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NFTs or the Non-Fungible Tokens in today’s date can be referred to as a world-class asset that brings ceaseless fortune to its holder. If you have been in the crypto scene for a while now, then you must also be aware of the recent hype we just experienced. The 90 days surge of NFT sales became the headlines globally. This happened despite the slow clearance of the bear market. NFTs widening into all the areas that we can possibly fathom allows the users to enjoy the perks of business firsthand, with no intermediaries involved.

The development of the market is evident, and the latest trend among the NFT enthusiasts is the need for passive income. TurnkeyTown, as an NFT-based platform development company and expert in the blockchain industry, offers one of the best NFT staking platform development solutions that enable crypto and NFT enthusiasts to gain passive income.

The Vitalizing Concept Of NFT Staking

The usage of digital assets and the demand for them is increasing day by day for their intriguing nature to be providing ownership. Meaning with immutability and rarity ingrained with the development of an NFT, the blockchain-powered platform allows a unique space for the users where they can store and manage their assets. These are what we call the crypto wallet. You might wonder why crypto wallet.

The smart contract-driven platform, dedicated solely to trade and liquidity, requires an attribute that withholds the purpose, with the purpose of safeguarding the keys, cryptos, and the assets of the crypto wallet. However, with a concept like staking, it means locking up the assets within the platform, which in turn gets you that much-needed passive income in the form of rewards.

To put it simply, it is a way to attach the asset minted on the blockchain to a protocol from which you can receive rewards, all while preserving the ownership of the asset. In a way, it is similar to the traditional way of keeping your tangible assets with the bank as you keep getting the interest, just decentralized.

The Framework Of Our NFT Staking Platform Solution – How Do They Work?

Before getting into the workflow, it is essential to understand that it is not that every NFT can be staked. That said, deploying the NFT Staking Platform into the crypto ecosystem allows the smart contract written intangible assets to stay safe within the platform. It is so that the NFTs offer opportunities that are wider than a traditional forum, and that can be achieved only with enough liquidity in the crypto ecosystem.

  • With our NFT Staking platform development, the non-fungible tokens are transferred to the NFT staking platform. This makes the assets completely secured and offers the users the governance rights of the platform.
  • By transferring the non-fungible tokens to the staking platform, they are staked according to the protocol that the blockchain opted to offer.
    Here, the Annual Yield (APR) of the platform is established clearly with the users/NFT entrepreneurs.
  • The returns that the user receives from the tokens staked in the platform are the reward earned. This APR calculated relies on the royalty benefits and other more bringing in the flow of passive income.

Proof Of Stake (PoS)-What Do We Mean By The Blockchain’s Protocol?

Proof of Stake is a consensus mechanism of the blockchain that helps process the transaction of the assets in the blockchain. This proof of stake mechanism is a model where all the entries of transactions that are to be validated are kept secure within the platform. In that case, the data is verified by the validators instead of miners.

To become a validator of the platform, you must own coins that outweigh the others in the line. This PoS mechanism increases the efficiency of the platform by saving energy spent on validating the transactions made. Since the security of the platform is decided by the community of the platform, it ensures the decentralized activity of the platform, allowing the validators to receive rewards as transaction fees.

For instance, if you hold X number of coins to stake them, which is higher than Y, then you become a validator. This opens up opportunities to X, a range of revenue streams which, in time, gives them increased ownership over the newly created tokens along with astounding benefits.

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Factors To Consider Before Building the NFT Staking Platform

  • Annual NFT Staking Yield (APY) is where the liquidity of the assets is greatly defined by the rarity of the asset. Higher the rarity, the more the APY.
  • NFT and Protocol Token Staking permits you to stake NFTs only when the user combines the assets with protocol tokens.
  • Built-In Lending System allows the user to rent out the NFTs for a fee.
  • The lockup Period is where the user gets to decide on the duration of the stake. This hugely impacts the rewards earned by the user.
  • Staking Limits in the platform to restrict the number of tokens or NFTs that get staked in the platform.

Key Elements Of Our NFT Staking Platform Development

  • Embedded Staking Infrastructure
  • Diligent Security Enhancements
  • Returns Assessment of the Tokens
  • Interactive and Compatible User Interface, and
  • Smart Contract Integration

Benefits Of the NFT Staking Platform Solutions From TurnkeyTown

The below given are some of the key benefits that, as a business, you can enjoy by adapting our NFT Staking Platform Solution.

  • Tremendous rewards and profits from the NFTs staked in the liquidity pool.
  • Airdrops in the platform allow the user to keep posted about the business, as they will encourage them to visit more often.
  • Transparency of our NFT Staking Platform Development in the crypto ecosystem is created using the blockchain, where the public is open to viewing the results. This enhances the platform’s credibility amongst the users.
  • High Amount of Incentives where the effects of staking the intangible assets in a blockchain are made possible, creating a constant stream of passive income.
  • As a business owner, you get to access additional tokens in the platform through staking.

Why Should You Choose TurnkeyTown?

As an experienced blockchain-based platform developer in the crypto ecosystem, we strive to deliver assured intended outcomes within the stipulated times. Together with our expert alpha developers, we create a tangible impact in the crypto verse, our development process at a pace that accelerates your profit range.

If you are searching for a technically sound NFT Staking Platform Development, ally with our End-to-end services with a complete package to market them!

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