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Disney Plus Clone App Development

Video streaming platforms are the new televisions! The subscription-based video streaming platforms market is on a surge. Leverage this market by launching your Disney Plus clone app instantly.

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Disney Plus Clone
Launch a Video On-demand Services App Like Disney Plus!

TurnkeyTown is an app development firm striving to build apps that skyrockets our clients business into the global marketplace. Like you, we have also noticed the graph of the video streaming platforms. Both the user base and the market share has been on a steady rise for some time now.

Subscription-based video streaming app solutions have now become part of people’s lives especially the millennials. The millennials have even begun to host weekend parties just to watch some content, either a movie or a series, from a video streaming platform. The terms like binge-watching are something we could often hear today.

The market share of video-streaming platforms is predicted to have a compound annual growth of 21%. This is a huge number for any business. It showcases the potential of this market and also explicitly hints that you have a vast space to explore here. If you are someone waiting to unleash your entrepreneurial dreams, this is the time. Launch a subscription-based video streaming platform like Disney Plus today and pick your share from this market to be put in your pocket.
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What is Disney Plus Clone?

Disney Plus clone is a ready-to-launch, bug-free video streaming platform of global standards. It is 100% customisable with respect to your business needs. It is a robust app with the unbeatable back-end of the exemplary Disney Plus itself. With slight customizations, you can launch an authentic white-label video streaming app of international standards.

Pre-Eminent Features Of Our Disney Plus Like App

Dynamic Admin Panel

A dynamic admin panel offers the business owner complete control over the content, users, payments, and accounts in a few taps.

Multiple Monetization Channels

Our Disney Plus clone is built-in with multiple channels that can help you make revenue. It is built-in based on your business model and your target audience.

Multiple Upload Channel

You don’t have to rely on a single upload channel for all your needs. We offer you multiple options like YouTube link, Amazon S3 bucket, website link, and normal uploads.

Multiple Payment Options

Every user is comfortable with different payment methods. Our Disney Plus clone app does not disappoint any user. It comes with multiple options like credit/debit card, net banking, P2P transaction apps, e-wallets, etc.

Unlimited Data

The Disney Plus like app is developed carefully to handle enormous videos, categories, and users. So you don’t have to bother about data constraints and keep on scaling up your business.

Native Android/iOS App

We developed our on-demand OTT video streaming platform using the native technologies for both Android and iOS apps for a seamless performance.

Quick Upload

Our video streaming platform comes with a feature to convert high-resolution videos to low-resolution videos while uploading to make a quick upload.

Easy Onboarding

The users and the admin can sign-up to the app effortlessly by using their email address, contact number or social credentials.

Our Multifaceted On-Demand Video Streaming App Development Solutions

Disney Plus Clone App
Video App Development

We develop a video app that represents a TV presenting the end-users with their favourite TV shows with no subscriptions.

Subscription-Based OTT Platforms

Build an OTT app similar to the well-flourished and successful ones like Disney Plus with your own authentic contents and user-favourite contents.

Online-Video Streaming Platforms

Live stream videos of games and shows in your platform exclusively for your audience. Live streaming can get you numerous subscribed users.

Workflow Of Our White-Label Disney Plus Clone App

Disney Plus clone is developed with a simple workflow understandable by diverse audiences of all ages.

Step 1:

The user downloads the app from the Android/iOS store.

Step 2:

They sign-up with the app using their social credentials or contact number effortlessly.

Step 3:

Now, the explore page is displayed with numerous video contents.

Step 4:

The user can surf through the explore page for the video content they like to watch currently.

Step 5:

They can also use the search option to type the title of the content they want to watch directly.

Step 6:

Once the user has selected the video content to watch, a preview of it is shown along with a description and the casting list.

Step 7:

The user can now play the content and watch it online with no interference.

Merits Of Launching Our Disney Plus Clone App

Wide-Spread Audience

You are at an advantage to present your platform to the global audience instantly. With efficient marketing and authentic user-engaging contents, success in this business is inevitable.

High-Quality Streams

Disney Plus clone offers a robust infrastructure to deliver high-quality contents using your server.

Mobile View

As a mobile app, your users can now watch video contents wherever they are at any time. It is no more necessary to be at home or the workplace to watch videos.

Stream With No Interference

As a subscription-based platform, the users get the privilege to watch their favourite with no advertisements or other interruptions in the middle of an intense scene.

What do we offer in Disney Plus Clone Script?

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Website

  • Admin Panel

Disney Plus Clone Dashboard

Interactive Features Of Our OTT Video Streaming Platform

Our Disney Plus clone App comes with numerous interactive features for your customers. Have a look at some of them.

Getting signed up with a Disney Plus clone is simple: the user has to use their email address, contact number, or any of their social credentials. On verification of the account used by the user, they are taken on board.
Profile Management
An OTT platform is susceptible to be shared by family members or friends. In this case, the users can have their own private profiles and watch their favourite shows there.
Explore Feed
The user is served with a platter of interesting video contents, documentaries, movies, sports, and shows here.
Let the users have it all sorted out for them. Categorize the videos in the app so they could head straight to the kind of videos they want to watch at the moment.
Video Streaming
A robust video streaming feature that supports high-quality videos and audio along with subtitle and audio language option features.
Watch Later
If your user is interested in watching a video and doesn’t have the time for it at the moment, they can add it to the watch later list.
The user gets to make a list of all their favourite videos so that they can go back and watch them whenever they want to.
Downloading Videos
The user can download a video they wish to watch and watch it offline later.
User Management
The all-in-one admin panel assists the admin in managing all the user data in a few taps.
Uploading Bulk Videos
The admin can upload more than one video at a time using the admin panel. As a video streaming platform waiting to upload videos one after the other will be so tiring but with a robust admin panel like ours, you don’t have to worry.
Effortless Publishing Of Videos
Publishing a video in the app for the users to watch is now made easy. With our admin panel, the admin can publish the video in a single tap.
Content Management
The admin can upload, delete, or edit the videos using the admin panel in a few taps effortlessly.
Advertisements And Promos Management
The advertisements to be displayed in the app and the promos for the upcoming videos are managed by the admin using the admin panel.
Live Streaming
Live stream sports or any other reality shows for your users so that they can relish the joy of watching live shows.
Chat Options
Allow your users to chat with their friends while watching a movie or a show. This feature can make watching videos more interesting.
Review And Rating
Reward your users with the privilege to share their comments on a video they watched. This also gives the user who is about to watch the video a vague idea of how good the content is.
Upcoming Videos
Keep your users updated with the videos that will be soon available on your video streaming platform.
Multiple Language
For an OTT video streaming platform, the audience can be widespread over the globe. Language should not be a barrier to your growth. So avail your users with multiple language audio options and multiple language subtitles options.
Before watching a video, allow your audience to have a preview of the video so they could decide if they should watch it.

Revenue Streams You Can Exploit With OTT Video Streaming App Development


The user pays a monthly subscription fee to get access to all your watch-worthy video contents. This is the prominent method of generating revenue using an OTT video streaming platform.

Pay Per View

Create and release exclusive contents in your platform and charge the end-users to access these exclusive contents individualistically.


Allow other third party businesses to showcase their advertisements in the Disney Plus like app and also at the start and end of the videos.

Disney Plus Clone Application

Breaking Down The Development Process Of Our On-Demand Video Streaming Solution


Analysing Business Needs

Our core team of experts have a discussion with you to understand your business needs, thereby creating an app that best fits your needs.



We sketch a plan to develop and customize the Disney Plus clone script to your business needs in a short time.


Sound Design

The design team and the front-end developers work together to create a design that acts as a mouthpiece to your brand and also pleases your audience.


Back-End Development

Our team of expert video streaming app developers start working on the customizations and the plug-ins to be integrated into the OTT script to create a seamless app.


Testing & QA

The strenuous testing team runs numerous tests on all stages of the development of the app to ensure seamless performance and a bug-free app.



The fully functional robust app is presented to you for approval, and on your nod, it is deployed in the Android and iOS stores.

A Wide-Ranging Video Streaming Platform For All Industrial Needs

TV Channel Broadcasting
Broadcast TV shows live in your app for increased user retention.
The movie buffs in our society are widespread. So offer them the best movies, and they will stay in your app all day.
Religious Teachings
The religious teachings, practices to be followed, and the reasons behind certain practices can be taught to users through OTT apps.
Live streaming of sports is one easy method to increase your user retention rate in a short time.
Are you a fitness expert? Get it online by creating videos on fitness awareness and video classes through video streaming apps.
This world has already embraced e-learning, so starting one similar to an OTT app would be a guaranteed success.

Know Why You Should Choose TurnkeyTown For White-Label Disney Plus Like App Development

Irrespective of the experience and expertise we have in developing a video streaming platform, we also offer other alluring features for you.

  • Free Server Installation

    Once the app is developed and is all set to hit the app stores, we deploy it in the server of your choice for free.

  • Free Deployment Service

    We launch your seamless white-label Disney Plus clone in Android and iOS platforms for free.

  • Scalability Factor

    Our developers wish all our clients to hit a global success. As an extension of this belief, we develop the app with numerous scalability options.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Once we get on board with you, we provide you with an expected time of delivery and deliver it before the deadline we mentioned earlier.

  • Round The Clock Support

    Yes, our support team is always here to resolve your issues despite what time of the day it is.

  • 100% Customization

    It is your dream and we just help you build it by developing an app. So, we never compromise in the customization part; we present you with an app exactly the way you asked it to be.

Hire Our On-Demand Video Streaming App Developers

The entertainment industry has evolved. People have been televisions behind and are moving forward towards the OTT platforms. This industry is growing and in the future with no doubt. So get on board as soon as possible to relish the maximum benefits from this industry. Hire our well-experienced and expert video streaming app developers to make your dreams come true.

You can hire them for,

  • Part-Time
  • Full Time
  • Hourly Time

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We offer various other subscription-based video streaming clone app solutions like Netflix clone, Amazon Prime clone, Hulu clone, and the list goes on.
Yes, we offer 100% customization services developing the app into a completely new one focusing on your business needs. It will only resonate with your business model in every feature as well as looks.
TurnkeyTown strives to offer cost-effective solutions and act as a third hand that assists your business to grow. Give us a call and share your business so we can provide you with a quote with the exact pricing.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you and keep it confidential in any case. Your idea never leaves our doors.
Relish our support services for free even after the deployment of the app for a specific period of time. Later make a small payment and get our support for a lifetime.