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Attract billions of sports fans by launching a Bet365 Clone

Is there anything better than watching sports? People enjoy the action of their favourite players and teams. The adrenaline rush, edge-of-the-seat thrillers, one-sided victories, and strong comebacks take the viewing experience to the next level.

What is the meaning of sports betting and why is this industry booming?

Sports betting involves fans predicting the outcome of matches in different series and tournaments. The rewards and prizes depend on the performance of individual players and teams.

The global sports betting industry will grow by a value of $134 billion from 2021 to 2024. The betting habits of sports fans will grow by a high annual rate of 10% for the next 3 years.

Commercialization is one of the biggest reasons behind sports betting. This is because there are lots of lucrative leagues emerging across the world.

Positive factors like availability of bonuses and promotions, better Internet connectivity, data analytics, and a rise in smartphone usage will boost the revenue of the online sports betting sector. Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America are the top 3 regions where there will be a high level of sports betting.

What is the meaning of a Bet365 clone?

Bet365 Clone App is a customized online sports betting platform offered by Turnkey Town. It contains all the features and functionalities of Bet365, a popular British digital gambling app.

Currently, Bet365 is the largest sports betting platform in the world. It has dominated the market for more than 2 decades.

Did you know?

Denise Coates, the CEO, and founder of Bet365 bought its domain name for $25,000 from the eBay e-commerce platform in 2000. Initially, it had 15 brick-and-mortar retail stores in Stoke-on-Trent, a city in England.

The Bet365 online gambling platform has more than 63 million users from a whopping 150 countries. It accepts 25 different payment methods and can be accessed by sports fans in 20 languages. The private company also has offices in Gibraltar and Malta. It offers affiliates a flat 30% commission if their referrals use any products like Bet365 (live casino, online gaming, and poker).

Our talented development team creates user-friendly Android and iOS apps, a modern web panel, and a robust admin dashboard as part of the Bet365 clone. More importantly, the digital sports betting app is cross-platform compatible, offers multilingual technical support, and works 24×7.

What are the various sports available for betting in an app like Bet365?

Our tailor-made Bet365 clone suits the different interests and tastes of sports fans across the globe. Fans can bet on American football, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, Formula 1, golf, hockey, horse racing, motorsports, soccer, snooker, rugby, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball.

Moreover, they receive real-time updates about daily matches, names of players, scores, and upcoming tournaments. Hence, they can make the best decision based on the build-up to a particular contest and the current form of players.

What are the fabulous features of our Bet365 Clone?

Availability of lucrative offers –

Owners of an app like Bet365 can incentivize fans with cashback, coupons, and offers. In particular, you can consider issuing refunds if a popular football player is substituted before halftime or if it is a 0-0 draw. Users will receive either Bet credit points or cash.

Flexible deposits and withdrawals –

Sports betting can be done effortlessly by any fan irrespective of their economic status. Entrepreneurs like you should fix minimum and maximum amounts for processing deposits.

Generally, our awesome app like Bet365 accepts deposits from users through AstroPay, Mastercard, net banking, Neteller e-money, PhonePe, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), Skrill virtual wallet, Visa, and wire transfers.

Fans can transfer money instantly and also get a copy of their transaction history. Our Bet365 clone offers multi-currency support. This ensures a high level of convenience. Accordingly, withdrawals can be executed for free by the members.

Form and Stats section –

For instance, sports enthusiasts can directly view the statistics of their favourite players and teams. Hence, users will know what are the likely chances of a player hitting a goal in football or scoring a century in cricket. Therefore, they can make smart decisions based on their instincts.

An integrated affiliate program –

Die-hard sports fans can register themselves as affiliates on our app like Bet365. They will receive a commission for every successful referral. The referred persons will have to actively use Bet365 (Bingo, Casino, and Poker).

Affiliates get benefits like event-

based landing pages, geolocation banners, real-time access to performance reports, timely payments, and sharing of information related to government laws and industry regulations.

They can view comprehensive data about active users, commission, live odds, new depositors, number of clicks, sign-ups, total traffic, and value of deposits. Further, sports fans receive dedicated support from an account manager to resolve disputes.

Responsible Gambling disclaimer –

Not everyone can get rewards by indulging in sports betting. In case of a big upset in a certain match, players may lose significant amounts of money. Hence, they can take steps to avoid such situations by gambling responsibly. Our Bet365 gives more priority to the safety of fans.

We share instant alerts related to their daily activity and deposit limits (per hour and per day). Users can also press the time-out option to stop gambling when they are losing badly. Our app like Bet365 does not allow bets from minors (under the age of 18).

What is the cost of creating an amazing Bet365 Clone?

The total budget of Bet365 like sports betting app development depends on numerous factors. It mainly depends on factors like hourly charges paid to the mobile app developers, multi-platform compatibility, kind of basic and premium features, the time allotted, and the type of tech stack.

Further, we provide premium post-deployment services. Techpreneurs like you can avail of bug fixing, digital marketing, maintenance, software updates, and third-party API integration.

Wrapping Up

Above all, Bet365 is the leader of the online sports betting revolution. Importantly, it has to take more safety measures to prevent gambling addiction among users.

Data analysis is an important reason for Bet365’s success in the industry as it collects information from more than 100,000 sports tournaments across the world. It also earned a profit of more than $1 billion in December 2019.

In-play betting is the biggest Unique Selling Point (USP) of the Bet365 platform. Customers will place bets depending on the action that takes place per minute. They can also change their offers every 10 minutes.

Hence, make a breakthrough in the digital sports betting sector by getting our game-changing Sports betting app like Bet365. We assure you of a rapid rise in registration from users, revenue, and traffic.

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