Courier Delivery App Development

Courier App Development: Key Features, Benefits & How App Works

We live in a world where we can order anything from across the globe and get them delivered to the doorsteps within a few clicks. We have applications for everything to make things simple and easy. Courier service is one among them. So, how does this app aids users?

Courier delivery app automates the process of courier delivery via an app that manages and records all the details of the delivery. In the beginning, the courier service was only seen as a flow of raw materials and products. But now, with the emergence of on-demand apps, it features numerous functions enhancing the courier experience for the users.

As the demand for courier delivery app increases, it captivates the attention of many entrepreneurs to initiate courier app development for their business. If you’re one such entrepreneur who is willing to develop a courier app, there cannot be a better inspiration than the Uber model.

In this blog, we shall cover the aspects of courier app development that give your business a competitive advantage to grow in the market.

Adjectives That Define An App Like Uber For Courier

  • The app should provide a user-friendly experience to the users.
  • Multiple payment options to make transactions convenient and hassle-free.
  • Tracking features that enable the user to monitor fleets in real-time.
  • Deliver value-based services to the customers.
  • Effective management of the entire fleet.
  • Complete digital record of all the bookings and activities.
  • Must facilitate mobile invoicing, sales order, pricing details, report of sales, etc.
  • The app can function in both online and offline mode that favors users in the poor connectivity range.

How Does The App Work?

  • Users can enter the login credentials and sign up into the app.
  • After logging in, the app lists the available services. Users can select and make bookings for the service by giving the pickup and drop location details.
  • Furthermore, users can also give details about the parcel like package weight, dimensions, etc. that helps the company make arrangements and fix pricing accordingly.
  • The delivery person receives the booking request, and they can choose to accept or deny it as per their convenience. If a service provider denies the request, it is automatically diverted to the other delivery personnel.
  • The delivery provider picks up the parcel. After that, the users can track the location of their parcel until it reaches its destination.
  • Once the parcel reaches its destination, notifications are sent to the users. They can make payments for the service via the app.
  • At last, the users can give their feedback for the service in the app.

What Are The Benefits Of This App?

  • It enables seamless online booking of the parcel delivery service.
  • It provides a convenient way for users to keep an eye on their packages through real-time tracking features.
  • Since all the operations are online, it helps in hassle-free warehouse management, less paperwork, etc.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction which gains more loyal customers to the brand.
  • Reduces the cost by providing flexibility in carrying out the operations. For example, instead of hiring an in-house delivery team full-time, the owner can hire freelancers or individual workers to deliver the order.

How Do You Build A Uber For Courier App?

Developing an app might seem to be a complex process, but you can avoid the heck by adopting proper techniques. Here are the steps that you can follow to develop an app like Uber for courier.

  • Choosing an appropriate business model is the first step in launching any app-based startup. You can go for a model that satisfies the requirements and demands of your target audience.
  • Next is to draw out the requirements that include the geographical location of the delivery service, type of vehicles, features and functionalities to have in the app, etc. The list serves as a template for building your idea and bringing it to shape.
  • Finally, you can communicate them to the developer team to work on the technical part. It involves the front-end & back-end coding for the app, testing for bugs to ensure smooth operations, documentation of the project, etc.

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How To Improve The User-Friendliness Of Your App?

There are some of the core features to have in a Uber for courier app. These feature help users in acquiring the service with ease, thereby ensuring effective operations.

The app involves three interfaces. i.e., the customer app, courier delivery person panel, admin panel.

Customer App

Can contain all necessary features to help customers avail of the delivery service.

  • Sign-in can be made easy for the users by integrating with social media accounts. With that, users can simply tap on the existing social media accounts and register themselves on the app platform.
  • Track order by making use of the maps enables users to locate their parcels in real-time.
  • In-app chat bridges the communication gap between users and service providers. It allows users to contact the delivery person for any clarifications regarding the service and vice versa.
  • Integrated payment gateway that facilitates users to make payments for the service via the app itself.
  • Push notifications give updates to the users on important information such as discounts, offers, status of the order, etc.

Delivery Personnel Panel

Can include features that assist in the delivery of the order.

  • Profile management gives access to the delivery person to manage all their profile details.
  • Availability toggle to show the availability of the delivery person.
  • GPS tracking/directions that serve as a guide to reaching the destination for fulfilling the services.
  • Earnings feature enables to track the earnings for the completed service.

Admin Panel

Can have features to manage and control all the business processes.

  • Manage customer orders which gives details on the courier orders.
  • Automate workflow option increases the efficiency of operations of the delivery service.
  • Customer support feature to attend to the queries of the customer.

Wrapping Up,

Many businesses are focusing on improving their last-mile deliveries by employing the latest technologies to keep up with the trend. You, too, can enrich your delivery service with courier delivery app development now by teaming up with Turnkey Town. Call us and get a free demo.

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