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Zocdoc Clone
White-Label Doctor Appointment Booking Solution

Plunge into the most sought-after Telemedicine silo with a stellar Zocdoc clone that transforms the entire process of booking a doctor's appointment and virtual consultation with inherent ease. A maverick solution for medical professionals and health agencies. Robust, resilient, and supremely secure!

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Zocdoc Clone - Launch a Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc today!

Who is willing to fritter away their precious time, sitting in the clinic’s lounge, and waiting for your turn that may jump onto the next day? We bet no one! The emergence of Telemedicine apps has transfigured the doctor appointment booking experience, as we all know. With the capacity to secure an appointment in less than a couple of minutes and exert themselves with teleconsultation, apps like Zocdoc have sustained massive reception among users.

So what’s stopping you from foraying into this remunerative silo that possesses a literally global user base? Rise above the ordinary with Turnkeytown’s Zocdoc clone - an avant-garde on-demand telemedicine application that’s suffused with headlining features that swiftly lets users book appointments, consult doctors through teleconferencing, upload their medical reports, and receive prescriptions from the nearest pharmacy. Agility is the word!
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Key Features of Zocdoc Clone Script

Schedule/Manage Appointments

Besides the ability to book appointments in a jiffy, the users can also schedule appointments at their convenience and access the entire history of appointments made with the app.

End-to-End Encryption

Be it patient data or consultation through chatting, every single byte of data is exceptionally encrypted, superimposing the Zocdoc clone’s unassailability. A rivetingly reliable solution!

Video Consultations

Accredit your users to connect with medical professionals in real-time through the video-conferencing suite of tools embedded in the Zocdoc clone.

EMR Integration

Enrich the consultation process with the ability to securely store and retrieve patient’s medical records and reports by concatenating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in the app.


Suffuse an overtone of ease by sending your users with accurate and immutable electronic prescriptions that could be sent to the nearest pharmacy and get delivered at their doorsteps.

HIPAA Compliance

Steer forward your business operations without any constraints as the Zocdoc clone is developed religiously adhering to the requirements and regulations of HIPAA.

Integrated Billing

The whole gamut of billing processes is now a cakewalk, owing to the capacity to pay through a multitude of payment options incorporated in the Zocdoc clone application.

Telemedicine App Development Solutions
We Provide with Zocdoc Clone

Various Consultation Modes Available in Your Zocdoc Clone

  • Text Consultation

    Brimming with the streamlined essence of text-based communication, the Zocdoc clone entitles patients to banish away their doubts and queries by asking questions to certified medical practitioners. Convenience at its best!

  • Video Consultation

    Allow no place for misconceptions and miscommunications by facilitating real-time virtual consultations through video-conferencing. Made possible by a superlative suite of built-in teleconsultation tools.

  • Voice Consultation

    Do away with staggering network requirements and charges by empowering your users to connect with doctors through phone calls. A perfect consultation solution that’s devoid of constraints caused by network and connectivity issues.

Benefits of Doctor Video Consultation App Like Zocdoc

Effective Healthcare Management

With the capacity to connect and consult with physicians in a matter of minutes, there are no more delays in appointments and follow-ups. Pronounced and personalized care is a possibility!

Accessible to Remote Areas

Transcending the conventional geographical and time constraints, the Zocdoc clone enables the availability of high-quality medical attention to the population living in remote locations.

Secure Record Storage

Eliminating the need to store diverse iterations of medical records manually, the Zocdoc clone’s EMR integration clears the way for invulnerable electronic storage and transfer in the cloud.

Proficient Time Management

Severing out the stress of medical professionals, the Zocdoc clone enables doctors to deliberately schedule their appointments so as to strike a balance between professional and personal life.

Real-Time Health Monitoring

Doctors can keep track of patients' health status remotely, eliminating the need to travel all over to the clinic/hospital. Coupled with live consultation, the Zocdoc clone comes as a boon to the medical vertical.

Workflow of Our Zocdoc Clone

Step 1:

User Registration

Users can instantly avail of the services by registering by entering relevant contact and medical details.

Step 2:

Search Doctors

Users can browse the physician profiles available through various filters and sorting options.

Step 3:

Book Appointments

Upon selecting a doctor who fits the needs, users can book an appointment mentioning the consulting date and time.

Step 4:

Video Consultation

Through the video-conferencing option, the user interacts with the doctor, who can prescribe treatments and medicines.

Step 5:

Make Payments

At the completion of the virtual consultation session, users can pay through the available payment options through integrated billing.

Our Zocdoc Clone Package

A fully-loaded telemedicine package, laden with terrific features and functionality.

  • Patient iOS App

  • Patient Android App

  • Patient Web Panel

  • Main Website

  • Doctor iOS App

  • Doctor Android App

  • Doctor Web Panel

  • Admin Web Panel

Features of Zocdoc Clone Script

Swift Registration

Patients can promptly avail the teleconsultation service by entering their email address/phone number and upload relevant medical records.

View Doctor's Profile

The entire spectrum of details of the physicians, such as their qualifications, experience, expertise, ratings, etc., can be accessed by the patients.

Book Appointments

Based on the doctor's availability, patients can place an appointment request with essential information such as date, time, and session.

Audio/Video Consultation

Patients can unobstructedly connect with the medical practitioner through audio calling or cloud-based, high-definition video-conferencing. This way, they can receive medical advice and prescriptions.

Consultation History

The consolidated report of the history of past appointments and reports can be limitlessly accessed by the patients besides the allied transactional records.

Review and Ratings

Patients can express the genuine and constructive criticism of their medical session through the exclusive ratings and review field.

Hasslefree Onboarding

Medical practitioners can kickstart their services by entering email address/phone number or their smart credentials.

Appointments Management

Doctors are aided by a dashboard that enables them to schedule appointments as per their convenience and preferences coupled with the entire list of patients and their details.

Availability Toggle

With the magnanimity of the calendar integration, the doctors can willingly accept/reject appointment requests and flag their availability through the touch of a button.

Push Notifications

In the view of concording to unceasing medical service and support, the doctors are edified with periodical reminders of their forthcoming appointments through push notifications.

Share Prescriptions

Doctors are entitled to recommended ingrained treatment plans and dietary suggestions in conjunction with the capacity to share electronic medical prescriptions.

Answer Patient Queries

Medical practitioners can express their holistic medical support by answering the varied questions and inquiries related to treatments and medications in a secured in-app chat feature.

Centralized Dashboard

With a wall-to-wall view over the entire proceedings of the Zocdoc clone, admins can effortlessly manage the execution elements of the platform.

Manage Patients

Admins have unwavering access to the data of the patients' registered profiles in its entirety and can willingly export it for quality assessment.

Manage Doctors

A sweeping retrieval and management of the status of medical practitioners available in the Zocdoc app is now a piece of cake to the admin.

Manage Appointments

Admins can readily view and accept/reject/block any of the appointment requests made by the users. The respective transactional details of completed appointments are also available.

Manage Earnings

The numbers that matter the most- total revenue, total profit, percentage of profitability, and financial health can be monitored and scrutinized effectively by the admins.

Advanced Analytics

Admins are drenched in insights deduced from the visually appealing analytical reports generated by cruising through the massive chunk of operational data available in the app.

Consultation Recording

The live video medical consultation session can be recorded entirely by the deployment of internal tools. This way, the sensible recommendations made by the doctors can be preserved.

Prescription Tracker

Brining in a systematic flavor, the tracker accredits and reminds patients of the medications required to be taken as prescribed by the medical practitioners.

Treatment Notes

The progress of the treatment can be trailed by mentioning various observations, inferences, and references in the treatment notes section, along with the video sessions.

DigiHealth Records

The medical records imperative to assess and diagnose patients can be securely stored and accessed by the doctors and admin through the EMR feature.

Multi-User Chat

Exclusive channels pertaining to the discussion of medical conditions and their treatment are available to doctors and patients alike.

Patient Feeds

A powerful dashboard with an all-encompassing view of the appointments, treatment progress, follow-up schedule, medications to be taken, etc., are available to the patients.


Pharmacy Database

Assorting the whole spectrum of medicine requirements of individual patients, the Pharmacy database is a one-stop solution for accessing and recommending prescriptions.

EHR Integration

Doctors can intrinsically record video consultations proceedings, document the progress, and electronically store and transfer them to the patients’ unified health records.

Chatbot Integration

Powered by the intuitive deployment of AI, smart chatbots can be devised to assist the patients by providing an initial diagnosis of their symptoms besides retorting to commonly asked questions.

Wearable Technology

Mobilizing the advancements in IoT, inventive health devices can be cogitated to promote seamless remote monitoring, besides revitalizing the fitness industry with accuracy and precision.


What’s better than securing the immensely sensible patient records with blockchain technology! Our in-house experts crank up the sense of salient security by harnessing the crypto networks' unassailability.

Revenue Model of Zocdoc Clone

Subscription Fee

The primary revenue stream of the Zocdoc clone wherein patients need to pay a subscription fee on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis for availing the services of the application such as appointment booking and virtual consultations.

Sponsored Fee

Taking a cue from the popular ecommerce ecosystem, this mandates doctors to pay a substantial fee in the exchange of listing them at the sponsored post column. A win-win situation for both ends!

Promotional Fee

The app’s inherent ad spaces, such as banners, can be leased out for a handsome charge for the purpose of third-party advertising and also by integrating Google Ads service into the Zocdoc clone.
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Our Process of Telemedicine App Development


Requirement Analysis

Our crew of graceful customer relationship executives joins forces with you to deduce your extended expectations, requirements, needs, and a holistic app vision.



After signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we proffer you with a full-fledged planner with precisely defined app development milestones and deliverables.


UI/UX Design

Our maverick designers spill out their creative artistry to mold up various iterations of user interfaces, which is preceded by diligent wireframing of every single app screen.



Zocdoc clone is coded out in its entirety by bending some of the most exciting technologies available to deliver a stupendous and sturdy backend functionality.


Quality Assessment

Our bunch of quality engineers subject the Zocdoc clone into a range of stringent testing techniques to knock out the presence of bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities of any kind.



We take up the mantle of submitting your application in major app platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store in addition to installing it in your server.

Why Choose Turnkeytown?

HIPAA Compliance

At Turnkeytown, we have celestially integrated the stringent guidelines and regulations of HIPAA in the development process of our Zocdoc clone, making it a perfectly legitimate solution.

Multi-Payment Options

We inculcate the Zocdoc app with an array of most widely used payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, PayPal, and even an exclusive mobile wallet.

Timely Delivery

Our ingrained approach of app development bestows us with the ability to deliver the application on or before the mutually agreed deadline every single time.


Rebranding has never been this straightforward as the Zocdoc clone can be tweaked with your unique business identity elements like brand name, logo, etc.

360° Support

Right from conception to post-deployment, we entitle our clients with an unwavering sense of assistance at every possible opportunity and available support silos.

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Pricing of Our White-label Zocdoc Clone App

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with iOS & Android App

Hire our Telemedicine App Developer

Turnkeytown’s mission and vision have been crystal clear from day one to ramp up the arsenal of dreamers who dare to change the world. This is reflected in our prestigious bandwagon of clone scripts and applications, with the Zocdoc clone being the latest addition. Our master developers possess impeccable industry experience in conjunction with their technical expertise. If anyone could confer you with a world-class telemedicine solution, it must be our in-house developers. All now that is required is massive action!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Zocdoc clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call -+1 718 521 4600.