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Dominate The Ecommerce Industry With Your Very Own Amazon Clone App

The ecommerce business sector is currently the fastest growing undoubtedly. The ecommerce business segment is currently one of the most profitable business segments. Even the pandemic scenarios seem to be aiding this business segment, and online shopping and contactless shopping are becoming the new normal. This business segment has always been very dynamic, which has made it possible for them to tackle the external scenarios in order to sustain. 

Ecommerce business markets have always been very successful when it comes to functionalities and efficiencies; this market ensures providing the best services to the customers. As of now, 22% of the world’s population prefer online shopping, this number may seem relatively lesser, but in a broader sense, this number is humongous and unbelievable. This is one of the most successful businesses so far.

After analysing the amount of anticipation e commerce have, it has been made to access it more easily by the customers with the help of inducing technology in the business by bringing the ecommerce platform into the app trend. This way there will be more customers lined up to make use of the app and benefit out of it. There are many ecommerce apps in the market and one of the prominent one is the amazon app which has billions of customers worldwide.

Turnkeytown has developed an amazon clone script which helps the multiple vendors to enter into the digital commerce platform and also the customers to get access to the range of products projected by the vendors. This app helps the vendors to expand their business to a wider spectrum and the customers to get the products they need without a hustle.

Let us look at the steps involved to develop an amazon clone

How to develop an Amazon clone?

Step 1: choose the platform

When it comes to base, there are three options to create an app.

  • Native app- this app has only one platform and it is developed to support on either android system or iOS system.
  • Hybrid app- this app is created so that it can handle both android and iOS versions.
  • Web app- the apps functionality are created in a website that is used just like an app and it opens in a browser.

After selecting the platform, the technology to be implemented must be decided. The selected technology must be robust enough to support all the applications.

Step 2: list of features.

After determining the number of applications to be integrated in the app, the list of features are also decided and they are shortlisted on the motive to give the users a smooth experience.

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  • Easy user/ vendor registration.
  •  Advanced search bar and filters.
  •  Detailed menu.
  •  Easy payment system.
  •  Order history, wish list options.
  •  Offers, discounts and coupon codes.
  •  24/7 customer support.
  •  Easy tracking and constant updating of product status through mail or SMS.

Step 3: prototyping and final product

Before developing the app, the skeleton of the app should be created. It consists of text placements, buttons, pop-ups etc. skeleton gives the basic structure of the app and if it seems fine then the backend is programmed to complete the fully finished and functioning app.

Step 4: test run and fixing bugs.

Before launching into the market, there must be multiple tests like alpha test and beta tests to check the functionality of the program. If a bug is found then it is resolved immediately and again run for test. If it seems fine then the app is launched into the market.

App Package of Amazon clone script

Amazon clone script is not designed to hold any store or shops, it is just a platform that is offered for multiple vendors who can get better contact with their customers. The business model basically focuses on two parties: one is the vendor panel and the other is the user panel.

  •  Vendor panel: this app is used by the vendors. The vendors have to complete the registration process by furnishing the details of the type of business and the items to be hosted in the app. The vendor has to furnish other details regarding business and personal information for analysis and also give the bank details in which the payment should be deposited. Once all this procedure is done the vendor has to upload their product with image and text depictions along with the price details. These details will be displayed to the user when they search for this item.


  •  User panel: the user panel is the most crucial part of the panel. One must make sure everything is in place as customers are the core of a business and care must be taken to provide a smooth shopping experience. So for this, the user app is provided with a search filter that allows them to search the items they wish to purchase easily. After finding the product the user must find it easier to select the product and direct the same for the purchasing window. In the purchasing window, multiple payment methods are provided to have safe, secured and easy payment experience.


To enhance the credibility of the customers, various upgrades have to be implemented for a smooth shopping experience. Turnkeytown supports post-production bug fixes and upgrades as well to take the business to the next level. Investing in an amazon clone app development is the wise move to up the revenue.

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