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Venmo Clone

Launch a P2P payment app like Venmo today!

Making payments or transactions has been a long and tiring process all these days. With the introduction of p2p transaction apps, the table has turned upside down. Our Venmo clone is a peer to peer transaction app that is embedded with the most advanced features for a payment app. Join us and launch your payment app and start earning from the first day.

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Venmo Clone - Launch a P2P Digital Payment App

The days of waiting in a queue and filing receipts, and receiving the withdrawal amount have long gone. You now just need a smartphone, an internet connection, and a digital payment app, and you can transfer your money to anyone in just a few seconds. This is due to the rise of P2P transaction apps. These apps are now a part of our lives. Venmo is a payment app that has been a huge success and acquired by PayPal.

Our Venmo clone is an app that comes with features and functionality similar to the Venmo app. It is a peer-to-peer payment app that helps fast and secure transactions. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner planning to set your feet in the fintech world, Join us, and we would help you take the first step by launching the Venmo clone app.
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Learn about the Cornerstone Features of Our Venmo Clone App

Transfer Money

The most prominent feature of our Venmo clone app is to transfer an amount from one person’s account to another directly by eliminating a third party.

Access Contacts

The contacts of the user have to be accessed so that the user can simply select the contact and send the amount instantly.

In-App Wallet

The Venmo clone app comes with an in-app wallet, and the user can transfer the amount from their bank account to the wallet. This helps the user to make swift payments instead of waiting for the bank server to respond to every payment.

Generate an Invoice

An invoice with complete details of a transaction is generated for every transaction done via the app.

Transaction History

The history of all the transactions made by the user through the app is recorded for future reference of the user.

Push Notifications

The user is notified of the real-time status of the transactions made. The amount debited, the contact to whom it is sent, and more are notified.

What is Venmo Clone?

Venmo clone app is the ready-to-launch white label solution of a peer-to-peer payment app similar to the world-renowned Venmo app. It is embedded with the features and UI of Venmo, as Venmo has been showing constant growth in the past years and making it the most favourite payment app for the users. This user-friendliness has been integrated into our Venmo clone without any disruptions. Are you someone aspiring to take a leap into the fintech industry?Then our Venmo clone is your parachute.
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Sociable Payment App
The Uniqueness of Venmo Clone App

The Millennials have made themselves addicted to sharing their social life with the public with the rise of social media apps. It is now more of a habit than just entertainment. Venmo chose to offer them this inherent property in a payment app. Therefore it embedded a feature to share the transactions made by users with their friends and also comment and react to it. Venmo added a tinge of entertainment to the normal payment app and swept off the millennial crowd along with it. Our Venmo clone is also not just another payment app but a sociable payment app. It can be customized as per the client’s needs making it a more entertaining and robust platform for payments. Planning to venture into the fintech industry with an added tinge of your creativity. Join us today and lead the fintech industry right from tomorrow!

Our Distinctive P2P Payment App Solutions

Standalone Services

These are P2P platforms that come along with a wallet facility. It allows users to store money in the wallet of the app or transact with their friends or family. All the user has to do is integrate their debit/credit card or bank account details in the app. PayPal and Venmo are popular examples of standalone or discrete payment services.

Bank-Centric Services

Today, most banks have come forward with their own online payment apps to ease the transaction process of their customers. In this type of service, every transaction involves the bank, and there is no presence of any wallets. To put it short, all transactions are bank-centric. Zelle and Dwolla are the two popular P2P bank-centric apps.

Social Media Apps

The need for payment services integrated with social media apps has become prominent as people prefer to send money to their friends and family through chat apps instead of looking for alternative apps. Google and Facebook have already entered this arena as they see it as a mandatory feature for the advancement of themselves.


Where can people implement our Venmo Clone?

The usage of a P2P app is numerous. Listing down some eminent daily usages.

  • Borrowing money from friends is made easy with Venmo Clone

  • Paying back a loan borrowed from a friend is taps away

  • Paying your bills for various services can be made through the app

  • The rent amount can be sent directly to the landlord’s account

  • The payments for ordering products via ecommerce platforms can be made via Venmo clone

  • Payment for cab trips is now easy with P2P payment apps

  • No more worrying about changes. Pay anywhere and everywhere with P2P transaction apps

A Simplistic Workflow Of Venmo clone

Venmo clone is designed with a simple workflow so that everyone can cherish its features.

Step 1:

Get Onboard

Getting on board with the Venmo clone app is elementary. The users register themselves with the app by using their email address or contact number.

Step 2:

Link Bank Account

The user links their bank account with the app. The bank account is verified by sending an OTP to the contact number linked with the account. Once the user’s account is verified, it is set for transactions.

Step 3:

Set Passwords

As a bank account is integrated with the app, security is a major deal, so the user doesn't lose their money. For this purpose, a security password is set by the user.

Step 4:

Contact Synchronization

The contacts in the user’s mobile device are automatically synchronized in the app. The user simply has to allow the app to access the contacts.

Step 5:


The user has to select the contact they have to make payments, type the amount to be sent, and pay by entering the security passcode set by the user themself.

Benefits of Launching our Venmo Clone App

A Widespread Market

No customers prefer to stand in a queue and wait to make transactions over making transactions in a few taps. This trait of the P2P transactions app has made the whole population its customer base. It is a matter of ideal marketing strategies and connecting with people to get them on board.

Highly Potential for Advancement and Scalability

The Fintech industry is one sector that is on a track forward, reaping benefits along its way. It is not going to witness a downfall for some time in the future. With this surge, the potential to explore the advanced features and scaling the business is a cakewalk.

Luring Investments

As fintech has been predicted to be soaring high in the future, attracting investments as an entrepreneur is not a big deal. With a good pitch and efficient product, investments will be a cakewalk.

What do we offer in Venmo Clone Script?

Our Venmo Clone script comes with a package of

  • User Android / iOS app

  • Admin Panel

Salient Features of Venmo Clone

Make Payments

Making payments is the primary feature of the Venmo clone app. The users are allowed to pay their bills using the payment feature.

Link Bank Accounts

The bank accounts of the user are to be linked with the app in order to make effortless bank-to-bank transactions.

Share Payments

The payments made by the user can be shared with the business owner or friends as a transaction statement.

Request Money

The request money feature allows the user to request an amount from their contacts, either a friend or any small business.

Track Payments

The status of the payment can be tracked by the user. The user can be aware of the details like the payment has been initiated from the bank, the payment is pending in the recipient’s bank, and more.

Security PINs

As a payment app, security is an important trait to be possessed. Keeping this in mind, the app, the user is asked to set a security PIN to initiate payments. Transactions cannot be done without entering this security PIN.

App Lock

The app comes along with an app lock feature to ensure the security of the user’s app. The app cannot be accessed unless the user themself enters the password.

Split Bill

Splitting bills with friends on dinner is no more a tedious task for the user. It is simplified with the split bill feature in our Venmo clone app.

Manage Payments

The admin can manage the payments using the all-in-one admin panel. Any shortcomings in the transactions can be resolved by the admin.

Manage Users

The profiles of the users are overseen and managed by the admin. On suspicion of fake profiles, the profiles can be deleted.

Analytic Dashboard

The analytic dashboard provides the admin with the data on the usage and transactions happening through the app. It also displays predictive analytics on the transactions of the next month and more.

Profile Management

The admin manages their own profile details in the admin panel. It includes the admin’s picture, name, credentials, and more.

Unique Identification

Every time the user initiates a payment, they are sent a one-time password to confirm that the payment is initiated by them. On entering the OTP, the payment is initiated by the P2P payment app.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is embedded with the user’s profile. The user can transfer the amount from their bank account to the wallet to make effortless payments.

Chat Bots

The user may require assistance on several occasions when the transactions do not get successful. The chatbots can be of assistance at those times and provide them with a clear picture of the issues.

Exchange Rates and Conversion

The currencies and their value vary from nation to nation. This makes the users search for a currency exchange centre every time they travel to another country. Instead, if you choose to provide the users with advanced features like this, then the users would prefer your app as it comes as an all-in-one solution.

Build Your Fortune With Venmo Clone

Transaction Fee

One of the conventional methods to generate revenue through a P2P transaction is the transaction fee. The users can be charged a minimal fee either on every transaction or on transactions made through credit cards alone.

Commission for Instant Payments

Usually, the time period for the transaction of an amount may vary from 2 to 3 days. But if the user insists on instant payment, they can be charged a commission.

Merchant Fee

The users can be allowed to make payments to online stores via Venmo clone, and a commission fee can be charged for these transactions.

The Development Process of Venmo Clone App


P2P Payment Type

As the first step of the development process, we understand the client's requirements and choose the P2P payment type.


Planning on the Features to be Integrated

After choosing the type of P2P, we work on the features to be embedded in it to make it more user-friendly and increase user engagement.


Security Check

When it comes to a payment app, the security offered by it to the user is a vital feature. So we conduct a 360-degree analysis so that the possibility to loot money from an account is null.


Create an Appealing Design

The design team starts to create a design that would be professional as well as attractive to the millennial crowd.


Back-End Development

The developer's team get their hands on the back-end part to build an app with high-speed functionality and features that increase user engagement.



After developing the app, the testing team runs numerous tests on the app to make sure it is bug-free.


Go Live

Once the tests are done, and the app is announced to be bug-free, we launch it in the Android and iOS stores.

Features Encrypted to Ensure Security in our Venmo Clone

Digital Wallets
We integrate a secured digital wallet to the P2P payment app so that the user can save their money, offers, discounts, bank-card details, and more in it.
Real-Time Notifications
The user is notified in real-time when every transaction is initiated, or a payment is made, and also on the upcoming pending bills.
Send OTP
The authentication of the user initiating the transfer of the amount from banks is confirmed by sending an OTP to the user.
Invoice Generation
Every payment made by the user is automatically generated as an invoice. This acts as proof of payment for the user.
Transaction History
This feature allows the users to track every transaction made by them using the Venmo clone app.

Premium Addon
Integrating Blockchain to Raise the Security of your Payment App

On developing a payment app for your user, security is the key issue that stands on top of all other issues. A P2P payment app is mostly at risk as it can be vulnerable to fraudsters and hackers who may misuse the app to loot the money from the accounts of your users.

This vulnerability of P2P payment apps makes the need for blockchain crucial here. Although all peer to peer payments are considered to be at risk, the weakest chain is the cross-border international transactions. Usually, the security of these transactions is ensured by banks using technologies like SWIFT, etc.

In contrast, the integration of blockchain in payment apps can be new in the system but more trustworthy and flexible. It has also already proved its potential via the proof of concept on TBCASoft. This can change the way peer to peer transactions are made with Rich Communication services Protocol instead of SMS. In every way, blockchain is a step forward from the traditional p2p apps. Integration of blockchain can put Venmo clone as the most secure and advanced payment app on the map.
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Industries that Benefit from P2P payment apps like Venmo Clone

The applications of P2P payments is diverse, and it has broadened its wings over various industries considering its efficiency in payments.

Retail and Ecommerce

Both the retail and ecommerce marketplaces have been the most prominent industries that have leveraged the P2P payment apps. The users had been offered several discounts, offers, and coupons for using P2P payment apps. The best part is payments are made instantly, and the customers do not have to carry their cash everywhere. They can just scan in a retail shop, and payment is made.

Hospitality Business

The event management businesses like restaurants, hotels, theatres, resorts have all started accepting payments through P2P payment apps for the services they offer.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

With the introduction of various apps to book rides for transportation and logistics, this is an industry prone to digitalization in the early stages. And most of these businesses have offered access for users to make payments via P2P payment apps for their bookings.


The days of walking to telecommunication offices to make recharges are long gone. All the telecommunication apps have shifted to P2P payment methods so their users can recharge their plans at any time from anywhere.

Why is Turnkeytown Your Undebatable Option
for Payment App Development?

  • Scalability Factor

    Every business desires to elevate and expand its business. Turnkeytown understands this urge and supports our clients to upgrade their apps at any moment they require.

  • Round the Clock Support

    Our support team is available 24/7 for our clients. Any issues can be resolved and updated to the clients with no time constraints.

  • Ready-to-Launch App

    Our Venmo clone is an app that can be launched instantly except for the customizations requested by the clients. This allows us to assist you in launching your app in a short span.

  • Deployment Options

    The app is deployed on the server of the customer’s choice. In case the client has no choice, we go by ourselves, deploying it on the best server.

  • White-Label Solution

    The authenticity of the app plays an important role in the rise of user engagement. Turnkeytown provides a white-label solution designing your app to look authentic and like it was built from scratch.

Our Pricing Plan

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Accessible on multiple servers with Android application.

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

Accessible on multiple servers with both Android and iOS.

Technology Stack

Turnkeytown is a futuristic app development firm using the most advanced tech stack

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Venmo clone is a peer to peer transaction app, assisting users in making instant payments for the services they avail of or the products they purchase in a few taps.
Our Venmo clone is a ready-to-launch app which means it can be launched instantly. But on request for customizations, the time span to launch the app may vary.
Yes, Of course, we offer you free support even after the launch of the app. But it is limited to a time period after which we charge a small fee from you.
Yes, we have deployment options, and it is based on your choice. The fully-functional app can be launched on any server you ask for.
Every business idea is a brainchild of creative people like you. We understand that, So we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure that your business idea is safe with us.