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Diligent PayPal like app development solution

Discover the smartest way of romping through the global e-wallet market with a white-label PayPal clone. Stellar features to make it a congruous digital wallet app!

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Paypal Clone

PayPal Clone
Launch A Top-notch Digital Wallet App Like PayPal!

Online payments and digital wallets have become the new normal nowadays, with digitization becoming all the rage. Since digital wallets have pulled strings for minimum cash and maximum safety with people, we can go down the line that this is not just a fad, but the contemporary civilization! It is always better to tap into the evolving market soon than to take a dim view of the market later.

Our digital wallet app developers will help you with creating a masterpiece of an online payment app that will assist you thrive in the industry for now and the generations to come.

TurnkeyTown is a team that is best known for developing the best e-wallet apps for both Android and iOS platforms that will be nimble and user-friendly. With this on deck, you can cover a wider range of the population. Our development services start with you getting a free quote from us, an expert consultation, and end in post-launch support.

We have successfully been turning our clients’ dreams into reality, and you might be the next one to join the band! So, why wait? Have a conversation with us and amp up to pocket millions!
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Intrinsic Features Of Our PayPal Clone

Digital Wallet
A secure and riveted digital wallet for the users to store their funds and data for countless electronic transactions.
Send And Request Money
Users can send and receive money with their eyes closed! Something so easy that you could relate this transaction to sending and receiving texts!
Unique ID/OTP
Sailing through the app is a sure thing, but that’s not the case with security. No more hacks or phishing attacks are persisted with online payments, with tough verifications like fingerprint scanning, OTP, or unique ID.
For a clear-cut payment and for dodging possible mistakes, the app comes with a chatting feature. They can clear the air by asking for specific details and making the payment correctly.
Allow the users to keep tabs on the activities with up-to-date information about the dates, time, and transactions. The digital diary to make the app more user-friendly.
Transfer to a Bank Account
Why limit yourself from showering users with amazing payment options when you can give them all with an app?! Let them transfer their funds to a bank account or card.

Our Custom Payment App Development Services

We at TurnkeyTown offer both customized and on-demand mobile wallet app solutions that are highly secure and scalable. Our team exercises the latest tools and technologies and aspires to deliver innovative digital wallet apps for any business.

Prepaid Mobile Wallet App Development

Our skilled team of e-wallet app developers has an undebatable amount of experience in prepaid app development. And can help you coin the best digital wallet app in the market!

Custom Mobile Wallet Programming

We create custom mobile wallet apps tailored to your business needs. Once you leave your ideas to us, you will be delivered a perfectly designed and developed app that will be the picture of your vision!

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We are flushed with success to say that our knowledge has forayed into the crypto world on top!. Our learnedness has given us hands to develop the best cryptocurrency wallet apps with the technology that even challenges the blockchain!

Mobile Wallets For Merchants

For businesses that wish to digitize their check-out process, here we are! We offer top-tier merchant mobile wallet apps that will give an edge to your business operations.

Mobile Wallet Integration

Not just development, but our versed mobile wallet app developers can help in integrating Near Field Communication and other powerful APIs to trigger positive out-turn for your business.

Cross-platform Mobile Wallet Services

Whether it is an Android wallet app or an iOS wallet app, leave it to us to create world-class e-wallet apps that are not just secure but also high-powered in nature!

Add The Line Up Of Advanced Technologies To Your Wallet!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking forward to growing your business to the global level, then plug these advanced technologies into your app & witness the wonders!.

QR Codes

QR codes are making millions of users’ lives simpler. There are literally next to null apps you could point out as an e-wallet app without QR code in the world today! So you know what to do now!

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is seen as the perfect method because of the wireless yet secure transactions they offer. Having it integrated into your app can never be so right as in this era.

Bluetooth and iBeacon

Cater to the faster-changing trends and requirements of people by bringing the wireless technology iBeacon. Make the check-out process simpler, and you will see your app’s usage rate getting intense!

Payment Apps

We develop leading-edge e-wallet apps like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay with advanced features for making online payments easier and more secure.


How Does PayPal Clone App Work?

Users register in the app with their credentials and then link their bank account or card to the account.

They must add their personal information and increase the security level. After everything, they can find their contacts through phone numbers, emails, or names.

The users will be all set to know the account balance, transactions, and bill payments.

They will be up for receiving amazing offers and rewards for successful money transfers.

Benefits Of A PayPal Clone App

Unique And Unusual
As the technology is advancing, people will incline towards your app more only if you bring something unique in yours. And, why fear when we are here? We can turn your app into a surefire hit with customization. Just tell us your ideas, and you get that done in a matter of days!
No Intermediaries
Since all the transactions are made electronically and directly from sender to receiver. It eliminates the intervention of a third party. Transaction fees minimum, hassle-free payment services maximum!
Ultimate Transparency
In the need to exchange currency, users can find a reasonable rate as it is based on demands and not on banks or governments.
Ample Security
The app contains protection layers, which will encrypt transfers and will ensure that malefactors will fail when someone attempts to steal money. Security is never something to be gambled with!

What Do We Offer In PayPal Clone Script?

  • User iOS App

  • User Android App

  • Admin Panel

Features Of PayPal Clone App

User Registration

One step away from newfangled payment services! Users can create their profiles by storing their personal information like mobile number, address, bank details, etc.

Invite Friends

Amplify the user retention rate to the apex by inviting their friends through the referral codes and excite them with cashback.

Split Bills

Promote what is known as the most fancier payment method and app with the split bill feature. Users can split expenses with friends without a hitch.

Cash Pickup

Revolutionize how payments happen in the era and crown yourself the king of the e-wallet market! Yes, thanks to this feature that lets users withdraw cash from ATMs without a physical credit card.

POS Integration

NFC technology lets users pay by tapping their smartphones against a POS terminal without much hassle. PayPal clone equals Hassle-free payments.

Add Balance

In just a few taps, the user can go cashless effortlessly. They can add balance to the mobile wallet from their bank account and secure leverage payments. Say hi to the future!


Make a place for yourself not just in the market but also in people’s hearts now. Send them instant notifications about due dates for payments, when the budget exceeds etc. Engagement and reliability? It’s here!

Budgeting Tools

Try out to become not just a payments app, but a budget planner! You can enable users now to create budgets and make plans wisely while on the go.

Balance Status

Allows users to check current balances of their accounts that are linked with the app.

Transaction History

Now, this is what we call a reliable payments app! Users could check their entire transaction history date wise and month-wise.

Pay Bills

Let your users bid farewell to the conventional last mile run for paying bills and all the documentation. Allow them to easily pay bills for utilities, loans, and rent, etc.

Powerful Dashboard

You can have entire control to manage and update the app whenever necessary to the app. You can see the number of active users, transactions taking place, balance, and so much more. Progress is the word!

Users Data Control

Keep track of all the records related to transactions in a safe mode and access data in a reliable way. A vault nonetheless!

Secured Database

Our app clips with it a robust database where all the transactions are safe and secured without the risk of any threats. Thanks to the multi-layer security features!

Add/Block Features

You have the whip hand over protecting your kingdom of the app with the feature, as you can block the users if you spot any unauthorized payments.

New Offers

Shot to the edges of the world with intense brand visibility. Call the shots for an engaging, reliable, and secure payment app. You can keep your users to the app entwined by offering coupons, rewards, discounts, etc.

Usage Analytics

Plot your next step to success easily by getting the deep insights of engagement, the behavior of your users to the specific features, and many more.


Break the barriers of maintaining the app just to payment services. Bring into being a new feature to let users find nearby utility service providers through the location without having to punch their address manually.

USSD Payments

Smash to smithereens the ordeals of having payment apps just to smartphones. Users can have no smartphones and yet perform mobile banking. Voila!

Third-party Integration

Presenting the best way to retain their users! The mobile wallet can be integrated with the party service providers easily. Through this, the user could make instant payments without leaving the app.

App Camera

A door to many amazing services- our PayPal clone. Users can scan the QR code with the app’s camera to make a payment.

Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize the e-wallet market with the latest technology, Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Now know about your users’ behavior and preferences, strategize your next move and predict success like a fortune teller!

Premium Addons Of Our Digital Wallet App Solution

Back-Up Facility

To your request, we develop a digital wallet app with auto-backup that allows users to restore their settings. They can have all the important information for future reference within a few seconds.


The feature to let users avoid clutter and categorize their cards according to different types to personalize according to the usability. Embrace yourself to become their personal payment partner!

Secured Transaction

Our promise for a secure PayPal app will never deter from its goal, and here is how! You can add an extra layer of protection with the Digital Signature that helps the users keep their money safe.


No marketing strategy is as worth it as word of mouth. And why miss it! Let your users earn rewards for referring to your app. Rewards for them, users for you!

Digital Receipt

Lay the groundwork for being a trustworthy app in the market! Generate and send a digital receipt via e-mails, in-app, or phone number for every transaction.

Fully Protected

Now, when you offer maximum protection to the users’ and app’s data, why not give protection to your app as well? Get a PCI Compliant secured payment application to protect it from vulnerabilities and threats.

Bankable Monetization Model Of Our White-label PayPal Clone

Credit Card Payment Charges
Bring a fortune to your business by charging for every transaction made through credit card and debit card. Not just a steady income, but you can dodge the losses.
Fast Money Transfer Charges
Boost your revenue collection to the exponents when people want to send money faster than usual. Set a fixed amount and charge for executing lightning speed payments!
Merchant Charges
Monetize from the merchant partners. A win-win situation in itself! You can increase your customers in conjunction with increasing revenue and global clients.

How Are We Different From Other App Development Companies?

  • User-friendly App

    TurnkeyTown develops a digital wallet app that sticks with your requirements and makes it plain sailing to reach your end-users. Our developers ensure to fuse a login process that is direct to start off transactions smoothly.

  • Perfected Security

    We know how important safety is when it comes to financial apps. Wherefore, we have plugged in various security measures and the latest technologies like fingerprint scanners for both Android and iOS apps of PayPal clone.

  • Easy and Timely Transaction

    As a digital wallet development company, we have been drenched in the field for years to know what the population loves and what not. Therefore to improve the customer experience, we have allowed functionality for easy linking of credit and debit cards. We integrate NFC technology for facile payments.

  • User Engaging

    Just like we promised you a global user base, we develop a digital wallet app that can help you in offering users many rewards like gifts, promotional codes, discounts, etc., and gain traction. Get ready to witness maximum download rates!

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates

    Users’ expectations are nothing insignificant, and they are the catalyst to your app’s popularity. We won’t let you miss a chance with that! Our digital wallet development company will keep molding the best wallet app that will match every minuscule detail.

Different Verticals That Use Digital Wallet App Services

  • NFC Bus/ Train Ticket Booking
  • NFC Retail Shopping
  • NFC Pay Parking
  • Merchant Payments
  • Merchant Deals
  • School Fee
  • USSD Survey
  • Internet Data Plan
  • Bill Payments
  • Mobile TopUp

How Do We Develop Your PayPal Like App?


Our team won’t start off with the development straight away. We will be all ears first to know and get insights into the vision you have about your digital wallet.


We will picture your ideas about the features and functionalities into a wireframe and see if it hits the mark with your expectations.


After a nod from you, our development team will work on the back-end and front-end meticulously in a way that none of your needs should be unrecalled.


Our developers will have carved the app with features and functionality that treads the boards. To discard any technical glitches, the app is put through strict tests.


Once all the work is done and dusted, our team will deploy it on the server of your choice, and that’s all it takes for you to start experiencing a flourishing business!

Why Choose TurnkeyTown For PayPal Like App Development?

Our tribe has proficient developers who always strive to create leading digital wallet apps. Their expertise spreads to the development of both iOS apps and Android apps.

  • Interactive Interface

    Our vision has always been to deliver result-driven solutions. To justify the same, we always create an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which will be loved by users, followed by the positive throughput of your app.

  • Transparency

    All our development processes and solutions will be transparent for you to look into. They are always discoverable and reliable.

  • Secure Transactions

    Our developers strive for apex security and safety of all the happenings of the application and follow the best practices while developing it.

  • Timely Delivery

    We always value time and stick to the timelines we have quoted in the roadmap of the development. Therefore, you will get your digital wallet app as PayPal delivered to you on time.

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Why Should You Hire A Digital Wallet App Developer From TurnkeyTown?

As an experienced mobile wallet development company, TurnkeyTown renders end-to-end customizable solutions to tailor them to your business expectations. We help you deal with a growing user base and expectations even post-launch. Having worked with numerous business clients across the globe, our professionals are on the beam with a deeper understanding of what will help you become a pro in the industry.

Technology Stack

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes, we have readymade digital wallet app solutions that are feature-packed and contain a user-friendly interface and arresting UI. Customers can quickly make payments, send/receive money facilely.
Yes, obviously. We would love to hear from you. You can request a demo, and our team will get back to you ASAP.
The major cost influencers to develop a PayPal clone app are UI/UX design, app platform, its features, and functionality.
We are end-to-end your development company, and of course, we will provide you technical assistance with 24/7 support.
Yes, you can buy the PayPal clone solution in a single payment, and there will be no hidden charges. For customization, however, we will charge an amount according to the limit.