choose the type of land you want to mine and if you wish to mine the ground by yourself or let other players mine your land for a commission.
  • Last but not least, you need to choose your mining tools. The power of your mining tool determines the amount of Trillium or TML you can mine using it. Enough tools will have an NFT chance rate; this determines the chance at which one can find an NFT using that tool. The NFTs you can earn/find include artifacts, weapons, minions, lands, tools, and avatars.

All in one Guide to developing your Alien Worlds Clone

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Alien Worlds Clone Prospectus

Dapp Radar has marked Alien Worlds as the second most famous crypto-based play-to-earn game globally. According to Many labs, Alien Worlds gained 1.48M users over a mere 30 days in November 2021. The increase in users is double that of its competitor Axie Infinity which was 769k. Roughly the trade volume is 100 million dollars per day and keeps rising.

Many factors contribute to Alien Worlds’ rise to fame. Firstly they did not require a player to purchase NFTs or Cryptocurrencies to access the game. It was made completely free for anyone who wanted to play the game and have fun. They simplified the signup process. Users also had access to different blockchains, which yielded various fruits. On WAX planets, users were able to mine TML, whereas, on BSC planets, they could go on missions. They were able to store and access TML on Ethereum easily. This freedom has grabbed players’ attention and locked them onto the game. Alien Worlds Clone will also face a similar prospectus as its parent.

Aliens World Clone

Turnkey Town, as a pioneer turned leader for NFT marketplace development, will customize a play-to-earn NFT game that the whole world will play. Aliens World clone is a decentralized NFT and crypto-based gaming marketplace that will look and feel like Aliens World and perform better due to improved customizations. The perks of availing of an Aliens World Clone is that it is ready to use just like one the go meals. To prepare an instant meal, all we have to do is add hot water to it, i.e., our passion for the project. Turnkeytown hands your NFT game on a platter to you with our ready-to-launch solutions and customizable features such as avatars, cards, minions, land, weapons, and much more, all up to your preference.

Major Features of the Aliens World Clone Script Turnkey Town has come up with

We have developed the new and improved version of Aliens Worlds’ Clone. The vital features that make it possible are:

  1. Planet DAOs
    The game’s main concept is the various planets and the elections conducted therein. We will allow users to participate in elections weekly and distribute the treasures when a proposal is dismissed.
  2. Staking Trillium
    Of course, staking Trillium is allowed. This will facilitate the users to vote and increase their rewards in the pool.
  3. Gamecards
    Players use game cards to strategize their mining, fighting, and missions. We will inculcate highly useful and thought-provoking game cards.
  4. Cross-chain Bridging
    The cross-chain bridge that we have replicated on our Alien Worlds clone script will ensure smooth teleporting between WAX, BSC, and Ethereum.

Gaming Benefits of Our Alien Worlds Clone

  • Rarity
    The rarity of an NFT will state the price at which it trades. We will customize NFTs of different levels, namely Epic, Mythical, Legendary, and rare will be worth higher than that abundant and common NFTs
  • Land
    Our players can own land in the form of NFTs. They can choose to mine their land or let someone else do it for a commission.
  • Tools
    Mining tools play a major role in this game. We will formulate tools with peculiar characteristics that liven the game and increase the game spirit. These tools will vary in their strengths and weaknesses. The same can be said for weapons that space explorers will equip.
  • Avatars
    An avatar can make or break the pride of a gamer. We come up with unique avatars that will boost any player’s satisfaction. These are the game faces of an individual or the role he takes up.

Why develop an NFT marketplace/game like Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds has topped the Dapp games charts and comes second in the overall category for quite some time now. If your mind is not already blown away by the game’s features, benefits, and characteristics, then know that Alien Worlds is the most played blockchain-based NFT game. It is also the first NFT Metaverse on BSC.

Why partner with Turnkey Town to launch your Alien Worlds Clone?

We at Turnkey Town have already set the table and laid the groundwork for you. Partner with our army of blockchain specialists and watch your new NFT based play to earn games, explore new ventures, and skyrocket to success. We provide an all-in-all service for our client base, so you need not go elsewhere once you get on board. Take your seat on our spaceship, and we will take you on an adventurous yet smooth journey.

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