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How to make money from Portion Clone?

NFTs are the new black on the investment trend. Owning digital assets is the new fab talk. Do you want to get in on the trend but you’re just not interested in trading? We’ve got just the solution for you. Develop a Portion NFT Marketplace Clone and stay ahead of the curve.

What is an NFT Marketplace?

“An NFT Marketplace is a platform developed for the special purpose of selling, storing, trading, and in some cases minting NFTs. These marketplaces can be compared to what amazon or Flipkart is for commodities.”

Necessity of an NFT Marketplace:

  • Unlimited Space to expand
    NFT marketplaces have access to huge liquidity pools which comprise countless transactions on a day-to-day basis. Anyone can access this marketplace to buy and sell their digital assets as long as they pass the KYC process of the marketplace.
  • Fully Digitised
    Everything is digitized. To use the marketplace one needs to have access to a crypto wallet with cryptocurrencies in it. That’s it! No need to go in person and purchase anything.
  • High Compatibility
    Most marketplaces are compatible with wallets on different blockchain networks and their currencies. This makes it easy for the end-users.

Portion NFT Marketplace

Portion NFT Marketplace lists a variety of collectibles from different artists. The calling specific to Portion NFT Marketplace is to form a reliable platform which possesses a high level of transparency that enables the exchange of high value, authentic and sleek digital art.

The portion has grown from a pioneer to a leader for NFT Marketplaces at a rare heightened pace. They also strive to control the cost and environmental effects that mining can have.

Every NFT marketplace charges a commission fee for being able to trade on their platform. This commission is generally taken as a percentage of the total amount of sales carried out. This is where a Portion Clone differs as artists are charged 0% commission of their primary sales and 11% commission rate of commission on their royalties from secondary sales. The platform will be built in such a way that even with 0% commission at primary sales, it still makes heaps of profit.

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Portion Clone

Portion Clone is an NFT Marketplace script that looks and feels like Portion. This script retains the features and core functionalities of Portion so that no time is wasted during the development stage. The support shown by major NFT traders towards Portion is the main reason for scripting a ready-made Portion Clone. It is a white label NFT Marketplace script developed for listing and minting NFTs that also allows you to auction and bid. Portion allows artists to list various types of NFTs on the platform like video, metaverse materials, images, digital collectibles, and land documents. Portion Clone can be developed on the blockchain network of your choice. It could be on the major ones such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, or any other blockchain network. 

How to create an NFT Marketplace like Portion?

UI Development:

The most unique and eye-catchy user interface will be created for a clone in order to catch and retain the attention of traders and artists.

Handpick your Blockchain

Choosing a blockchain network requires critical analysis of the pros and cons that each Blockchain network comes with. So take your time to determine your network as the future growth of your business depends on it.

Proper Digital Wallet Integration

After the development of the initial compartments of the clone, integrating multiple digital wallets with your platform as no trader seldom keeps all their cryptocurrency in one wallet. Plus multiple wallets will provide access to multiple currency types thus easing the process for your users.

Stringent Smart Contracts

Portion is a decentralised NFT Marketplace which means you really need smart contracts to guard and secure everyone on the platform.


Blockchain experts will conduct a series of stringent testing to erase and fix all bugs. This testing is conducted to ensure the smooth running of the platform.

How does Portion Clone Work?

Portion Clone will work with familiar features and functionalities as Portion NFT Marketplace. The transaction, minting, auction, verification and other processes will all function similar to Portion. A clarity of Portion from a buyer and seller point of view:

  • Buyer
    The buyer has to sign up to the Portion Clone and integrate the crypto wallet that they use. The buyer will be able to filter out the NFTs based on their categories with the filter features present on the site. They can then take part in auctions where the seller decides when the bid is over and the transaction takes place. Once the transaction is over the NFT is automatically transferred to the buyer’s NFT wallet. 
  • Seller
    Sellers also need to sign up to the Marketplace and integrate their wallets to the website. If the seller is also the creator of the said NFT then the seller needs to mint the NFT before listing it on the marketplace. It can also be minted on your Portion Clone for an additional service fee. The seller then goes on to encash the NFT by auctioning or opening bids for it to determine its market value.

Who should opt to develop an NFT Marketplace like Portion

  • Exchange owners
    People who own CEX and DEX should opt to develop NFT Marketplace as they already possess half of the required resources.
  • Museum and Auction houses
    NFT Marketplaces will make their jobs easier by digitizing everything for them for their auctions to their artworks
  • Artists Management Agencies
    Agencies that already have a collection of exceptional artists should make use of the booming NFT craze to make more money.
  • DeFi Platform owners
    If you own a decentralised Finance platform then you’re already on the NFT train. Why not travel all the way?
  • Music Brand Labels
    NFT music is the next evolution for music so Music brand Labels need to stay ahead of the curve by having their own marketplace.
  • Custom Product Owners
    Most NFTs nowadays have real-life use. This can be advantageous for Custom Product Owners.


Wanna mint money or not?

NFTs have connected investors with artists, combining the world of investment with the art world. The value of NFTs keeps rising with passing time. No one can say what new opportunities will be brought on by the crypto universe but the thing we can sense for sure is that it is a lucrative business. So hop on the NFT train before it is too late by developing your own NFT Marketplace like Portion and start minting money as you let artists mint their NFTs.

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