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Launch A Decentraland Clone And Enchant Millions Of Global Crypto Enthusiasts

Are you the one who is keen on stepping into the billion-dollar crypto and NFT market? Then get going with Decentraland like NFT marketplace development to flourish in your business within a short span and dominate the industry.

The NFTs and the NFT marketplaces are the hot potatoes of the crypto world. People around the world are talking about the buzz created by the NFTs. Thus the NFT market is heading towards advancements to thrill the users by providing a new level of excitement through virtual reality.

An Overview Of Decentraland:

Decentraland is the first decentralized 3D virtual reality platform that allows users to play, explore and interact with games and activities. It allows users to purchase parcels of land for building their own structures.

In 2017, Dencentraland was launched in beta. At that time virtual land parcels were sold for as low as 20 U.S. dollars. But the concept of NFT gained traction and led to a spike in numbers. Thus now each parcel is selling for more than 1,00,000 U.S. dollars.

Such a massive increase in the numbers is all because of the enhanced user experience and attractive features of the NFT marketplace that provides a real-time experience while using the platform. Various other popular NFT companies can also use the Decentraland platform to showcase their NFTs by creating marketplaces and hosting events and parties on their parcels of land. By turning on the public mode anyone in the platform can join the marketplace. In the case of private hosting, the users with the entry code can join the room. The money flow through the platform is always consistent.


The three native tokens of Decentraland are MANA, LAND, and Estate.
MANA is a fungible token that allows the user to store it up in any crypto wallet that supports Ethereum. It is easy to buy using fiat currencies or any other cryptocurrency. It is built in accordance with the ERC20 standards. Whereas the LAND and Estate are ERC-721 tokens. Thus it is immutable and each token is unique. The transaction details are securely recorded in the Ethereum blockchain network,

The live price of Decentraland’s MANA is 0.785820 USD with a trading volume of 61,287,556 USD in the last 24 hours. The live market cap of Decentraland is 1,427,973,093 USD.

Launch An Extraordinary Decentraland Clone To Enjoy Unexpected Perks In Your Business Journey

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How To Create An NFT Virtual Platform Like Decentraland?

The Decentraland clone consists of all the key features and performs just like that of the parent company. As it is a 100% customizable clone script, the platform can be personalized to a vast extent as per your requirements. Thus with the help of our zealous developers, you can add additional features to enhance the user experience.

Workflow of Decentraland Clone Software:

The working mechanism of the Decentraland clone is designed in such a way that the users and creators have a seamless user experience and understand the functioning of the platform easily.
Let’s understand the enchanting working mechanism of the software from the creator’s and trader’s perspectives.

Creator’s view:

  • The creators can sign up to the platform by entering the required information.
  • The creators can create themes, artworks, etc or place their pre-done digital arts into the platform.
  • Then they can mint the digital file to an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Upon completion of all the above steps, the creators can successfully place their NFT on the platform and make it available for the investors to buy.

Trader’s View:

  • The traders or the users can join the platform upon signing up.
  • The key step is to integrate their crypto wallet with the platform. This helps them to exchange the currency for buying MANA.
  • The user gets an avatar that they can customize according to their wish using the tools given on the platform.
  • Every purchasable element on the platform is available with the exchange of MANA.
  • LAND is a non-fungible token that represents a parcel of land. Buying two LANDs that are adjacent to each other is combinedly called an Estate.
  • The users can add many elements to their Estate and keep it either public or private.
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Vital Features To Include In Decentraland Clone Development:

The features of the platform decide the retention of the user’s interest in the platform. Thus it is vital to include alluring features in your decentralized 3D NFT marketplace. Some of the highlight features are as follows,

  • Enchanting 3D experience
  • Peer-peer networking
  • Metaverse compliant infrastructure
  • Instant Payment process
  • Secondary market creation
  • Sandbox tested marketplaces
  • Ownership ledger.

Apart from all these features, you can also include additional features that can help you to stand out from the existing NFT marketplaces in the market. This can also attract a vast number of users to join your platform. Similarly, focus on integrating higher elite features right away.

Why Elect TurnkeyTown For Decentraland Clone Development?

We at TurnkeyTown have our dexterous developers and designers all set to help you build extraordinary software with cutting-edge features. And, offers a scalable solution that can help you in expanding the features of your platform in the future when your business reaches new heights.

We promise to deliver tailor-made solutions that fulfill every detail and expectation of our clients. Complete research, development, deploying, and marketing process involved in launching your platform is all taken care of by our experienced teams.

Our hard-core team has high experience with all the latest technologies. Thus we ensure to build a robust solution using the advanced and latest software. However, you can obtain our solutions, enterprise clients like you can suggest higher ideas.

Taking Everything Into Account,

The spotlight is on NFT and NFT marketplaces in the crypto world. The decentralized VR platform makes it more enchanting that allures a vast number of global users to join the platform. It is the right time to develop a Decentraland clone software that promises to enhance the user experience to another level. With the growing demand for a real-time experience in the NFT platform that allows the users to play and win, it is likely that deploying a VR NFT marketplace can never go wrong.

Our team is all ready to aid you in getting into a Decentralized 3D Virtual Reality Platform and flourish in your business in no time.

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