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Be the reliable source of service provider for your customers who got stuck with vehicle breakdowns. Presenting to you Uber for mechanic app to enter into the whole new arena of digital space. TurnkeyTown endows the best-in-class scripts for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to bag in magnanimous profits. Contact our experts and get the Uber for car repair service app tailored to the needs any moment now.

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In The Digital Space With Uber For Mechanic App

Automobiles getting malfunctioned is a common thing. But when and where it could get malfunctioned is not something we could be sure of. At those times of uncertainty, it is not always possible to find a mechanic in a nearby location. In some cases, we may end up finding no mechanics. Today, with the potency of technology, these shortcomings can be eliminated. And the trump card to this can be an app like Uber for mechanics.

Uber for mechanics app is a marketplace where car mechanics from different locations register themselves, and when any user is stuck at a location nearby them and requests for a mechanic via the app, they can help them. In this way, the users do not have to worry about being stranded in unknown places with their car because wherever they are, they can get a mechanic via the Uber for mechanics app.

Launching an app like Uber for mechanics can give you a head start in this arena as the possibilities of being the first in your localities are high. Be the pioneer and capitalize on this young market. We've got you covered. Call us to know more about this million-dollar opportunity.
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Astounding Features Of Our On-demand Mechanic App Development

Scheduled Bookings For Repair

The customers need not worry about car mechanics showing up at their place when they are not available. They can schedule a time at their convenience to get their cars repaired. The admin can fixate the norms to schedule a booking.

Augmented Dispatch

The moment a customer searches for a mechanic, the mechanic at the nearest location is alerted to the request. If the mechanic doesn't accept the request, the next nearest mechanic is alerted. The admin can also take situations at their hand and assign the order to mechanics.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We usually integrate the most renowned payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, and more. In case you are looking for more than one payment gateway to be integrated for security reasons. You can name the payment gateway, and we will get it done for you.

Availability Toggle

This feature is exclusive to the service providers or the mechanics in this case. The mechanics can switch their availability between being on and off in a toggle.

In-App Messaging

The in-app messaging feature is embedded in both the customer app and the mechanics app. It allows the customer and mechanics to interact with each other, so the mechanic gets a better clarity about the issue beforehand.

Efficient Management

The admin has complete control over the functions taking place in the app. They can manage all orders, users, and service providers using the admin panel efficiently.

Invoice Generation

A detailed invoice can be generated on every order placed via the app. A complete breakdown of the charges can be showcased here. The customers can also download the invoice if required.

Real-Time Tracking Of Mechanics

Real-time tracking is now one of the pertinent features in every on-demand app. The customers can track the live location of the mechanics once they have accepted the order. Keeping the customers informed about the whereabouts of the mechanic can increase user retention.

Our Disparate Class Of On-Demand Mechanics App Development Solution

An Online Automobile Service Marketplace

We can help you build an online automobile service marketplace for your startup and define your market presence at the earliest possible in a cost-effective manner.

Chain Of Workshops

Launch an online presence for your chain of workshops and manage all of them efficiently in a single dashboard. Now get an automated report of the business proceedings individually from all your workshops.

A Single Garage Or Workshop

Are you an ambitious garage owner looking for ways to elevate your business and widen your audience? Announce your entry into the digital world with a seamless app for your customers. It can build credibility for your business.

Broad Range Of Uber For Mechanic App Clone We Offer

Wrench Clone
A robust on-demand mechanics app offering the customers a rich user experience.

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Yourmechanic Clone
Amuse your customers with a feature-rich app that finds them the best mechanic in town to repair their automobiles.

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RepairSmith Clone
Connect the best repair smiths in the locality with the customers looking for fingers that can make their engines roar again.

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Caroobi Clone
Bring the best hands in town in contact with the customers in despair as their machines are facing a temporary failure.

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Zippity Clone
Zip up the distance between customers looking for mechanics to get their automobiles back on track and extremely professional mechanics.

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Openbay Clone
Open the doors for customers stranded in unknown lands, pleading with their automobiles to start for one last time to find a mechanic nearby to actually get it repaired.

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Work Layout Of Uber For Car Repair Service App

The Uber for Mechanics app comes with a simple workflow.

Step 1:

The customer gets on board with the app.

Step 2:

The details of the user's automobile are updated in the app. It may include model type, manufacturer company, and more.

Step 3:

The customer also feeds their location in the app.

Step 4:

Simultaneously mechanics get registered with the app by feeding their specialized skills, location, and more.

Step 5:

When a customer is in need of a mechanic, they request for service.

Step 6:

A mechanic from the customer's region accepts the order and heads to the customer's place.

Step 7:

Once the job is done. The customer can rate and write a review about the service they received.

Merits Of Launching An App Like Uber For Mechanics

Uber for mechanics app is home to numerous vehicle maintenance service providers and car owners. Bringing in more vehicle maintenance presents a diverse plethora of services to automobile owners.

User Comfort

The best thing about Uber for mechanics is the comfort and convenience it offers. The customers no longer have to worry about finding a mechanic for their stranded vehicle because the Uber for mechanics app has lots of them. The customer can simply install the app, feed the requirements, and have the mechanic knocking on their doors and tuning their vehicle back on track.

Online Presence

By getting on board with your app, a vehicle maintenance service provider gets wider visibility. This online presence can grow their business by increasing the number of jobs they receive. Increased business for a service provider means increased revenue for you.

No More Paperworks

Every order made through the app is recorded and stored in the database of the app for the reference of the admin. You no longer have to maintain log books jotting down your business as it all comes automated by launching an app.

Push Notifications

By launching the app, you get the advantage of keeping all your customers informed about all the new updates in your business. It may include new services, offers, discounts, and more. It can intrigue your customers to turn to your app every single time they require a service.

What Does Our Uber For Mechanic Service Package Include?

We offer you a package of user-friendliness and efficient management.

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Mechanic Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

Wide Assortment Of Feature In Our On-Demand Car Repair Service App

Social Login

Get your customers on board within seconds by allowing them to register using their social media credentials.

Tutorial Screens

Showcase your beloved customers with a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the app and find the best mechanics.

Cost Calculator

Allow your customers to calculate the price for the service they are looking for themself. This can improve user interaction.

Place An Order

The integral feature of this app is placing an order. The customer feeds the service they require, their location, and other details and places a request for mechanics.


If a customer is satisfied with a mechanic they once benefitted from service, they can reorder for the same mechanic the next time.

Service History

A record of all the services the customer has benefited from the app is listed here with the details of the type of service, the service provider name, the cost, and more.

Advanced Search Filter

The customers looking for unique services can search using filters like the type of service, type of vehicle, location, and more.

Discounts And Offers

Reward your customers with alluring discounts and offers for them to benefit from it.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer multiple payment options to your customers; they may include net banking, credit/debit card, e-wallets, P2P transactions, and cash on delivery.

Rate And Review

Enhance the user's interactiveness by allowing them to rate and write reviews on the services provided to them.

Profile Management

The mechanic needs to manage a profile for themselves that showcases their excellence, particularized fields of expertise, location, and more.

Accept/Reject Service Request

When a customer places an order, the mechanic gets a request. The mechanic can either accept or reject the request.

Navigation Tool

The mechanic app is integrated with a Google Maps feature that helps them to navigate to the customer's location.

Reply To Review

The mechanic can write replies to the reviews written by the customers on their service. This can be a tool for interaction.

Order History

A record of all the orders accomplished by the mechanic can be witnessed here.


The earnings made by the mechanic on every order they served can be verified here.

Mechanic And Customer Management

Admins can manage the list of all mechanics and customers in a single panel. They have access to remove any mechanic or user from the list.

Gallery Management

Images attract customers more easily. Upload alluring images in the app for your customer's view can make the app more user-friendly.

Real-Time Order And Field Tracking Management

The admin has access to view the current location of all the mechanics. In this way, they can keep the users updated on the order status.

Real-Time Notifications

The admin can notify the customers of the status of their services in real-time. This can help the users to be informed.

Sales And Market Analytics

The admin panel provides complete data on the orders accomplished by the mechanics, the total earnings made by each mechanic, and more. This data and statistics can help you make plans for your business growth.

Reviews And Feedback Management

The admin can overlook all the ratings and reviews written by the customers for mechanics. They can also remove the reviews if required.

Value Instilled Add-Ons We Offer With Our Uber For Mechanic App


Enhance your website and get ranked at the top of all search engines by integrating SEO-friendly features.

Call Masking

The contact number of the customer is masked and is not shared with the mechanics while they call them to resolve any issues. This feature focuses on customer safety and privacy.

Tutorial Videos

Enhance your app by integrating attractive tutorial videos at the beginning. This can impress the customers in a huge way.

In-App Chat Bot Support

Don't make your customers wait when they need support. Integrate a chatbot that sends programmed replies to customers on common issues.

Revenue Gains You Can Make Out Of On-Demand Mechanic Service App

The Uber for mechanics can be an immense revenue generator app.


This is the most common method of revenue generation for any on-demand service app. Deduct a commission amount from every order a mechanic gets via your app.

Premium Subscriptions

Present your customers with premium services like assigning a personal mechanic, automated vehicle service at regular intervals, and more.

Featured Listings

Intrigue the thirst for increased business in vehicle maintenance service providers by featuring them at the top of the searches for a fee.

In-App Ads

Now that you have a handsome number of customers in your app, allow third-party businesses to capitalize on the crowd by posting ads and charge them for it.

Steps We Follow For On-Demand Mechanic App Development

We follow a facile development process that has proved to be highly effective in the past.


Client Meet

As the first step of our journey, we have a meeting with you to understand your business requirements and the audience you are planning to target.


An Effective Plan

Now that we know what you need. We devise an effective plan to build a unique app that can be highly appealing to your niche.


Sleek Design

We have a team of extremely creative designers who will be designing a UI for your app that is unique and also alluring.


Back-End Developers

While the designers are crafting the front end, our experienced on-demand app developers come up with algorithms and features that can be highly user interactive, promising you a higher rate of user retention.


Testing For The Bugs

We also have a team of dedicated testers who go through the script, picking out and resolving all the bugs in the app to turn it into a bug-free app when deployed.



Once your app is ready to lure in customers, we present it to you, and with your approval, it goes live on all the platforms you want it to.

Why Choose Us As Your Uber For Mechanic Service App Development Partner?

The reasons why you should choose us for your on-demand mechanic's app development are countless, yet we'll list a few for your reference.

  • On-Demand App Experts

    We have a crew specialized in the development of on-demand apps. They are on a streak of exceeding our customers' satisfaction for a while. Give us a call, and you can be the next.

  • Mobile Optimized Apps

    Mobile apps are a necessity for a successful business. And we deliver you a mobile that is compatible with all devices.

  • Appealing Design

    Yes, we study your niche and your business model to come up with a sleek design that can be highly appealing to your customers.

  • Free Server Installation

    Yes, you heard it right. We install the fully developed app on a server of your choice for free. In case you don't have one. We will install it on our server for you.

  • Round The Clock Support

    We have a support team who are the pillars of support to our clients. They are always available to our clients irrespective of the time of the day.

  • Scalability

    We think of your future, and we want you to grow big. So we develop an app that can be scalable. However vast your customer base grows, your app would work fine.

Cost Involved In The Development Of Uber For Mechanic Service App

Would you believe it if we tell you that the cost of developing an on-demand vehicle maintenance service app is nominal? Surprising right? But with TurnkeyTown, it is true. Firstly, insight yourself into the factors that determine the cost of developing an app. The cost of developing an app depends on your needs: the features you want to be integrated with the app, the type of design you want, the platforms you want it to be deployed, the technology you want us to use to build your app, and more. Give us a call and tell us your needs and get a quote.

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Hire Our Qualified Expert For On-Demand Mechanic App Development

We have a team of proficient developers exclusively for on-demand apps. They have the experience of working on countless projects all turned out to be a seamless app. Their craze and thirst for developing on-demand apps are still the same even after all the previous success. They are still looking out to create a unique on-demand app from the rest. These hungry developers are the exact kind of developers you need to create a robust app in a short time. You can hire them on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Call us to know more.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

There are two ways of developing the app. You can either build it from scratch or develop it by partnering with the best app development company in the town. As a renowned app development company, we offer you the best services in the most budget-friendly way to get your app built in the way you want.
It involves the creation of an online platform where customers can connect with the mechanic experts in a jiffy. With Uber for mechanic service app development, entrepreneurs can take their mechanic business into the digital world.
  • To make your mechanic services visible to a wider audience by being present digitally.
  • Burgeon your service bookings and income.
  • Reach out to your customers in times of need and imprint your brand in their hearts.
Features that offer the best user experience have to be considered in an on-demand car repair service app.
  • Transparent pricing
  • Live tracking option
  • Advanced search filters
  • Multilingual option
  • In-app messaging
  • Fare estimation
Reasons why you need an online solution are listed below.
  • No need for paperwork
  • Attract a large number of audience through offers and discounts
  • Have regular interaction with customers through push notifications