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Flipkart Clone App Development Solutions

Elicit your entrepreneurial dreams in the happening ecommerce sector with a mindblowing Flipkart clone app. Brace yourselves, Time to ship some orders!

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Flipkart Clone - Launch a multivendor E-commerce App Like Flipkart!

E-Commerce is an industry standing tall, witnessing a steady surge in recent years with new users getting onboard in it and new vendors partnering up with it as it aggregates their business. E-commerce apps have sneaked themself into the lifestyle of people; it is a part of the millennial and GenZ culture now. The millennials prefer purchasing through ecommerce apps over storefront purchases. Every day a new product is added to the ecommerce marketplace for the users to get them to go out of stock in a wink.

Walking into such a potential industry with heavy competition may not seem easy, but if you carry artillery along with you, the probability of outdoing your competitors is high. In this doorway, your artillery is a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace like Flipkart. So, thrilled to get in there, we can be your armourer designing and building you a fine and seamless Flipkart clone app.
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What is Flipkart Clone?

A Flipkart clone app is a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace with a wide range of products for customers to go on a shopping spree resting their back in their cozy bean bags. Join us and enroll yourself for a Flipkart like ecommerce app development.

Must-Have Features Of Flipkart Clone

Exploring The Products

Let's keep things interesting and effortless here. Allow the users to navigate to the product they were looking for effortlessly, along with exciting suggestions of related products.

Real-Time Tracking Of Orders

Keep your users updated on the status of their orders, so they don't have to keep worrying and wondering when they will receive their orders.

Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to payment, let's keep it wide and diverse as each user may have their own preferred payment method.


Every user out there has a list of products they want to purchase, but not now for various reasons. Let's offer them a wishlist so they can list all of those products here.

Push Notifications

Keep your users notified of every new arrival, new updates in the app, the updates on their order, and more.

Ratings And Reviews

Bestow your users with the liberty to write reviews on every product they purchase, so the next user reads it and decides why they should also be purchasing it.

We offer a diverse range of solutions in the ecommerce sector.

Traditional Business

Are you a conglomerate of the olden days striving to make your mark in the new age? We got you.


Burning with passion and energy, waiting for the gasoline to let the fire spread, the Flipkart clone script is all yours.

Joint Ventures

Found your partners and your business goals, now, waiting to take off, if that’s the case, then Flipkart clone is your ticket.

Shopping App

Get your shop online and let your products knock the doors of cities and countries you never set your foot on.

Marketplace App

Time to bring in all the vendors and buyers in an online marketplace as a real-world marketplace doesn’t feel safe anymore with the pandemic at our backs.

Retail Store App

Got a vision to scale up your business from a retail store to an online retail store? A Flipkart clone is your best chance.

Custom niche-specific eCommerce app solution
we can develop with Flipkart clone

  • Shopping Mall

    So you own a shopping mall, and you want your customers to carry your shopping mall in their pockets, we got you.

  • Electronic Store

    Owning an electronics store and looking to scale up? Flipkart clone is the switch to the next step.

  • Grocery Store

    Time to sell some veggies online and make your customers stay home comfortable while you get it delivered to them.

  • Jewellery Store

    Selling diamonds, gold, and silver, you should showcase the splendid design works to your customers all over the world by launching a digital platform.

  • Furniture Store

    Owning a chain of furniture stores, you need a break from running from chairs to tables. Get your digital platform and manage your business from your couch.

  • HealthCare Products

    Running a business selling healthcare products, you should go online now and widen your customer base.

  • Sports Equipments

    A number of sports fans are out there in the digital world running fan fights; to lure them into buying your products, you now need an online platform.

  • Any Business

    Literally, you own any business and turn it into an online marketplace. Remember the quote of Bill Gates, "the business that is not online is out of business."

How Does A Flipkart Clone Work?

The workflow of an ecommerce store is facile and comprehensible to everyone.

Step 1:

Get the vendors and business owners on board with you after a verification process.

Step 2:

Allow the vendors to list out their products on the platform with luring pictures and descriptions.

Step 3:

Now put a shoutout and let your customers rush into your platform in swamps by signing in to the platform.

Step 4:

They will be amazed to see the collection of stellar products enlisted, and it will be a time for shopping sprees.

Step 5:

Users will add the products they are going to purchase in the cart one by one.

Step 6:

They use any one of the multiple payment options integrated into the platform and make their purchase.

Step 7:

The payment is received by you, and the vendor is notified of the order.

Step 8:

The vendor packs the product and gets it ready for dispatch.

Step 9:

You deduct the commission and send the payment to the vendor.

Step 10:

The product is dispatched for delivery to the user.

The Key Benefits You Are Susceptible
To By Launching An Ecommerce Platform

Reach New Audience

On launching an ecommerce platform, your business is susceptible to reach an audience beyond your street, city, and your country.

User Data

You get to keep a record of the data of users signed up on your platform, their shopping behaviour, and more. So, you could target them with the right ads.

Brand Recognition

Launching an ecommerce marketplace online makes your business more authentic and credible, branding it as the new-gen business.

Better Accessibility

Your customers do not have to walk to your store anymore; they get to window shop the products in your store and purchase them in the comfort of their home.

Always Available

Now you are online, and that means your store is always open for your customers; they can shop in the middle of the night or in the early morning with no constraints.

Alluring Features

Flipkart clone comes with attractive features that avail your customer's comfort and access to numerous products in a few taps.

What do we offer in Flipkart Clone Script?

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Delivery Person Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

Flipkart Clone App Features

Sign Up

To start shopping with you, your users have to sign-up using their social credentials.

Advanced Search Option

Let's make shopping easier with an advanced search option so the user could simply type in the product they are looking for.

Explore Page

Treat the eyes of customers with a platter of products they would love buying without a second thought. Let them roam around by scrolling through the page like they would in the shopping malls.

Add To Cart

Shopping is a habit that does not tend to stop at one for many. The users can add all the products they want to purchase to the cart before checking out for payment.

Place Orders

The main event in an ecommerce shopping platform. The customer gets to own all the products they have been wanting to just by resting on their couch with a few taps on their mobile device.

Product Categorization

Categorize all the products to make it easy for the customers to find the product they are looking for.

Add To Favorites

Not all users have the luxury to buy all products they like instantly at the moment; some may need time to purchase, they can add the products they want to purchase to the favorites list and buy them later.

Multiple Payment Options

Let's offer your users multiple payment options so they don't find any shortcomings in the payment process.

Multilingual Support

Your customers can be from any part of the world; ensure they feel at home when shopping with you with multilingual support.

Review And Ratings

Space for the users to open up and write about the products and the services offered by you.


The personal details of the delivery person are verified strenuously and then brought on board with the app.

Order Details

The delivery person is provided with the details of the order like the order number, the products, the delivery address, and the total amount.


It is not possible for the delivery person to be aware of all the routes in the city. They could use the Google Maps navigation feature integrated with the app to reach the user's place on time.

Track Earnings

The delivery person can keep themselves aware of the amount they earned for each delivery and thereby motivate themselves to accomplish many more deliveries.

Order History

A list of all the deliveries accomplished by the delivery person is kept record here.


The delivery person can also write reviews on the customers and their way of treatment.

Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard with insights on past performance and future predictions.

Vendor Management

Keeping vendors on track with the orders and the products is now a cakewalk.

User Data Management

The data of all the users is recorded here and can be managed in case of any need.

Product Listing

Listing new products in the platform and removing products with bad customer reviews can now be done in a few taps by the admin.

Manage Ads

Posting ads of products, discounts, and offers in the marketplace for the customer's view can be done by the admin effortlessly.

Track Orders

The status of every order can be tracked down in seconds by the admin.

Payout Management

The amount to be paid out to the vendors after deducting the commission is managed by the admin here.

Report Generation

Reports are generated periodically to be insightful about the business and its proceedings.

Vendor App

An app for the vendors to manage their inventory and the product listing.

Wallet Integration

The integration of e-wallet to the app for the customers to use it as a payment method.

AI Integration

Integrate AI into your app and get insights like the customer shopping behavior, their favorite products, their shopping interval, and more to target with the right ads.

Chat Bots

Provide instant answers to the commonly raised questions of your customers with in-app chatbots.

EMI Options

Offer your customers the luxury to pay in small installments inclusive of interests, so they could buy products that cost high without feeling the burden.

Store Pickup

The products can be picked up from the vendor's place and delivered to the customer directly.

Premium Addons We Have In Store For You

Banner Design
Put up an eye-catching banner on the homepage of the app and lure your customers to do some shopping.
AWS S3 Bucket Integration
Integrate Amazon Simple Storage Service with the Flipkart clone and relish storing and retrieving unlimited data.
Watermark all the pictures uploaded to your platform; this marks as a branding strategy as well increases the authenticity factor.
OTP Login
Forgetting passwords is a normal thing today. Users can log in to the platform by entering the one-time password sent to their respective phone numbers.
Background Video
Let's keep your users engaged even when they are logging in, with attractive videos running in the background.
Google Recaptcha
Build your credibility by integrating Google Recaptcha and secure your user's data from spam and other offensive activities.

The art of revenue making is what keeps businesses breathing.

Seller Commission

Any vendor partnered up with you is susceptible to witness a spike in sales as your marketplace is an aggregator. In return for this surge, they are expected to pay a commission on all sales made through the ecommerce platform.

Premium Subscriptions

Offer your customers the privilege to pre-book products that are about to launch, access to delivery fee, and more other exclusive offers for a fee; you are about to earn a lot in premium membership subscriptions.

Google AdSense

As an ecommerce marketplace, the traffic is going to be huge; leverage it by creating a Google AdSense account and run ads on the platform.

Custom Mobile Ecommerce Technologies
That On Integration Can Spike Your Sales

Augmented Reality

Customer experience is a game-changing factor for any business. Sweep the feet of your customers with AR.

Artificial Intelligence

Know more about your customers, know at which time of the month they would shop and on which month they will be on a shopping spree.

Voice Search

The customers are turning so busy and running out of time to be patient enough to type and search for the products they are looking for. Reward them with voice searches, so they don’t have to type and lose their time.

Subscription Services

Ask your customers to pay a fee for a premium subscription and offer them exclusive access to free deliveries, pre-booking, rentals, no ads, and more.


Don’t let your customers wait long for queries allowing the chatbot to answer all their questions instantly.

Customizable Products

Proffer something new for your customers and customize products exclusively for them and make them feel special.

Benefits Of Choosing Flipkart Clone For Your Venture

White Label Solution

Your ecommerce store comes brand new with the logo of your business and a unique design resonating with your business in every aspect.

Super-efficient Admin Panel

The admin panel is your one-stop to manage all sectors of your business from users, vendors, delivery person, payments, and more.

Custom Payment Gateway

You get to choose the payment gateways to be integrated with your app considering your customers into account, and we will do it for you.

Unlimited Number Of Vendors

Get them all on board with you to put up a marketplace with numerous vendors and products for your customers to have a lot of options to choose from.

Multilingual Support

Never let your users feel alienated, make them feel at home, and you will always be their first preference. Be prepared with multilingual support for your diverse customer base.

Multi-Currency Payments

Your customers can be on any side of the globe so let’s be prepared for them with a multi-currency payment system.

The cost of developing an ecommerce marketplace like Flipkart depends on various factors.

Premium Or Basic
The ecommerce app required for your business can either be a basic one or an advanced one with a lot of plugins. In the case of a basic app, the price may be low, whereas, with the advanced app, it can substantially be high.
iOS And Android
Deployment of apps also plays an integral role in the cost of the app. If you need your app to be deployed in Android, it may cost lower compared to getting it deployed in iOS. Not to mention deploying on both platforms.
Hybrid Or Native Apps
Native apps are widely preferred considering their compatibility on all devices, making them more costly when compared to hybrid apps.
Feature Integration
The addition of every single premium addon feature like a chatbot, AI, AR, etc., all play a major role in the cost of the app, as each one of these plugins comes with a price.

How We Develop Your Flipkart Like App?


Requirement Analysis

We create a checklist of all the add-ons and customizations required for your business.



We share the checklist with our team and structurize a road map to build a robust one that satisfies your business needs.


Intuitive UI Design

Our designers create a design that throws magic spells on your users, so they come in search of your app every time their desire for shopping peeps out.


Back-End Development

Our team of knucklehead developers builds you an app that makes your users feel comfy and cosy with exemplary features.



Now, this is a strict team that keeps testing the script in every stage of development, ensuring that there is no place for bugs.



You get to test run the fully developed app, and the moment your eyebrows rise in excitement, we launch it on the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Turnkeytown for Flipkart like app development?

  • Free Server Installation

    On building the Flipkart clone app with us, we install it in the server of your choice for free.

  • Free Support

    We offer free bug support throughout the development process and also extend to a specific period after the deployment of the app.

  • Native Languages

    Our developers build the app on the native languages of Android and iOS making it compatible with all devices.

  • Free API Integration

    If you require any third-party plugins to be integrated into the app, we do that for free.

  • White Label Solutions

    We offer 100% customization facilities making your app completely white-label, resonating with your business in every inch.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Once we give you a date of delivery after structuring the road map, we never divert but gift you a robust app on or before the date we promised you.

Hire Your E-commerce App Developer

We have a team of passionate developers who have been specified to be ecommerce app developers with their success rate and immense knowledge in this arena. You get to hire a fusion of expertise and experience that comes along with a sense of care towards your business. We are all ears when it comes to studying your business requirements and are completely focused when it comes to developing the app. Go on and hire your ecommerce developer and launch a robust app with seamless performance before the date you’ve marked in the calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

No. We never include any hidden charges. You can trust us always, as we charge for just one time.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.
The future is promising for the ecommerce industry and especially apps. Our Flipkart clone is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.
Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.