School Bus GPS Tracking Software

What Is The Significance Of Employing School Bus GPS Tracking Software?

Have you ever wondered if traveling to school can be ensured with complete safety? Yes, the School Bus Tracking Software provides users to easily track the location of children efficiently. The app developer will integrate the real-time tracking device to allow users to view the locations feasibly. This blog will explore why it is mandatory to invest in creating an app to track school buses.  

What Is A School Bus GPS Tracking Software? 

Our app development firm offers entrepreneurs a ready-to-launch solution of School bus GPS tracking software. This allows entrepreneurs to venture into the online platform instantly without further complications. Stay focused to know the significance of developing a school bus GPS tracking software.

The school bus tracker referred to as transport management software that will synchronize with the mobile app development. Through this platform, the fleet managers, parents, bus drivers, and school admins can efficiently connect and have a view into the live locations of the bus. This emerged widely concerning the safety of the school-goers, and it started to flourish in recent years. 

Significance Of School Bus GPS Tracking Software

School Bus Tracking System enables the users with a real-time tracking feature where the parents can track the bus boarded by their children and view it whenever their children board or deboard the school bus. Our app development firm built the app with the latest feature to allow the users to have a seamless experience. The GPS tracking system also ensures instant alerts once the students leave the school and board the bus. The can view view the route vividly and be aware if the user get stuck between traffic or any different routes that the drivers take. 

The access to the live location information promptly sends messages to the parents if the arrival time is delayed either for the pickup or drop. These instant notifications to the school management and parents will relieve stress. The wide benefits for the students boarding the bus for any trips, excursions, school picnics, or any other purposes an instant notification highly appreciated. Therefore, providing the information promptly for the users will make your school bus tracking system booming in the industry. 

Secondly, through this tracking app development, you can ensure optimum usage as it provides the drivers with the best routes that can save the time being stuck in the traffic, less fuel consumption, and many more. The school admin will view detailed information about the number of trips per school bus, the average time it takes, and the easiest routes. Therefore, the school admin can proceed with an analyzed optimum manner to save time and fuel efficiency. 

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Insights Of Features 

Moreover, the app notifies the drivers whenever they Overspeed the vehicle, rash drive, engine idle time running, sharp turns, etc. The instant notifications regarding the bus drivers’ behaviors and habits will widely help prevent accidents.  

Similarly, it also prevents unauthorized usage of the school buses. The school bus tracking system instantly alerts the school admins whenever the engine switches on. Therefore, it stops unauthorized use or any other fraudulent usage of the school bus. 

Last but not least, manual record-keeping can be quite a complicated task, but our school bus tracking software provides a digitized form of recording the complete details of distance traveled, number of trips, hours of travel, and many aspects. Thus it allows the fleet managers, drivers, and school admin to look into the detailed data analysis whenever they require. On the other hand, it also helps them to boat their business efficiently. Apart from this, the users can also create a customized process of the reports with few taps on the mobile apps. 

Enthralling Features Of School Bus Tracking System

Our app development firm, Turnkey Town, a renowned company for offering a wide range of advanced features and integrating them with the latest technologies. In addition to this, we build separate panels for users, school admins, fleet managers, bus drivers to experience a seamless flow of the school bus tracking system. Take a peek into the enthralling features that we are offering entrepreneurs.  

Parents App Feature 

  • Live tracking: With our live tracking system, the parents can view the scheduled routes of the bus that their children have boarded. 
  • Direct Communication: Parents can directly communicate with the school management and bus drivers through your school bus tracking system.
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Alerts: The parents will be instantly notified once their children have been picked up or dropped off. 
  • Entry & Exit Alerts: Keeping the parents engaged with the app will enrich its safety and peace of mind. Every time the children de-boards or board the school bus, alert messages will directly sent to the parents. 
  • Proximity Alerts: Waiting too long for children can create fear for the parent. Our proximity alerts feature notifies once they are nearing the home, and therefore the parents can be ready to pick their children up. 
  • Offline Access: The app will function offline; therefore, the network error won’t be a problem for parents to track their children. 

School Admin App Features  

  • Route & Stage Management: School admin can create, manage routes, and stage routes to experience a hassle-free solution. 
  • Notifications: The school admin can send instant notifications to the parents regarding the school vehicle and the drivers about any new changes and updates. 
  • Ignition Alert: They will also be notified immediately if the engine is switched on/off. 
  • Speed Alert: If a school bus increases its speed, the school admins will be directly alerted.
  • Stoppage Alert: If a vehicle is being halted in a single stop for too long or any unauthorized access will be notified. 
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts: The location-based service is a virtual perimeter for a real place, and in this case, the users can view any block in the scheduled routes. This helps the drivers to have a quick trip to the destination. 
  • Reports: The school admin will receive all the detailed reports of the school bus vehicles.

Driver App Features 

  • Navigation: The in-built GPS route system helps the drivers to navigate towards the drop-off and pick-up locations and along with the estimations of time arrival (ETA). 
  • Monitor Speed: The school bus is tracked and monitored all the time, and if the driver crosses the speed limit, the app instantly alerts the drivers to slow down the speed. 
  • Live Cam: Through this live cam, the school admins can completely view the vehicle outside and inside, which is an add-on safety for the children. 
  • Active Communication: The drivers can instantly communicate with the parents and school authorities regarding any delays or other updates. 
  • Mark Attendance: Whenever the students board the bus, they can mark the attendance. 
  • Notifications: A quick notification is sent to the drivers if a student is on leave or updates in the scheduled routes. 

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Winding Up 

In conclusion, launching a school bus GPS tracking software can be highly beneficial. It has the safety of the school-goers and ensure relief for the parents. Our app development company Turnkey Town is expertise in providing a white-label solution. This will help you to embark on an identity in the online platform. Connect with us to know the cost estimation and to start the development process instantly.

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