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Polkastarter Clone | Why Should You Require An IDO Launchpad?

Are you keeping track of the booming blockchain technology? Then, you would not have missed out on coming across the new-trending fundraising platforms. Yes, I am talking about the IDO launchpads that are being a pioneer in fundraising for crypto-related projects. This has already grasped numerous attention from crypto users worldwide. And it is a decentralized platform that most users prefer. Are you too curious to explore the crypto-verse? In that case, getting along with a Polkastarter clone is the optimal choice for entrepreneurs. Do not get puzzled. This blog will be your ultimate guide to enlighten all about the IDO launchpads. And the easiest ways to venture into a similar existing platform.

What Is A Polkaster Clone?

Polkastarter clone is a prefabricated solution to the existing decentralized fundraising platform. This ready-made solution is exclusively curated for budding entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy. And, also for the people who are seeking a faster venture method. You might now question, what makes a Polkastarter clone in demand? Undoubtedly, its highly-customizable solutions and zero friction solutions.

Entrepreneurs like you do not have to start from its groundwork; rather, it just requires simple alterations and adjustments as per your business needs. It completely works even more, simpler than you can imagine. And it also works on the diverse features and functionalities that you are up to incorporating in your ready-made solutions. You will explore them later in this blog.

Is It Profitable To Start An IDO Launchpad?

As mentioned earlier, these IDO launchpads have gained a lot of attention and positive success from the user’s end. Who would ever miss a platform that is functioning as a key to raising funds for crypto-related projects? On the other hand, there is a steadfast rise for the IDO launchpads. This is the current demand in the crypto-verse day by day. Considering such a note, gearing towards an IDO launchpad development is the undeniable choice for the business people.

Core Benefits Of Polkastarter Clone

Entering into the massive crypto space with a stunning fundraising platform like Polkastarter is indeed an ideal choice. Now we shall take a rapid glance at the benefits you provide through your platform.

Be Agile For Raising Funds

The startups will seek your DEX platform like Polkastarter to raise funds/ investors for their crypto projects through the Initial DEX Offerings process. This is the core functionality and agile process for raising funds that will help to gain more investors. However, they can view the crypto projects that are displayed on your exclusive fundraising platform.

Provide Secured OTC Trading

OTC, which is commonly known as Over-The-Counter. This is a process for providing security for the cryptocurrency exchange. And highly utilizes for financial purposes platforms. Over-the-counter trading can involve stocks/equities, debt instruments, and derivatives. These are financial contract that has a derived value as a commodity. Thereby, the stocks can display on the exchange platform and trade via OTC. In addition, it can be called both over-the-counter equity securities or OTC equities.

Offer Privileges Like White-Listing

Through the white-listing process, the users can avail discounted sales by undergoing it on any upcoming projects. In this case, the crypto users will be eligible to participate in IDO. They will find the crypto-related projects based on their likings and apply them to the white-list. Who would ever miss the golden lottery system?

It is time for us now to unveil the essential features that will uplift the functionalities of your fundraising platform.

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Highlighting Features Of A Decentralized Fundraising Platform

Cross-Chain Swap – Now, through your fundraising platform like Polkastarter, your users can trade crypto tokens on different blockchains efficiently.

Fixed Price – The crypto projects will display a fixed price, and it will remain the same for all the tokens. Once the initial supply is bought, the price changes and provides stability to new tokens.

Unflattering Listing Process – As mentioned earlier, anyone can list their crypto projects on your decentralized platform like Polkastarter. Therefore, it provides a safer environment for the permissionless listing of crypto-related projects.

KYC/AML Verification – Likewise, those who give interest in taking part in the fundraising platform now once have completed the verification process. Thereby, you can implement the KYC/AML verification into your platform to achieve an authentic place to raise funds.

Anti-scam Feature – This anti-scam feature is integrated with your IDO platform to prevent the access of the third party. This will increase the trust between you and your crypto users. In addition, the users will be able to check out the details of the token, blacklists, poxy patterns, transaction volume, token holders, and many more.

Governance Model – The native token holder will receive governance rights to vote on the platform through this governance model. This especially aims to focus better on its development and upgrade system.

Liquidity Mining – The liquidity mining programs can be run on your platform like Polkastarter. In this case, each user who gives a contribution to the liquidity can be incentivized for their efficient participation.

Therefore, these basic features require building an IDO launchpad like Polkastarter.

How Does Our IDO Launchpad Development Firm Act As Your Cornerstone?

We, at TurnkeyTown, have well-experienced IDO launchpad developers, providing curious entrepreneurs with inimitable solutions. As we have developed numerous successful IDO launchpads, it is now a piece of cake for us. Apart from the development process, we travel with you throughout the journey. Guide you with innovative strategies and analyze your business requirements more quickly. After that, we provide,

  • Hasten the development process for an instant launch of your project
  • Lifetime support
  • Technology support
  • Marketing services
  • Additional customization solutions, etc.,
Winding Up

To conclude, the new age of financing has evolved and created an unexpected impact on the lives of crypto users. And, to your note, there is no more space for thinking too much about starting it. Get into the action of beginning your enticing and efficient fundraising platform with our prefab White-label Polkatstarter Clone. TurnkeyTown is the renowned IDO launchpad development company that offers unlimited services at an unbeatable price. Do avail your bumper opportunity to excel in the crypto industry.

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