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Deliver some fresh groceries to your neighbourhood in style with the HappyFresh clone app. We proffer you an exemplary white-label HappyFresh clone app! Knock, Knock success is here!

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HappyFresh Clone
Launch a Grocery Delivery App Like HappyFresh!

HappyFresh clone is what you are looking for here. It’s a good choice for an entrepreneur. Ever wondered how the magic of HappyFresh worked and how well it could turn out for you? The story is simple but interesting.

It all started with the rise of high-speed internet combined with the revolution in the highly effective smart mobile devices continued with the introduction of on-demand services. The breakthrough will be coined as the introduction of on-demand services. Customers got served with every kind of service at their doorstep. Businesses started to pamper the customers and spoon feed them with extraordinary features and services. The customers got used to it. The pandemic played the role of an influencer, compelling people to stay indoors giving the businesses an upper hand.

Now, a customer prefers lying in their bed and ordering all their needs in a few taps and getting it delivered to their home. Grocery is a daily need, and that makes it a vital one among the on-demand services. The moral of the story is, your customers are all set to welcome a grocery delivery service app.

Surprise them with an all-new, extravagant, secure, and alluring white-label HappyFresh like app. Give us a call, and we can build an exemplary HappyFresh Clone app for you instantly.
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What Is A Happyfresh Clone?

HappyFresh clone is an on-demand grocery delivery service app solution with key features that lifts the burden of finding good quality groceries from the users. It is a readymade script that helps you penetrate this on-demand grocery delivery market in a very short period of time. It is a 100% customizable solution giving you the freedom to integrate all your ideas into it and make it as unique as you.

Key Features Of Our HappyFresh Clone

Diverse Products

The customers are offered numerous products so that their users can get hands-on groceries they may not be accessible to in a normal market.

Explore Page

Not all users come up to you all prepared about their grocery list; allow them to surf through the explore page and find what they will need at that time.

Advanced Filter

Some users are very specific; throwing up a lot of options in front of them can confuse them. Offer them advanced search filter options so they are showcased with exactly the kind of products they are looking for.

Search Box

Some users walk into the app with a clear mind of what they are about to purchase, allowing them to shop and leave in seconds with an instant search box.

Place Orders

Let’s make shopping for groceries simple. The user can select all the groceries they require and add them to the cart, and checkout.

Add To Cart

Cart is the virtual shopping bag; users can pick all the products they want to purchase and add them to the cart before checking out for payment.

Payment Options

Multiple payment options are now a necessity; with numerous payment methods in town, each customer prefers a payment option and let us give them all payment options so everyone feels comfortable.

Review And Rating

The user writes reviews on the groceries they purchased. This helps other users to be informed about the quality of the product.

Grocery Shopping Made More Responsible And Fun

Track Spending

The user can keep track of the amount they spend on groceries every month. This helps them be more responsible when it comes to shopping. The customers will also find your app as an on-demand delivery app that really cares about their interests.

Grocery Shopping List Reminders

A grocery list can be found in every household. We will have your users upload their grocery list and notify them with reminders every time they will have to recharge their grocery supplies.

Barcode Scanners

Scanning the barcode of a product can bestow the quality of the product, its origin, manufacturer, time of manufacture, and more other details. This makes the app more credible.

Recipe Notes

As a part of making lives easier, let’s add some exciting recipe notes to the app assisting the new cooks in town with their cooking journey.

Shopping List

The built-in database of the grocery delivery app assists the users in shopping by prompting the product they are searching for.


Your customers deserve to relish some offers and discounts once in a while. Offer them grocery coupons and keep them happy with your HappyFresh clone app.

Diverse Grocery App Development Solutions We Offer

Grocery Marketplace
So, if you are an entrepreneur excited about the aggregator business model and the on-demand service business? You should be launching a grocery marketplace by partnering up with numerous grocery stores and offering your users various options to purchase.
Grocery Store
If you are a grocery store owner and feel threatened with the new age apps taking away your customers? It is time for you to launch a grocery store app that enlists all the products in your store and pulls in new customers apart from your neighbourhood.
Grocery Chain
You are a business owner looking to scale up your business often and has now built a chain of grocery stores and wondering what’s next? A robust app that helps manage all the stores and allows you to explore many more areas in the neighbourhood without having to set up a new physical store.

How Does A HappyFresh Clone App Work?

HappyFresh clone app has a facile workflow that can be understood by people from all walks of life.

Step 1:

The user gets on board with your app by signing up using their social credentials.

Step 2:

The location of the user is geo-tagged with their permission.

Step 3:

The user is showcased with various grocery products.

Step 4:

The user surfs through the explore page and selects all the products they wish to purchase, and add them to the cart.

Step 5:

Once they are done with shopping, they checkout for payment.

Step 6:

The users can make the payment using any one of the multiple payment options offered to them.

Step 7:

Now that the payment is made, the admin is notified of the order.

Step 8:

The admin notifies the store owner of the order.

Step 9:

Once the store owner accepts the order, the admin notifies the user that their order has been accepted.

Step 10:

The delivery person is notified with the details of the store and the user.

Step 11:

The delivery person picks up the order from the store and delivers it to the customer.

Benefits Of Our HappyFresh Clone App

Customized Solutions

A robust solution that can be customized with respect to your business needs with no compromise. Your idea and uniqueness are reflected throughout the app.

Third-Party Integrations

We assist you to enrich your app with any kind of third-party plug-ins that can attract more customers and also act as a revenue generation tool.

Native Apps

We develop your on-demand grocery delivery app solution using native app technologies so that your app is compatible with all devices.

User Friendly

We build you an app that cares for the user in every aspect, right from the design to the features that makes users feel more comfortable.

Time And Cost-Efficient

We offer you a readymade HappyFresh clone script; it can be launched instantly except for the customizations your business requires. This allows you to plunge into the market way too early than building an app from scratch, not to mention the huge expense you are cutting down.

Go Global

Fasten your seatbelts and go global with this exemplary app and multilingual and multi-currency support.

What Do We Offer In Happyfresh Clone Script?

When we say HappyFresh clone, it includes numerous modules that help you manage your business, to run your business, and an app for the users.

  • Website

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Delivery person Android/iOS App

  • Grocery Store Panel

  • Admin Panel

HappyFresh Clone App Features

Easy Onboarding

The users get on board with the app using any of their social credentials in a single tap.

Order Tracking

Keep your users updated with the status of their order. Let them feel informed about their order and put an end to uncertainty.

Schedule Delivery

It is not viable for customers to stay at home waiting for their order to be delivered instead of allowing them to schedule their delivery in accordance with their convenience.


Groceries are part of the daily needs of a customer, and it is subjected to be ordered repeatedly. The reorder feature makes it facile for the user to place an order rather than searching for the product every single time they need to place an order.

Discounts And Offers

Gift your users a section dedicated to numerous exciting discounts and offers for them to use on every purchase they make. This way, your users make it a habit to purchase all their groceries using your app.

Add To Cart

When it comes to groceries, the users always come with a list of commodities to purchase. The add to cart feature allows them to add all their purchases to check out altogether at the end of shopping.

Grocery List

Every home has its own grocery list specific to the dishes they cook at their home and will be needing it often. Let the users create a grocery list in which they can add or remove items on time of purchase.

Push Notifications

Keep track of your users' shopping behaviour and alert them with push notifications now and then to remind them that their groceries are about to get completed and it is time for shopping again.


The user can add a wishlist of groceries they would like to purchase in the future. This helps them to try new groceries now and then.

Feedback And Ratings

The users can rate and write a review on the groceries purchased by them. This aids other customers to be aware of the products and the shopping experience with the app.


The delivery person is supposed to submit specific ID proofs, which will be verified by the admin. Once the verification is done and all the data is clear, the delivery person is brought on board.


A navigation feature is a mandatory need for every delivery person as they can't be sure of every street in a city. It allows them to reach the user's place on time.

Order Details

The delivery person is presented with complete details on orders placed by the user so they don't miss an item for delivery.

Order History

Every order accomplished by a delivery person is recorded for future references. This allows the delivery person to be aware of their work.

Payments History

The payment received for each delivery can be viewed by the delivery person. This can act as a motivation for them to deliver many more orders to earn more.

In-App Call

The delivery person can contact the user in need of any assistance to find the user's location or reconfirmation of order details.

Availability Toggle

The delivery person can toggle between online and offline in a wink. This helps them work more flexibly.

Rate And Review

The delivery person also has the privilege to rate and review the customer in accordance with the way they treat them.


The store owner is supposed to submit details of their business. The admin verifies the data and brings the store on board.

Manage Product List

The store owner can update the list of products available in their store often. So, the users can place their orders accordingly.

Manage Orders

The orders placed by the users can be monitored, managed, and dispatched by the store owner using this panel.

Manage Payments

The payments received by the store owner for every dispatched order can be managed and monitored here.

In-App Calls

The store owner can call the customer in case of any changes in the order or any out of the stock situation.

Reply To Review

The store owner can reply to the reviews written by the users. This can create a bonding between the retailer and the customer.


A one-stop destination to manage all the proceedings in respect to the grocery delivery services.

Store Management

The admin keeps track of every single store and the service and quality of products they provide. This is possible only with such a robust admin panel.

Track Orders

The admin can keep track of all the orders placed through the app; this helps to interfere and deliver the orders in case of any shortcomings.

Manage Customer

The customers are brought on board by the admin. In case of any fake accounts or bad treatment of delivery personnel, the users can be removed by the admin.

Manage Delivery Person

The details of the delivery person are managed and monitored by the admin using the admin panel.

Manage Payments

The payments made by the customers are sent to the admin; the admin now deducts the commission and sends the balance amount to the store owner. All this is done using the admin panel.

Manage Offers

It is the responsibility of the admin to keep the users excited by bestowing them with alluring offers and discounts every now and then.

Manage Notifications

The customers, store owners, and delivery personnel are sent notifications on various concerns by the admin using the admin panel.

Few Facts On The On-Demand Grocery Delivery Service

The on-demand grocery delivery services have witnessed a spike in sales after the pandemic. The fear of getting affected and the urge to stay indoors have resulted in the usage of grocery delivery apps by customers.
  • The local grocery delivery business is predicted to reach a whopping $858 million by the year 2024.
  • The revenue generated by the grocery delivery sector is expected to witness a steady increase of 7.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2024.

Safety Features To Combat The Pandemic

Contactless Delivery
The delivery person can be advised to leave the parcel on the door and wait at a safe distance away from it until the customer picks the product.
Temperature Check
The body temperature of the delivery person can be checked every day. It can also be updated in the app so the user feels aware and safe.
Disabling COD
The cash on delivery feature can be disabled for the time being, so there is no chance of spread through the exchange of money. Let’s keep it digital.
Safety Badges
The grocery stores that follow all the safety guidelines can be rewarded with safety badges. This can make the stores look more authentic and compel them to follow all safety guidelines.
Selfie Screening
Once the order is dispatched, the concerned delivery person can be asked to upload a selfie of them wearing a mask and gloves to reiterate the safety standards followed by your app.
Safety Reviews
The users can be allowed to write reviews on the safety standards followed. This can help other customers gain confidence in the app.

Monetization Model Of Our White-label Happyfresh Clone

Seller Commission

A specific percentage of the amount can be deducted from the total amount of the order placed by the user as a commission for assigning the store order.

Delivery Charges

Charge your customers for every order delivered to their homes. This is a major way to generate revenue in an on-demand delivery service.


Third-party businesses can be allowed to post ads in the app considering the user base they can leverage on. A good amount can be charged as an advertisement fee.

Transaction Commission

The payment gateways can be charged a transaction commission for every transaction made through the app.

Development Process Of An App Like HappyFresh


Requirement Analysis

We have a meeting with you to understand your business needs to analyse the requirements to build an exemplary app.



A road map is structured to build your app with all the astounding features and seamless performance in a short time.



Our design team works on a design that reiterates your business ideology, resonates the colour patterns in your logo, is unique, and is also pleasing to your users.


Back-End Development

Our expertise on-demand app developers build a robust app with seamless performance and exciting features.



The testing team runs numerous tests at every stage of the development process to ensure a bug-free app.



Once all the tests are run and all bugs are resolved, the app is deployed on the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose TurnkeyTown For HappyFresh Like App Development?

  • Free Server Installation

    After the completion of development and testing, the app is installed on a server of your choice for free.

  • Free Deployment

    There are many chances to get rejected at times of deployment; we lift those burdens off you and deploy your app by ourselves for free.

  • Free Support

    You are liable to free support throughout the development process of the app; it extends even after the deployment for a specific time.

  • Native Technologies

    We build your app using native technologies to ensure your app is compatible with all devices, so none of your customers feels discomfort with the app.

  • White-Label Solution

    We offer you 100% customization allowing you to implant all the ideas you have for your app in the clone app, making it extensively unique.

  • Round The Clock Support

    Our dedicated support team is always available for you, irrespective of the time. All your queries will be resolved in minutes.

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Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no restrictions on the number of users. In case you want only a limited number of users, then we can do that for you.
The future is promising for the on-demand grocery delivery businesses. It is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.
Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.