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Make Learning Easy With Udemy Clone App [A Detailed Guide]

Everything around us keeps constantly changing – the way we learn, the technology we use and so on. To get along with the world, we have to stay updated with the change. Online classes have become quite normal nowadays. On the other hand, it has become a necessity for working professionals to learn new technologies to update their skillset. But, they couldn’t afford the time to attend classes due to their busy work schedule. That’s where the eLearning apps come into play to help these professionals by offering virtual courses.

Why Is It Worth Investing In The eLearning Industry?

ELearning marketplace establishes a seamless connection between subject matter experts and students for better learning of the courses in whichever field they choose. It not just benefits learners but is also helpful for the subject experts to earn money.

Talking about investment in the eLearning platform, you can check the following statistics for better understanding;

  • According to Statista, by 2026, the global eLearning market is expected to surpass USD 370 billion, which has been around USD 100 billion in 2019.
  • Augmented and virtual reality are the key trends in today’s world that have the potential to drive the eLearning industry forward in the coming years.
  • It serves helpful for corporate companies to save a lot of time and money by adopting eLearning strategies for training.

Having said that, the next is to choose the type of eLearning platform on which you can capitalize.

Why Choose Udemy Clone For Your eLearning Startup?

Udemy is an American online course provider that offers courses in almost all the categories – Machine learning, App development, Digital marketing and many more. Besides, it also provides training courses for business on enhancing productivity, etc. Udemy has set a successful business model with its efficient performance metrics and sophisticated learning management system (LMS) that makes it worth investing in Udemy like app development. So, if you’re planning to start a business, Udemy App development can be the right choice to turn your entrepreneurial efforts into success.

What Are The Various Aspects To Consider While Developing An App Like Udemy?

Every successful venture starts from a single idea. It is necessary to determine certain things before getting on with the app development.

1.Target Audience

Determining the target audience is the most important part before starting any business. For an eLearning app like Udemy, your target audience can be students in the age group 18-25 or professionals of any age group who want to sharpen their skills. If you wish to add university courses to your Udemy like App, the audience would also comprise universities.

To precisely know about your ideal customers, you can create a buyer’s persona that would define your customer, their specific needs and interests, challenges faced by them, etc. With all the gathered information, you can design a solution that convinces your customer to use your Udemy app.

2. Business Model

You ought to choose a business model for your business. Go further to know about them.

  • MarketPlace Business Model: In this model, you can organize the services of different instructors and sell their courses on your website. Basically, your app platform acts as a medium between instructors and learners. You can fix a commission rate based on source and course and earn a commission fee for every paid course accessed in your app.
  • Paid Certification: You can offer free courses for paid certifications. But in this model, the number of students who enrol for the course and the ones who pay for the certificate would dramatically decrease. That limits the revenue of the business and instructor.

So to say, the Marketplace model can be fair for you as well as the instructor in the long term.

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3. Feature Set

Analyzing the feature set is the key factor in determining the success of your app. The Udemy Clone script provides three ends of the app.

  • Learner App
  • Instructor App
  • Admin App

Key Features

  • Variety of Courses: Makes ample courses available on the page with clear categorizations.
  • No Mandatory Enrolling: Users can be allowed to surf through the complete list of courses without any eligibility criteria.
  • Free or Low-Cost Course Fee: You can offer multiple courses at no cost or that the paid features range affordable.
  • Immediate Access: Provides instant access to the chosen course resource such as videos, pdf, templates, sheets, etc.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Options can be provided to pay/stop/replay video lectures any time without any limits.
  • Separate Instructor and Learner Portal: Separate login portals for instructor and learner help them keep track of their courses.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 services to assist the customer with any issues they’re facing.

4. Revenue model

Its time to choose the prcing of your app

1. Subscription-Based: You can provide monthly or yearly paid subscription plans to your customers for unlimited access to all the courses. And a monthly fixed amount can be obtained from the educators for using the app platform to sell their courses.

2. Commission-Based: You can fix a certain percentage of the amount as a commission fee for all the enrollments. It favours a consistent revenue flow for your business. For better understanding, the Udemy app follows this revenue model on three tiers:

  • If a user enrols through a referral by the instructor, it charges a commission rate of 3%
  • If the user enrols by browsing the app, it charges 30-50% of the fee
  • If the user enrols through paid marketing ads, levies a commission of 75%

Partner With The Right App Development Company

After gathering all the requirements, you can approach the right company that ensures your requirements are fulfilled at an affordable cost. However, here are some tips for finding the right company.

  • Research their expertise in the field of app development
  • Know about their experience
  • Product portfolio
  • Meet the team and discuss your ideas, requirements, features for business growth and the development cost

Turnkey Town employs experts in app development who can help you build a robust Udemy like app that will be a perfect fit for your business. Our package includes Android and iOS apps that are technologically advanced in every possible way, giving you a competitive edge.

And The Final Say,

It is no wonder if we are going to say that eLearning apps will be the future of education, which puts eLearning apps in high demand for the next coming years. So, this can be the right time to pull out the opportunity and launch your eLearning app to provide a happy learning experience to your customers.

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