GloriaFood Alternative Solution

Similar to GloriaFood, build an online food ordering system to help restaurants explore their potential to the fullest extent. An excellent solution for high order rates!

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GloriaFood Alternative: A Pragmatic Solution To Save You From High Sign-up Fees

If you are an owner of a food establishment, you would have understood the burden of high registration fees charged by online ordering and delivery platforms to list your food business. You might even be looking for an alternative that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. At Turneykeytown, we present the robust GloriaFood Alternative solution that lets you launch a food delivery system for your business at an affordable price. Be it a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants; the solution helps you manage the online ordering and delivery efficiently and manifold your revenue big time. Not only food businesses, but our GloriaFood clone is also a reliable option for entrepreneurs wishing to build a top-notch online food delivery marketplace. Reach us to reach heights!
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Vital Features Of Our GloriaFood Alternative

Order customization

Allow users to customize ingredients in their food orders while placing their requests, making them feel more valued.


Let users re-order their past food orders with just a single tap, saving their time and efforts.

Order scheduling

Enable users to schedule their orders from their favorite food establishments prior to the preferred date and time, with the delivery location.


Allow users to place food orders via your platform and pick them up directly from restaurants when the orders get ready.

Table booking

Apart from online food ordering, users can pre-book tables in the restaurants listed on your app, cutting down wait time and long queues.

Flexible payment

Empower users to pay for their orders via their preferred payment options - be it online or Cash On Delivery (COD).

Refer and earn

Offer reward points to users referring your app to their friends and family circle. An excellent option to promote your platform via word of mouth marketing!

How Does Our GloriaFood App Alternative Work?

Users register

Users register with your platform and place their orders with the needed information like contact details and delivery address.

Restaurant notification

Restaurants will be instantly notified. They can review the orders and start processing them as early as possible.

Order Process

The orders are passed on to the delivery team once they are ready.

Order delivery

Delivery drivers travel to users’ locations and deliver the orders at their doorsteps.

How Does Turnkeytown’s Food Ordering Solution Stands As The Ideal Alternative To GloriaFood?

Our feature-laden GloriaFood Alternative can be a perfect start for extending your food delivery service. Here’s how our solution stands out from its competitors.

Other competitors
White Labelling Free Additional fee
SEO optimization Free Additional fee
Real-time order tracking
Route navigation
Custom push alerts
Insightful reports
Admin dashboard

What Will You Get With Our GloriaFood Alternative?

Our GloriaFood clone development solution includes robust Android, iOS, and Web applications for every stakeholder involved in the business ecosystem, as listed below.

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Restaurant Android App
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Delivery Driver Android App
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel

Features Integrated Into The GloriaFood Alternative

User profile

After signing up with the app, users can create and manage their profiles with their personal and contact details.


Users can add food items to their cart, review the order, provide the contact details and delivery address, and proceed to checkout without any hassle.

Order tracking

Users can track their food orders in real-time once they are out for delivery.

Push alerts

Users will be notified of their order status, ETA updates, feedback-related information, etc., via in-app push notifications.

In-app chat/ call

Users can readily reach out to the restaurant or delivery executive in case of any query.

Service feedback

Be it food ordering or delivery process, users can share their feedback and rate the service availed.

Restaurant profile

Restaurant managers can create and manage the profile of their food establishments with all necessary information.

Manage menu

Restaurant managers can manage the food items on their menu and keep updating them regularly.

Instant request alerts

Restaurant managers are instantly notified of the order requests placed by customers and start processing orders right away.

Track orders

Restaurant managers can track the food orders that are out of delivery until it reaches the customers' doorsteps

Customer support

Restaurant managers can attend to user requests and queries at any time of the day.s

Promos and coupons

Restaurants can increase their conversions by offering promo codes and coupons to avail offers and discounts while placing the orders.

Availability toggle

Delivery drivers can go online or offline at their convenience using the availability toggle mode.

Accept/ Reject orders

Delivery drivers can choose to accept or reject a delivery order due to any valid reason, including location, distance, time, etc.s

Route navigation

Delivery drivers are provided with the best-optimized route to reach users' locations without delay.

Update status

Delivery drivers can mark the status of the food orders as delivered once the request is completed.s

Manage multiple orders

Delivery drivers can serve multiple delivery requests at the same time if the locations are close to each other.

Earnings stats

The revenue of delivery drivers is shared in the graphical representation to give them an idea of what they earn daily/ weekly.

Admin dashboard

The admin can manage all app operations with a bird's eye view from the powerful admin dashboard.

Manage orders

The admin can view the completed and ongoing food orders and track their status in real-time.

Live chat support

The admin team can extend customer support via live chat when customers face issues with their order delivery.

Loyalty program

The admin can offer loyalty points to customers every time they place an order. These loyalty points can be deducted in their upcoming orders.

Analytical reports

An insightful report on the app's performance, sales rate, etc., is presented for the admin's view.

Manage promotional ads

The admin can manage the ads to promote the restaurants listed on the app or third-party businesses for an ad fee.

Manual order booking

Let the admin team receive orders via email/ SMS/ phone call, place the order online, and manually dispatch drivers.

Multilingual support

Our GloriaFood Alternative can support multiple languages to ensure users can access the app in their preferred language.

Multi-currency support

Enable users to pay using any currency type with this outstanding add-on feature.

Multiple sub-admin control

The admin can create various sub-admin roles, so the access to the admin dashboard is limited based on the sub-admin role.

Multiple locations

Restaurants can list their food businesses in multiple locations, allowing users nearby to place their orders.

Newsletter subscriptions

The admin can share newsletters with customers to inform them of the offers and special deals and track the newsletter performance periodically.

Diverse Revenue Streams To Include In The GloriaFood Alternative

Commission-based model

Collect commissions from restaurants for every successful order they receive through your food ordering platform. A remarkable option to earn a stable income.

User subscriptions

Users can subscribe to your platform by paying subscription fees to avail free food deliveries and other special offers and discounts.

Delivery charges

Charge your users with a delivery fee for each delivery request processed. An excellent option to make a substantial revenue in the long run.

Third-party advertising

Generate massive revenue by promoting products/ services of third-party businesses by displaying their ads on your GloriaFood app alternative platform.

Why Choose Turnkeytown?


We white-label the GloriaFood Alternative end-to-end, changing its branding elements completely to align with your business.

100% Customization

The solution is highly customizable, allowing you to make any changes to the feature set or technology stack as per your business requirements.

Scalable solution

Our GloriaFood clone is a scalable solution that can accommodate any change in the coming days as per the evolving business landscape.

Advanced reports

Keep track of the performance and earnings of the app by analyzing the insightful reports generated periodically.

24x7 Support

We extend our support throughout the app development process, keep you posted on the progress, and address your queries swiftly.

Free app submission

We assist you in launching the app on the Android and iOS platforms by submitting it and ensuring it abides by their regulatory compliance.

Free app rejection support

In the case of app rejection, we offer our assistance to fix any issue that led to its elimination and resubmit it to ensure its launch.

Post-launch maintenance

We don’t end our job once your app is up and running. We extend our free-of-cost maintenance support post-launch for a limited period to ensure the app performs hassle-free.

Pricing Plan Of Our GloriaFood Alternative

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain / Server with iOS & Android App


Hire Our Expert Restaurant Ordering And Delivery App Developer

At Turnkeytown, we employ the best minds for our app development projects to ensure we deliver a cutting-edge food ordering and delivery application. They possess the domain expertise to research the market and develop a solution that is unique, reliable, and robust. This way, you will be able to gain an edge over your competitors. Hire our expert developer’s team right away to set foot in your niche in an instan

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

GloriaFood Alternative is a ready-made food ordering and delivery script that helps businesses venture into the thriving food delivery business in a short period. Being a highly scalable solution, it offers room for future enhancements with ease.
We are a leading app development company specializing in the development of online food delivery system. We have been serving in the field for several years, helping us understand the market trends in and out. Our domain expertise and experience will help us in building a robust application for your food business.
Yes. We strive to provide end-to-end solutions, driving us to provide post-launch maintenance support as part of the project. It is free of charge for a limited time. After this, you can avail our paid services at an affordable rate.
Absolutely. Our GloriaFood Clone is a highly scalable solution that empowers you to upgrade your app as your business expands without hindrance.
Contact us over email - or phone - +1 718 521 4600 right away. Our team will provide you with the best assistance possible.

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