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Get An Enthusiastic Reception By Launching A Robust White-Label Grocery Delivery App

The on-demand industry is on an unimaginable rise as people are adapting themselves to a lifestyle of getting all their services at their doorstep with few taps. Grocery delivery is one such on-demand business with utmost importance as it is a day-to-day necessity. As an entrepreneur, it is time you set your foot into the digital world and fill your pockets by launching your Grocery Delivery App.

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Develop An On-Demand Grocery Delivery Clone App

If you are someone believing that people are still comfortable with preparing a grocery list and walking to the nearby grocery store and carrying back all of it, then it's your time to . This is because today, people have adapted to busy lifestyles and expect all their services to be at their doorsteps. As an entrepreneur, you do not have to disappoint them; instead, surprise them with added comfort.

Hand them a Grocery Delivery App Solution by which they can order all their groceries for the month in just a few taps and get it delivered in an hour. You can also attract them by offering many more alluring offers, discounts and cashback. Times are changing, and on-demand grocery delivery is on a surge. Leverage it and add some money to your pocket. But first, launch a Grocery Delivery App. Connect with us for the best grocery clone app solution in the town.
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What is White-label Grocery Delivery App?

White-label Grocery Delivery App is an on-demand grocery delivery script built to start a new venture or scale up an existing grocery business. It helps customers purchase all their groceries in a single place. This relieves the customer of the burden of walking down the streets and carrying back all their groceries. Develop a Grocery Delivery App with us and allow your customers to be at comfort while you pick up and deliver all groceries for them.
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Must-Have Features Of On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Clone

User Registration

Avail your users with an effortless registration process. The user signs up with grocery delivery app clone by using any of their social credentials, contact number or email address.

Grocery Feed

The grocery feed enlists the various groceries a user would want to purchase for their day to day needs.


The grocery delivery app comes along with multiple payment options for the user like credit/debit card, P2P transaction apps, e-wallets, or cash.

Schedule Orders

The users may not be available at their place at the time of delivery, the app suggests. To avoid such confusions, the user can schedule the delivery at their convenience.

Track Orders

The status of the delivery of the order placed by the user can be tracked by the user in real-time.

Push Notification

Notify the users of all the latest offers, discounts, updates in the app, and more.

Our Grocery Clone App Solution
For Divergent Business Models

Our White-label Grocery Delivery App are customizable solutions that suit diverse business models. Have a glance at a few of them.

Farm To Home Delivery

Deliver the best organic groceries directly from the farm to your customers home. Avail your users with an app to order fresh vegetables, fruits, egg, meat, etc., directly from your farm. By building this app, you no more have to depend on the middle-men or the grocery shops. You can connect with your customers directly. Organic food awareness is also at its peak. Customers would flock to the app to purchase organic foods directly from the farm.

Aggregated Grocery Delivery App

An aggregated grocery delivery app is an app with numerous grocery stores partnered with it. Let the users purchase groceries from their favourite store, and you get it picked up and delivered to the user. By launching an app, you can earn commissions from the grocery store owners for every order they get using your app. If you are an entrepreneur taken over by the aggregator model approach, then grocery delivery is one commendable business you should look into.

Ecommerce Delivery App

Most of the renowned ecommerce delivery apps like Amazon and Flipkart have added groceries to their list. This is because of the rise in demand for groceries to be delivered at homes. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a complete ecommerce app along with grocery delivery services, you can contact us, and we can help you build one in a short span of time, so you can start earning quickly.

Individual Supermarket Delivery App

If you are a supermarket business owner who has foreseen the impact of online presence in a business and is planning to scale up your business online by launching an on-demand grocery delivery app this is the right time. Firstly it is a wise idea to do so, secondly, connect with us and avail a robust app that resonates with your supermarket’s brand for a nominal price and a short span of time.

Inform Yourself About The Easy-To-Understand Workflow
Of Our White-Label Grocery Delivery Clone App

We have developed our on-demand grocery delivery app in a way that everyone understands its workflow, and thus our clients could cherish a vast customer base.

Step 1:

The user signs up to the app using any of their social credentials.

Step 2:

The user sets up their profile by entering their address, credit/debit card details, and more.

Step 3:

They scroll through the feed to select the goods they want to purchase.

Step 4:

The goods to be purchased are added to the cart.

Step 5:

Once all the products to be checked out are added to the cart, the user initiates the payment.

Step 6:

Payment is made by using any one of the payment options in the app.

Step 7:

The user confirms the address to be delivered is the same as the one mentioned in their profile.

Step 8:

Order is placed by the user.

Step 9:

The admin redirects the order to a store owner.

Step 10:

The order is confirmed by the store owner.

Step 11:

Now, the user is updated with the status and the approximate time for delivery of the groceries.

Step 12:

Delivery partners pick up the goods from the store and deliver them to the customer.

What Do You Get With Our White-Label Grocery Delivery App Clone Development?

We offer you the best solution in town.

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Store Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

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Salient Features Of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Clone App

Search Option

The user can enter the product they need to purchase in the search box to get it showcased instantly instead of scrolling through the feed.

Real-Time Tracking

The live location of the delivery person can be tracked by the user. This assists them to be updated on the status of their delivery and the time of arrival.

Multi-Store Products

The customer is presented with products from multiple stores. This allows them to choose from a wide variety of products.

Add To Cart

The cart option is like the bag where the customer places all the products they want to buy, and once they have added all the products, they can place the order and checkout whenever they wish to.

Order History

The users can view the products along with the pricing they had purchased in the past. This can help them to keep track of their budget on grocery.

Offers And Promos

The customer app is embedded with banners of offers and discounts on various occasions to motivate them to make more purchases using the app.

Multilingual Support

In case of any support, the user can speak to the support team of their own native language to ensure they convey their issues in a more clear way and also get them resolved.

Rating and Review

The user can write a review on the quality of the products and service provided to them, and they can also rate it.

Availability Toggle

The delivery person is provided with an availability toggle switch using which they can get online or offline with just a tap.

Accept/Reject Orders

There is no compulsion that every order must be accepted by the delivery person. In case of any inconvenience, they can reject the orders.

Order Information

A detailed list of the items to be picked up and delivered is presented to the delivery person so that they don’t misplace or miss any items.

Track Earnings

The amount earned on every order is updated in this feature allowing the delivery person to be aware of the total earnings he/she has made so far by getting on board with the app.


The delivery person is offered an in-app navigation feature using which they can navigate to the stores and the customer’s place without any confusion.


A store gets onboard with the app by submitting documents of proof of their store. The admin verifies the authenticity of the documents and onboarding them.

Manage Orders

The store manager receives the order placed by the customer. He/She then gets the order ready for dispatch.

Stock Update

An update on the stock of goods available in the store must be updated by the Store Manager. This is done to prevent assigning orders to the store on out-of-stock products.

Manage Product List

The Store Manager updates the list of products they have in their store along with photos in the app.

Manage Inventory

The inventory and the price update can be managed by the store manager using a single dashboard.


The earnings made by the store using the grocery app can be tracked by the store manager here.

Manage Grocery Store

The admin verifies the documents submitted by the store manager and onboards them with the app using the admin panel. They can also remove them if their products have been continuously receiving bad reviews.

Manage Delivery Person

The delivery personnel are brought on board and managed by the admin using the admin panel. Assigning a job to a delivery person is also one of the many admin’s roles.

Manage Users

Numerous users sign-up with your app. All these user data is managed by the admin using the all-in-one admin panel.

Manage Commission

The user makes the payment for the purchase to you using digital payments. A commission is deducted from the total amount, and the balance amount is transferred to the store owner’s account.

Delivery Person Payout

The payment to the delivery person for every delivery they accomplish is kept track of, and payouts are done on a regular basis using the admin panel.


Set boundaries using the geofencing feature and allow delivery persons to deliver orders in their zones.

Call Masking

This is a feature that is enabled to secure user’s contact from being shared. While the user calls the delivery person, the user’s number is masked and not shared with the delivery person.

Multiple Currency

You can launch your on-demand grocery delivery business global wide in a shot with us. The multiple currency feature allows you to receive payments in different currencies.

Heat Map

This feature allows you to be informed on the areas with more orders and where the business is hot.

Order For Others

The user can place orders for their friends or family members and share the details of the order with them.

VoIP Calls

By enabling this feature, the calls made by the user are not made from their phone network but through the VoIP software.

Monetize Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business

Any business needs to plan on a revenue stream in order to grow. We can insight you with some of the monetization methods for an on-demand grocery delivery app.

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Clone Solution
Commission Fee

You can charge a commission fee on every order assigned to a store. This is charged as the app acts as an aggregator to their business.

In-App Advertising

Grocery delivery can pull in huge traffic. Leverage this traffic and allow third party businesses to post ads in your app by paying an advertising fee.

Transaction Fee

A transaction fee can be charged to the payment gateway on every transaction made through your app.

Delivery Charges

A delivery fee is charged by every customer. This can sum upto a considerable revenue.

Unique Futuristic Services You Can Add To Grocery Delivery Clone App Solution

It is always great to offer unique futuristic features in your business. It puts you at the top of your competitors effortlessly. Check on some of the futuristic features that can be added to a grocery delivery service.

Drones For Delivery
Contactless delivery is the new reform in the delivery business post-pandemic. Although businesses claim to provide contactless delivery services deep down, we all believe it is not completely possible with a delivery person. Using drones for delivery in the future, as many conglomerates like Amazon are already planning on it. Offer your customers drone delivery and let them feel safe in these difficult times.
In-Store Pickup
People who can stop by to pick up their orders from the store and who are reluctant to have a delivery person get their groceries delivered considering safety issues can opt for this. They can order and pay using the mobile app and pick it up from the store at their convenient time.
Artificial Intelligence In Quality Check
Get all your products out for delivery checked for quality using artificial intelligence. This would avail your customers to be sure that the groceries are of good quality.
Product Comparison
Allow your customers to compare the prices offered by different stores so they can shop for the best price on the platform.

Our Efficient On-Demand Grocery Delivery Script Development Process


In-Depth Analysis

We have a meeting with you either virtually or directly to understand your business model and the audience you target in order to develop an app that truly assists your business.



Now, as we know your business requirements, we start planning in advance to develop a robust app ahead of the time of delivery.


Alluring Design

Our team of front-end developers and designers come up with a design that resonates with your brand ideology in the colour palettes of your logo and also pleasing to your audience.


Back-End Development

The highly experienced on-demand delivery app developers present you with an app that performs exactly what you requested.


Testing and QA

Numerous tests are run at every stage of development to ensure the app is bug or glitch-free.



The seamlessly performing app is presented to you, and on your acceptance, it is deployed on Android and iOS platforms.

Know Why TurnkeyTown Is Impeccable
In Grocery Delivery Clone App Development?

  • White-Label Solution

    We offer you 100% customization facilities making your app look like one built from scratch. We also ensure in every step of the White-label Grocery Delivery App development that your app resonates with your brand value and is pleasing to your target audience.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    The grocery delivery business is at a surge to make sure to join the race as soon as possible to leverage the maximum benefits. Our White-label Grocery Delivery App is one solution that will get you on the race instantly for a nominal price.

  • Diverse-Business Model Solutions

    We do not confine ourselves to a specific business model. Instead, we develop an app that scales up your business.

  • Third-Party Plug-ins

    We enhance your app with numerous third-party plug-ins like inventory management solutions, logistics management, and more.

  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

    We are always into the latest and cutting edge technologies when it comes to developing an app.

  • Multi-Lingual

    We embed our app with multiple languages so that you don’t lose a business with language as a barrier.

Technology Stack

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The answer is simple. As a store located in a specific location, all your customers will be confined to your location. But by launching an app, you can tap on your nearby locations and maybe farther too. Signing up more customers to your app is obviously more money to your pocket.
Definitely an affordable and nominal price. The cost of an app depends solely on the customizations you require. So give us a call and tell us your requirements to get a quote in your mail the next minute.
Our White-label Grocery Delivery App is a ready-to-launch script. Once you are on board with us, the customizations you require are done and delivered to you in no time.
We know how much a business idea matters to an entrepreneur. So we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you ensuring your idea does not leave our doors.
Of course. We provide free support even after the deployment of the app for a certain period of time. Later our service comes with a small fee.