How Does Developing An On-demand plumber service app Elevate Your Business?

How Does Developing An On-demand plumber service app Elevate Your Business?

When the whole lifestyle is consistently changing, why still follow the old-school method of seeking plumbers and other such service providers? The on-demand plumber service app is a one-stop solution that allows users to schedule an appointment with experienced plumbers in their locality. 

What Is The On-demand plumber app?

The Uber app is so versatile that its clone script is able to be used to develop various on-demand apps. One such app is the On-demand plumber app development. It consists of advanced features that allow the users to quickly find the right plumber in their area and get the service done. No more worrying about the broken taps or leaking pipes; with just a few clicks and swipes, enable your users to easily book an appointment with the plumber. 

The Uber for plumber app is completely customizable. Therefore you can modify your app as much as you want based on your business needs. The scalability of the app is vast, and so it can be expanded to a large extent in the near future when your business grows.

If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to getting into the on-demand service industry, the Uber for plumber app is the key to elevate your business. It is vital to understand how the app works before getting into the development process.

Workflow Of Uber For Plumber App: 

  • The users undergo a quick sign-up process by entering the required information.
  • Using an advanced search bar, users can search for the perfect service provider in the desired location.
  • Upon spotting a suitable service provider, the users can send a service request.
  • Based on the availability, the service provider can accept or reject the user’s service request.
  • For further queries, users can chat with the service provider via the app.
  • Upon successful booking, the users can track the plumber in real-time.
  • Multiple payment methods enable the users to choose their preferred mode for making payments.
  • Upon successful completion of the service, users can share their ratings and reviews about the service rendered.

Features Of The On-demand plumber app:

Any app is considered outstanding based on the features of the app that benefits the users. Thus it is crucial to add a few key features to your on-demand plumber service app to make your app gain users rapidly. 

While developing a plumber service app, it is necessary to develop three apps, each one for the customers, plumbers, and the admin panel. Each app consists of different features and functionalities. The admin panel is likely to be the heart of any app as it controls both the plumber and the customer app. The advanced dashboard available in the admin panel will allow you to control any activities occurring in both the apps and is responsible for all the verification of onboarding service providers.

Let’s explore the features of the Uber-like app for plumber from the Customer’s and plumber’s perspective.

Customer App Features: 

  • Schedule the service time: Based on the convenience and need, users can schedule a time with the service provider.
  • Push notifications: Users get continuous notifications about every activity occurring in the app and additional promotional notifications.
  • In-app chat/call: The users can directly contact the service provider upon successful booking.
  • Payments: Users can utilize any of the payment methods integrated with the app to pay the service provider.
  • Cost estimation: An approximate amount for the service can be calculated by the cost calculator. This can allow the users to gain a rough guess of the cost of the service. It may vary depending on the type of service and the ranking of the service provider.
  • Feedback: The customers have the absolute liberty to share their feedback about the service so that the upcoming users can gain knowledge about the service.

Uber for plumber app development features:

  • Plumber Profile: The plumbers can create a profile upon registration. They can enter a description that consists of details like name, location, contact number, years of experience, profile picture, etc. The app users can view the plumber profile.
  • Availability toggle: The service providers can fix their convenient working hours and use the availability toggle to display their availability to the users.
  • Accept/Reject request: The service providers can accept or reject the service requests of the users based on their availability.
  • In-app navigation: The in-built navigation tool directs the plumbers to the user’s location. This eliminates any miscommunication of address.
  • Money earned: To manage the finances, the app displays the amount earned by the service providers using the app. It can be viewed anytime by the plumber.

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How To Generate Money Using The Uber For Plumber App?

There are multiple ways to make your on-demand plumber app development a monetizing tool. Some of the common methods are discussed in the following passages,

  • Commission-based model:

This model is nothing but getting a commission on the fee of the service provider. When the service is over, the users pay the plumber via the app, of which a part of it goes to the app owner as a commission.

  • Subscription-based model:

The service providers have to subscribe to the app in order to exhibit their service. They ought to subscribe to the platform on a monthly or yearly basis. Upon successful subscription, they can begin their service via the app.

  • Advertisements:

Utilizing the banner space of your app to exhibit the advertisements of third parties is one of the effortless yet consistent ways to generate revenue. Every time a user clicks on the advertisement displayed in your app, money goes to the app owner.

On a concluding note,

In this fact-driven lifestyle, mobile phones are the savior for many. The on-demand service apps are the handiest and comfortable apps that ease the struggle of finding the right service provider. It is evident that getting your hands into Uber for plumber app development can never go wrong. Once your app gains a vast user base, you can easily expand the service options available in your app and make it a robust multi-service app in the future.

We at TurnkeyTown offer the best support throughout the development process and assist you in deploying your Uber-like app for plumber that has the potential to leverage your business and make a fortune out of it in no time.

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