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NFT Marketplace For Real Estate – Traverse To Virtual Lands With Us!

We know that NFTs have spread like wildfire, and we are not right here to discuss the growth of NFTs or their core essence in the lives of creators or artists. Rather we are here to spotlight the hidden and puzzling topic of the NFT marketplace for Real Estate. Yes, you heard it right, the ‘Real-Estate NFTs’! 

Almost by now, we must have come across the NFTs playing a vital role in various industries. For instance, the Art industry, Music industry, Gaming industry, Sports Industry, Media and Entertainment Industry, and the list goes on. And hearing the real estate industry popping in can be surprising for. But to keep you [entrepreneurs] jostled, the Real Estate industry is consequently growing on the other side. And, it is even more worth investing in such a profitable industry. To say, you can even bet a dollar to a dime, and that is why we are presenting right here to guide and walk you through the gateway to success. So, let’s create a pavement for your NFT journey! 

What Is An NFT Marketplace For Real Estate?

NFT marketplace for Real Estate refers to an online NFT trading platform exclusively for virtual lands/parcels. The investors and agents can pop into this NFT marketplace to view the lands in the voxel [three-dimensional] format before purchasing them. The usage of the blockchain is advancing, and these marketplaces are good examples of it. But some people often confuse real-world lands with virtual lands. And if you, too, are curious to discover it? Scroll down further! 

NFTs and Real Estate – A Fortified Bridge! 

For past decades, the roar that we hear is none other than about the magnificent NFTs that captivated millions of digital assets collectors. However, Non-fungible tokens [NFTs] ain’t a new term to this world, but it has begun to flourish in the most recent days, and still, it has innumerable stunning things for its spectators. 

Meanwhile, we cannot miss out on the prominent role of the NFT marketplaces that are still being the hub for the NFTs pertaining to multiple domains. To highlight few notable NFT marketplaces that have left a remarkable example for the fellow entrepreneurs are as follows, 

  • OpenSea 
  • SuperRare
  • Decentraland 
  • Sandbox
  • Foundation 
  • Nifty Gateway and so on. 

Now, the urge to create an NFT marketplace has never stopped. But if you are stepping ahead into the unique concept of real-estate, it is a must that you get a vivid glimpse of it. 

  • It is now highly possible to connect the virtual land and the real world through this decentralized network. When we speak about the Metaverse real estate, it discusses the land parcels that are sold on the NFT platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and others. This is present virtually and does not exist in the physical world. 
  • Whereas, now, through this undeniable blockchain network, one can effortlessly mint their real-world assets. Typically, they get to tokenize the stunning real-world houses as non-fungible tokens. Thus, the owner of the real-world assets will proceed on to create a token that exclusively shares the ownership. Therefore, doing so can highly prevent any malware activities and eliminates the risks involved through any real-estate forgery. 

Now, we hope you must have got a clear understanding of the two distinctive variants involved in this NFT real estate marketplace. Let’s shift towards its development process right away. 

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How To Proceed With Real Estate NFT Marketplace Development? 

Process One – Idea Formulation 

Our blockchain experts will get to analyze all your requirements to start ahead with the real estate NFT marketplace development. Right from the blockchain network to the complete customization of your solution will be scanned overall before the big leap. 

Process Two – Outline Sketch

After gathering all the sources, our developers will then provide the mere outline of the marketplace to ensure the process is executed successfully. The alterations and adjustments will be made till it satisfies the customer’s requirements. Once everything is in its place, we move ahead with the development process. 

Process Three – Features Incorporation 

Features play a vital role in uplifting the flow of your NFT platform for the audiences. And in that case, our developers take a keen interest in integrating ideal features that will increase the audience traction and the flow of your platform. Our professionals are right here to bestow the captivating features. Do not forget to unfold the essential features highlighted in this blog. 

Process Four – Tech Stack 

We bring the innovation right in front of you and tech stack your solution with avant-garde technologies. This will boost up the functionalities and offer an enthralling interface for the NFT marketplace to function in the competitive aisle. Our web3 experts stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and never fail to incorporate them into your solution. 

Process Five – On Testnet & Live! 

Last but not least, we undergo a testament to make sure that there are no bugs or any glitches present within our solution. This will help you to gain trust among your users and sustain on a long-term basis. And once it is done, you are ready to go live in this lucrative NFT market and get a roar for your exclusive NFT marketplace. 

Unnoticed Features Of Decentralized NFT Real Estate Marketplace

  • 3D NFTs Exhibitory – All the virtual lands will be tokenized and listed on your decentralized NFT real estate marketplace. The interested investors will take a look at this 3D virtual land display and proceed on to choose the one to bid on. 
  • Digital Wallet – Digital wallets are essential to store digital assets in a decentralized network. Its data is also stored and cannot be fabricated at any cost. 
  • Auction – You can allow your NFT creators to fix the auction method; it can be either the English auction method or the Dutch auction method. Apart from this, you can also let your users avail the direct buy method.
  • Bidding history – You can also let your NFT users take a look at the bidding history, which will list the number of the virtual lands that they have bid and bought successfully. 
  • Favorites – Moreover, the NFT buyers can also favorite their 3D lands or parcels that they wish to buy in the future. This way, they can lessen their time in searching for it every time they enter the platform. Therefore, making it more feasible for the users. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication – To ensure any malware activities and to eliminate the middlemen, it is highly recommended that you incorporate the two-factor authentication. Thus, you get to gain more trust from your esteemed NFT users.  
Winding Up 

TurnkeyTown – Your Sculptor For An NFT Real Estate Platform Development is present right here! 

Our professionals develop an NFT marketplace for Real Estate in your desired way. Yes, you [entrepreneurs] heard it right, we provide the pre-engineered solution for you, and you get to customize it as per your business needs. Right from choosing the blockchain to implementing the technologies, everything goes in just your way. Why not touch base with our leading blockchain professional and know more about the development process in a vivid manner? And do not fill out the form to get a sneak peek into your quotation.

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