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Why Build A Gas-Free NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

It is always the spark that creates a wildfire. However, NFT created a revolution in the contemporary era; we could say that the core spark was “OpenSea” – the first NFT marketplace to magnetize NFT freaks. Not only is it playing a sole source for the budding creators, but it also sowed the seed for numerous budding entrepreneurs to follow in its footsteps. Are you one among them? Then, take a plunge with an NFT marketplace like OpenSea and witness 20x reach in this lucrative market. We shall now explore why it is ideal for entrepreneurs to create an NFT platform with a pre-made solution. 

Discovering What OpenSea Clone Is All About?

You must have noticed that “OpenSea was the pioneer in the NFT market.” Yes, you have heard it right! While the NFTs were booming, OpenSea has taken a major role too in uplifting these exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital assets. This undoubtedly paved the way for the creators/artists from various spheres to get recognized for their digital artworks. 

“Begun in the year 2017, an American-based Non-Fungible Token [NFT] marketplace, OpenSea is still the most desired NFT marketplace for NFT users. This stupendous marketplace allows the creators/artists to sell their digital artworks directly to the NFT collectors through a fixed price or by an auction method.


OpenSea is built on an Ethereum-based token standard [ERC-721], making the digital collectibles one-of-a-kind. It also follows the layer-2 scaling solution [Ethereum Polygon], KIP-7 standard [Klaytn], and SPL standard [Solana]. ”

Although OpenSea has been persisting in the NFT market since 2017, it took its peak in the year 2021. And we could say that it was the turning point in all our lives. The interest in NFTs went nuts and crazier day after day, and now, the world is bound with it. 

OpenSea has been considered the world’s largest Non-Fungible Token [NFT] marketplace, with its value going up to $13.3 billion. Do you think that it would stop? Nah! It is just the ignition process, and yet more to go! Along with this, you might think, what would be the core reason for its growth and worship as a ‘God’ for all the budding tycoons? 

Unveil The Sustaining Reasons Of OpenSea – NFT Marketplace! 

  • Gas-Free Marketplace 

Did you know that there is no Gas fee in OpenSea? Yes, with the effective Polygon blockchain, they have moved one step higher in providing their valuable NFT traders with a “Gas-Free” NFT marketplace. Right from creating to transferring, it is all gas-free.  

  • Device Compatibility 

“Making NFTs Available and feasible to all” is their motto. Keeping that in mind, they moved on to the next phase, the “OpenSea mobile app.” Yes, they have launched a friendly mobile app, helping the NFT enthusiasts to make the process done in the palm of their hand. Thereby, discovering and managing the exclusive NFTs is easier than anyone can imagine. 

  • Decentralized Web

There is no threat to the valuable user’s data. With the robust blockchain network in-built, OpenSea expands its trust, safety, and reliability for its valuable NFT users. Each day they are scaling up high in a technical way, aiming to serve the users with core benefits. 

  • Copymints Preventions 

OpenSea has been working as a team to reduce the “Copymints” that occur on their NFT marketplace. In order to break the barrier that occurs within the communities, find the one-of-a-kind [authentic] content. With just two-part systems, it helps them to sail towards the goal that they desire for. To be vivid, they have introduced two systems, 

  • Image Recognition Technology 
  • Dedicated Human Review 

To eliminate all the copymints existing in the OpenSea and prevent any new copymints in the upcoming period. With the enduring improvements and keeping the dedicated users updated is the key to the growth of OpenSea.

  • Ecosystem Investments 

We could say that everyone wishes to uplift their NFT business in some way or the other. In that case, OpenSea has launched two exclusive new community investment programs. This is brought to empower the communities and creators of various niches to move forward economically independent in the new booming digital economy. Having introduced “OpenSea Ventures” and “Ecosystem Grants,” they stretch out their hand in supporting the innovative creators, teams, and also upcoming technologies. 

Uff, Breathtaking, isn’t it? So, coming back to your NFT venture. Our team of blockchain developers can do anything for you to obtain such a similar growth in a jiffy time. 

Your Web3 Dreams Turns Live With Our Blockchain Experts!

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Can Anyone Build A Gas-Free NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

Undeniably, anyone can start to build a gas-free NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Yes, you heard it right! Just like it is present in the NFT marketplace – OpenSea, you can also develop your platform with an advanced blockchain. 

However, we have discovered that Polygon blockchain offers a low transaction cost; you can ensure your NFT enthusiast also witness a gas-free NFT marketplace. Through your effective NFT platform, you can make the NFT traders create, buy and sell the NFTs for absolutely free. Invade all the NFT traders to utilize your platform to seek a good amount of profit in the upcoming future. 

So, do you like that idea? And having established it right now, why not implement it in a split second? We all must have come across this phrase, “Strike the iron while it is hot.” Our blockchain experts love to face challenges, and it is always a cakewalk for us. 

Thinking About What Else We Can Do For You? 

Everything that an entrepreneur seeks for. Yes, right from brainstorming the ideas and understanding the entrepreneurs’ requirements to make it live. Besides, we also lend hands to our entrepreneurs to market their NFT platform on various social media streams. In layman’s terms, we undertake both pre-launch services and post-launch services and aim to elevate entrepreneurs’ business. 

To be much more clear with the process, we intake your ideas and create a layout of it and work on it to our customer’s satisfaction. Then, we move on to the designing phase, where we will build your platform in your chosen blockchain network. 

As mentioned right at the beginning of the blog, blockchain is the key to making your NFT marketplace look more feasible and attractive. Let it be the security, transparency, or trading of digital assets; everything will fall under the prototype that is built into your white-label OpenSea clone.

In our development process, we focus on implementing everything that you (entrepreneurs) ask for. It will include all the key features (auction hosting, digital wallet integration, bidding, and many more), experiencing a seamless marketplace model. 

Last but not least, we ensure that you take away your complete product without any glitches or bugs in your OpenSea clone. Hurray! You have made it, and your NFT marketplace like OpenSea, is LIVE!!! Gives goosebumps, doesn’t it? 

Get Everything Done Under One Roof Now! 

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We intake your dreams and turn them into reality. Why not get involved with highly-qualified blockchain experts right away to experience your golden fortune tomorrow? As a team of blockchain developers, we render top-notch NFT development services like, 

  • White-labeling / re-branding services  
  • Long-term tech support services 
  • Seven days a week, services 
  • Agile NFT development and marketing services 
  • NDA Confidentiality and what not? 

Come forth for yourself and experience the fringe benefits you gain through our experts. 

Winding Up

You (entrepreneurs) have explored everything that you ought to know about OpenSea. Now it is time to put all the processes together in your white-label OpenSea NFT marketplace. TurnkeyTown, your professional blockchain development partner, is right here to empower your ideas into real profit. Fill out the form and get your free consultation today!

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