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Overpower The Social Media Industry By Adopting Adult Fanclub App Development

Subscription-based Fanclub websites like OnlyFans works based on a social network format entertaining the users and have gained popularity within a short span. Adult Fanclub subscription app is acclaimed for streaming adult video content, and it is worth noting that it not just persuades adult workers but also A-list celebrities, influencers, etc.

Indeed, the niche has fewer rivalries that present Adult Fanclub app development to be a suitable option for entrepreneurs looking to establish their business. So, before getting to the app development, let’s get to know about the perks and scope of the adult subscription app. In this blog, we shall also look at how to make the app more exciting for users and work well for your business. Shall we start? If Yes, then keep going!

What Is A Premium Adult Fanclub Subscription App?

Premium apps like OnlyFans or Adult Fanclub provide a platform for users to sell their original content, and fans can pay to watch the content of their favorite celebrities. The exclusivity of the app is that it does not impose any restrictions on the content giving total freedom for creators to share their exotic content.

The pandemic has halted many businesses, but it was this one business that was completely unaffected. In fact, OnlyFans was making billions in the same year. The reason is that the pandemic has left celebrities with no job. As a result, their focus shifted to subscription platforms for earning income. On the other hand, since people have been locked up at homes, these kinds of apps were the only source of entertainment.

Having seen the reason that skyrocketed the growth of Adult Fanclub apps, let’s now look at the assuring numbers.

Interesting Statistics About The Adult Fanclub App

  • The number of app users consistently increased from 350,000 in March 2020 to more than 1 million creators in December 2020.
  • Currently, 2 million content creators and more than 120 million users have registered on the OnlyFans app platform.
  • The artists and content creators make 64% of income from subscriptions, while the remaining 36% from pay-per-view messages and tips.

What Makes The Adult Fanclub App Development A Profitable Niche?

Several factors determine the profitability of the business, such as,

  • No restriction on content: As we know already, Adult Fanclub apps have an unrestricted content policy. This attracts artists and creators from all backgrounds accounting for the vastness of the fanbase of the adult industry, which in turn earns more revenue for the business.
  • Hosting Commission: The app charges 20% as a commission amount from the earnings of the subscription or pay-per-view of each content creator. Hosting a 20% commission from the content creators is actually a highly rewarding revenue as their earnings are so high.
  • Growth of content creators: Since several content creators have lost their job in the pandemic, OnlyFans like apps served as an alternative income source. This has shot up the fanbase as many users registered in the app.

By looking at all these, the success of the subscription app is very evident, promising a higher ROI from Adult Fanclub app development. Now getting to the development part, there are two ways of doing it: You can either build your app from scratch or buy readymade clone scripts.

The former one costs a lot and also requires high technical knowledge. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to launch their app in less time and less investment go for ready-made scripts. 

Top Reasons To Consider Purchasing The Onlyfans Clone App.

  • Advanced features & Functionality: The major challenge that comes with technological innovation is the issues and errors. Replicating the original tested solution not just helps you overcome the challenge but also provides opportunities to integrate with far more advanced features, interfaces, functionalities for improved efficiency.
  • Pocket-friendly: The cost of building an app from the ground is really expensive. While on the other hand, clone apps cost much less, providing you more money to invest in branding, marketing, promotions, etc.
  • Time-Conserving: Time is a crucial resource, and we all would admit that. Unlike building an app from scratch that incurs a huge loss of resources, effort, and time, the OnlyFans clone app can be developed and launched in a matter of a few days.
  • Vastly scalable: OnlyFans has already gone through the groundwork for a subscription-based business and tends to be scalable in nature. A well-versed OnlyFans clone app developer would do their fair share of analysis in making the solution even more scalable.

How To Rule The Social Media Industry With A Subscription-Based Clone App?

There are several companies that are trying to venture into a similar social media genre. When it comes to subscription-based social media networks, be it AdultFans club or OnlyFans, it’s all the same except for the features that distinguish one from the other. So, launching an app alone is merely not enough to survive in the market, but one needs to stand unique to make their brand identified. How do you gain the attention of users to use your app?

Here are a few exciting features that can make your app more fun and interesting.

  • Pay-per-view: It can allow the fans to interact with their favorite celebrities by paying a fee. The celebrities can set the fee based on their preference.
  • Subscriptions: You can provide a variety of membership packages that the users can purchase by paying a membership fee for availing of the premium services.
  • Live Streaming: Content creators can live stream individually or in groups to entertain their fan base. This feature helps broaden the audience by combining the fan base of different artists.
  • Tipping: It allows the overwhelmed fans to tip their favorite content creator. It favors the interaction between celebrities and fans.
  • Fan badge: It enables celebrities to pick a loyal and interactive fan among the followers and offer them a ‘top fan badge’. It encourages the fans and lets celebrities expand their fanbase.
  • E-Wallet: As transactions are bound to happen frequently, providing an extremely efficient way to make payments facilitates a hassle-free experience.

Wrapping Up,

With the increased number of celebrities and fans marching towards subscription-based social media platforms, the time is now ripe to get your business on wheels. Turnkey Town confers the best ever OnlyFans clone app development solution that does fall short of features, robustness and scalability. Contact our team for more details.

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