NFT Collectible Platform Like BAYC

Build An NFT Collectible Platform Like BAYC

NFTs are changing the way we buy and sell collectibles. Non-fungible assets have become the modern way of collecting rare and ancient items. With NFTs, there is no risk of loss of ownership or forgery. The NFTs industry is growing at an unprecedented speed. The number of NFT owners doubled in the year 2022 when compared with 2021. The total NFT market value is predicted to reach USD 147 Billion by 2026 at a year-over-year growth rate of 30.72%. If the growth of the NFTs industry has lured you to build an NFT collectible platform like BAYC and wondering where and how to build it, awesome! You have come to the right place. In this blog, you can learn about building an NFT platform like BAYC using the Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone.

Why Build An NFT Collectible Platform Like BAYC?

Many entrepreneurs are interested in developing an NFT collectible platform similar to BAYC. It is among the top-rated NFT marketplace in the world. Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the top five most valuable NFT collections, with sales totaling over $619 million throughout multiple NFT collections. In addition to the Ape collections, BAYC exposed the dogs to the NFT market, and their valuations quickly increased to $1.8 million. This NFT marketplace has sold NFTs worth $542 million. Therefore, starting your own NFT marketplace, similar to BAYC, will undoubtedly be a major success, and you can curate greater revenue from the forum.. The board apes are differentiated with 170 attributes making no two bored apes similar. Let us discuss in detail the attributes of the Bored Ape NFTs.

Attributes Of Bored Ape NFTs:

Background Colour:

Investors can purchase primates based on the colour of the background. For example, they can select options like army green, aquamarine, yellow, and purple for the background of the bored ape.


Apes are attractive when they wear unique clothing. Hawaiian, Navy, and striped T-shirts are some of the clothes they are dressed in. Investors can thus choose their favourite apes based on the clothing they are dressed in.


Want to display apes with a dapper appearance? Consider wearing distinctive ape earrings. Investors can purchase earrings made of silver, gold, or diamonds based on their tastes.


Apes are distinguished based on their looks. They may eventually have an NFT that closely matches their personality and behaviour. Investors can thus purchase apes with wide-open, dozy, shut, bloodshot, and bored eyes.

Thick Fur:

Humans lose heat more quickly than apes do. How is that even possible? Their abundant hair is the cause of this. Apes have their fur in colours like cream, black, dark brown, and golden brown, as well as in shades of brown and dark brown.


Bores apes are powered with different hats to match their personality. These apes are exhibited by wearing different caps. There are various styles like Beanie, Seaman’s, Fez, Cowboy, and Fisherman.

Facial Expressions:

When an ape’s mouth is open, exclamation and surprise is the perfect expression to use. In addition, little adjustments to the moustache and beard, as well as the addition of a cigar, will make apes feel charming. Selling collectibles with Bored, Grin, and head position, putting a finger into the nose will also draw in buyers.

It is important to give the best user experience to all your platform visitors. The BAYC clone comes with all the features, functionalities, and other plugins present in the BAYC. Let us discuss in detail the intricate features of a BAYC clone.

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Essential Features Of Our Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone Script:

Advanced Filters :

We make sure that your platform has an advanced filter that directs consumers to the most popular, current, most expensive, and least pricing alternatives. Users can quickly and seamlessly access the desired NFT.


It is important to have an eye-catchy storefront that rolls out the necessary information for users. Information includes name, price, description, rating, and more. These details play a vital role as it provides relevant information for the buyers before making a purchase decision.

Decentralized Platform:

The NFT marketplace we provide is a decentralized solution that eliminates the need for intermediaries from the platform, emphasizing autonomy and transparency.

Secured Wallet Setup:

An NFT marketplace is incomplete without wallet integration. A wallet enables seamless transactions for sending, receiving, and keeping NFT tokens. Popular wallets are MyEtherWallet, Coinbase, WalletConnect, etc. you can decide on the wallet as per your requirement.

Cross-chain Compatible:

Our platforms are built with cross-chain compatibility to enable interoperability over different blockchain networks. This feature allows users to transfer NFTs from one platform to another easily.

How does the Bored Ape Yacht clone Work?

Only a limited number of pixelated portraits are available on the Bored Ape Yacht Clone platform. Pixelated images are created in a certain quantity to maintain scarcity and raise exclusivity. Each collector must complete the KYC verification process to register on the trading platform. The first thing is to link their digital wallet to the NFT marketplace once the collector/buyer has registered on the marketplace.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club clone’s sales volume will be made public. All digital treasures are discussed, including those with ongoing bids, those anxiously awaited for inclusion in the auction, and those without any active offers. The item is put up for auction by the collector, with the highest bidder taking home the prize. Later, the NFTs will be transferred to the bidder who won the auctions.

Advantages Of Launching NFT Marketplace Platform Like BAYC:

High ROI:

Launching a platform as popular as BYAC makes way for huge liquidity contributing to a high return on investment. Additionally, with a white-label Bored Ape Yacht Club clone, you can rapidly launch your NFT marketplace.

Rare Collectibles:

Since the NFTs available on the platform are limited. The rarity and scarcity make them unique and exclusive NFTs in the NFT space.

Quick User Gaining:

BAYC is a popular and widely used platform. Launching an NFT marketplace with similar features and robust functionality helps you gain more users to your platform.


With our white-label solutions, you can get a fully functional and highly efficient NFT marketplace developed in a few weeks and, at the same time, at a budget-friendly cost.

Instant Launch:

Since it is a pre-built solution, it can be launched within a week, depending on your required customization.

Why is TurnkeyTown the best choice for development of your NFT Collectible Platform Like BAYC?

  • Proficient blockchain experts
  • Exclusive research and development team
  • Tailor-made development solutions
  • Access to advanced technological stacks
  • Development of Multi-chain compatible platforms
  • Implementation of military-grade security protocols
  • On-time delivery at economical prices.


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