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Why Should You Get Onboard Into The NFT Market With Foundation Clone?

The surge towards the development of the NFT platform has created an impact in recent times. According to DAppRadar’s recent analytical reports, the trading volume of the non-fungible tokens has profitably increased to $10.67 billion in the third quarter of the year 2021. Without further doubt, it is indeed a great hit in the crypto market. If you aim to enter into the lucrative crypto business, then Foundation clone will be the right choice, and this blog will enlighten you more about it.

What Is The Significance Of Foundation Clone Script?

Foundation Clone Script is ready to launch software that can be tailored based on your business needs. It is completely built using the source code that is incorporated with essential features and other functionalities. The Ethereum based blockchain network provides the users with secured ETH wallets and helps the creators to tokenize their artworks digitally. Thereby, you can launch a digital assets trading NFT platform without further delay with a ready-made solution.

In general, Foundation is a US-based NFT platform that emerged in the online crypto market in 2020. Like the term non-fungible tokens define, the digital assets cannot be fabricated in the Foundation platform.

In this case, almost all NFT platforms are built based on the Ethereum standards, such as the ERC-721 and ERC 1155. Moreover, the open-source Ethereum blockchain is widely used in the NFT market to tokenize digital collectibles. Apart from this, the main focus of the Foundation NFT platform is to serve the NFTs for social good and promote a charitable cause.

Now, Look at the astounding statistics of NFTmarketplace that will provoke you to start with your own creative digital collectible platform.

In-Depth Statistics Of NFT Auction Marketplace:

With the craze towards the crypto-collectibles, the white-label NFT auction marketplace has shown tremendous growth in recent times. You will be stunned to know the data of the cryptocurrency industry and will never stop yourself from creating one of your own.

Although there are top NFT platforms such as OpenSea, CryptoPunks, Rarible, without second thoughts, the Foundation NFT platform has embarked on identity among all the crypto enthusiasts. If you take a look into the statistical reports, the NFT marketplace has created a spike among the crypto enthusiasts withholding $116.5 million trading volume in the last 24hours.

  • The international newspaper “The Economist” was sold on the Foundation NFT platform for 99.90 ETH [ $473,251.28] in recent times.
  • In the Opensea NFT platform, the digital assets sales have reached $150 million in June 2021.
  • Apart from this, the “Disaster Girl” meme sold for $473,000, whereas the “Nyan Cat” was sold for $590,000.
  • Meanwhile, the Foundation, a community-based NFT platform, has grabbed the attention of crypto users from all over the world. It has witnessed a 23.90% increase in the users with a $1.08 million trading volume within 24 hours.

I hope this would have been vivid for entrepreneurs like you to step into the NFT marketplace confidently. Now, let us jump on to the most important part of this blog. The effective ways to boost your digital collectible platform in the competitive market.

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Lucrative Features Of White-Label Foundation Clone:

Like mentioned earlier, the white-label Foundation clone can be tailored completely based on your business requirements. Likewise, you must incorporate your NFT marketplace like Foundation with necessary features that will attract your users. Take a keen look at it right away.

Creator Profile:

There is a space for the creators on the profile page to display their artworks, the bidding details, a gist introduction about the creators, and many more to grab the creators’ attention. This digital artwork display will make the crypto enthusiast bid and buy them. With the Ethereum blockchain network, the creators can quickly mint their digital assets.

Social Profiles:

The crypto users can link their other social media accounts to share it efficiently for any charitable causes and decentralization.

Alluring Storefront:

When you build your Foundation like NFT development with an alluring storefront, you will grasp the investors’ eyes. The detailed information about the digital collectible in an attractive way helps the investors successfully navigate your NFT marketplace.

Prominent Artworks:

The creators can make their digital collectible displayed on the top of the NFT platform like Foundation to more investors to bid on the digital artworks. This Foundation clone displays the prominent artworks along with the price of the digital artwork and further details of the creator.

Decentralized Storage:

The NFT marketplace focuses on a decentralized storage platform with a peer-to-peer network, thereby excluding third-party access. Moreover, it makes the transaction more translucent, secure, and efficient.

Advanced Search Filters For Assets:

You cannot let your user stumble with your digital collectible platform with many categories displayed. Thus, the advanced search filter feature will help the investors efficiently and quickly navigate into the digital assets displayed on your platform.

Live Auctions:

The live auction is the essence of the NFTs and boosts the investors to withhold the rare collectible. The foundation NFT platform displays the current bid price and also the end time of the live auction.

Discord Community Support:

With the dedicated discord community, both the artists and the buyers can communicate efficiently. Moreover, all the traders will be included in the discord channel after successfully registering into the foundation NFT marketplace.

What is the perk of creating an NFT platform without integrating them with advanced features? I hope the features mentioned above would have made a spark to come up with different creative ideas. Stay focused to learn more about the offers that can be availed at our esteemed blockchain development firm.

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We help you build the Foundation like NFT marketplace development with the latest tech stack and other functionalities to make your platform easier to mint, buy, sell and trade the digital assets.

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Winding Up,

In conclusion, the Foundation Like NFT Marketplace Development is at its peak as it is more convenient for the users to own the crypto-collectibles of artists. If you are a thriving entrepreneur who dreams of stepping onboard into the NFT marketplace, Turnkeytown offers the best solutions instantly. Time to draw a lot of crypto freaks right away!


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