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An Ultimate Guide To Launch Finest Swiggy Clone App With Advanced Features

Who would not love to have sumptuous food without having to toil inside the steaming kitchen? Many on-demand apps are getting launched in order to satisfy the basic needs of customers from all parts of the world. Likewise, the emergence of on-demand food delivery apps has been a great boon for people to order their favorite cuisines right at their sophisticated place. We offer the budding entrepreneurs with white-label Swiggy clone to venture into the prominent online marketplace.

There are multiple food delivery apps such as Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, Foodpanda, Justeat, and so on. Even private restaurants have launched their own platform to boost their business profitably, for instance, the Domino’s Pizza app. So, the hype and craze for food is increasing day by day, and entering into the online food industry will definitely boost your business irrespective of the competitive market. Read more interesting facts and requirements to launch an alluring restaurant to customers delivery app right away.

How Does A Swiggy Clone App Help To Boost Business?

Swiggy clone is the replica and also an alternative solution for the existing app packed with a complete source code. This widely benefits the entrepreneurs to skip the process of developing an app from scratch. Our app development app aims to tailor your app like Swiggy based on your business requirements. Moreover, our app development services offer 100% customization, and thereby, giving your space to throw your ideas towards our experts. Still, puzzled? Take a vivid look into the various features of the Swiggy app to flourish in the online food industry.

Essential Features Required For An App Like Swiggy

The advanced features that you integrate into your app like Swiggy, will enhance the flow of the platform in the future. Why don’t you take a glance at the essential features offered by our highly professional developers?

1. Contactless Delivery

With the spread of the Covid-19, people always desired to maintain a physical distance from one another. In order to follow these social norms, integrating contactless delivery would boost your food delivery platform in a great way. The delivery person will deliver the food in a safe spot outside the customer’s house and notify them through call and SMS notifications.

2. Takeaway Option

The customers can be office goers or stuck up with any work schedules or having a journey, in that case, they can place the order for the foods in the nearby restaurants. Once the food is ready, the customers can pick up the food order directly from the restaurants. This helps them to cut off the waiting in the long queue in their busy schedules.

3. Safety Badges

You can make the customers gain the trust of the restaurants and delivery person by including the safety badges feature. In this way, the restaurants and delivery persons can upload any certificate stating that they are free from any symptoms and also regarding the vaccination certifications.

4. Live Location

Integrating the GPS tracking system is vital for your users to have efficient access to all the processes. Let it be the customers searching for the nearby restaurants and the delivery person who goes to the customer’s location for food delivery, and the live location shows the vivid en route. With this live location feature, the customers and restaurants can efficiently track the delivery agent’s locations.

5. Browse Restaurants

The street food vendors and elite restaurants can now link their company to your on-demand app like Swiggy efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the customer can browse the restaurants within their proximity level with the GPS tracking system. With the advanced search filter option, the customers can choose the food that they require from the distinguished cuisines.

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6. Schedule Delivery

No one wants their favorite food to be delivered when there is no one to pick them up. In that case, the customers can avail the scheduled delivery option and choose the order of the delivery. Therefore this helps the food to be stranded and quick delivery at the scheduled time.

7. Instant Notification

To build a bridge between the admin and the customers, instant push notification plays a vital role. With this notification feature, the customers get messages regarding the food order that has been placed, the payment confirmation, the arrival of the food order, delivered status, and many more. Moreover, this push notification keeps the customers engaged with your app and more excited about their food order.

8. Multiple Payment Integration

Nowadays, all the on-demand apps include multiple payment options for customers from all spheres to utilize your app efficiently. You can integrate your on-demand food delivery app like Swiggy with credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, and many more.

9. Order History

Keeping track of the order history will enrich the restaurant owners to proliferate their business in a greater way. So, the detailed order history would be beneficial for the restaurant owners.

10. Discounts & Coupons

Who would say no to discounts and surprise coupons? You can allow the restaurant owners to update discounts on special events to keep the users engaged with their restaurants in the future.

11. In-App Chat

Good interaction and instant reply is the success for the growth of the business, and integrating the in-app chat feature would be a great option. In this case, the customers can interact with the restaurant owners and also with the delivery person regarding the food orders and other queries.

12. Website Orders

Apart from the regular food order through a mobile application, you allow your customers to place food orders through your official websites too. This will enhance your app to be utilized through different platforms efficiently.

13. Reviews & Ratings

Once the food order is successfully delivered to the customer’s doorstep, they can give ratings and write reviews regarding their experience. This makes them boost their business and sort out the queries for the customers.

These features are essential to get a seamless flow of your app in the future, and apart from this, you can throw your creative ideas on other different features that can be infused to gain a large user attention.

Quick Gist Into The Revenue Model Of Swiggy Like App

We build your on-demand food delivery Swiggy clone app in such a way that it gains a multitude of revenue streams. A few profitable ways to generate revenue are listed below.

  • Commission Fee
  • Delivery Fee
  • Google Ads
  • Restaurant Promotions

Winding Up

To conclude, Turnkey Town offers well-curated solutions for the curious entrepreneurs who wish to dwell in the leading online food delivery marketplace. Grab your Swiggy clone app at an affordable price and make your online platform visible all over the world.

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