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Ingrain your taxi services by launching the Uber clone app

Hey! Getting things done at the click of a button has become the new pattern in this technologically steered world. The moment when we think of availing of service, our minds jump to online services.

When you take a close look at the number of online services, the number goes beyond the countable range. The taxi services, food delivery, online payments, and other services give us a smooth edge for living a luxurious life. As these services are creeping in, it is one absolute opportunity for businesses to make the most out of these services. Here, we will have a broad spectrum of taxi services and how they can be the golden cookie for your business.

Why taxi services over other on-demand services?

The market scope for taxi services is enormous when compared to other on-demand services. Taxis have become the most preferred mode of commutation. When you zoom in on the cause for increased taxi adoption, convenience is what flashes as the reason. Taxis eyed as the most convenient modes of transportation and affordable too. Let us now have a look at the statistics that define the market scope of taxi services.

A survey taken by the Statista website submits the following facts. More than 32% of users say that they will use ride-hailing services twice a week due to utmost convenience. The market size of these services is about to increase by 117.34 billion U.S. dollars. These numbers give us a clear picture of the demand for ride-hailing services. Alongside these statistics, let us creep into the development of an app like Uber for your taxi-hailing venture.

Uber Clone App Development – An App Development That Deserves Attention

The moment one thinks of developing a taxi booking software, Uber is what comes to mind; because Uber is the first to create and launch a ride-hailing app that automates the entire taxi booking process. Following Uber, several taxi booking apps started hitting the market. The popular ones are Ola, Lyft, Grab, etc. In this blog, we will see about developing the Uber clone taxi app. Let us drill down.

The section on Uber-like taxi app development will disclose the features vested and the app’s working model. Firstly, let us start with the app’s workflow that lets you know how every process is automated.

Working Model Of the Uber Clone App In Steps

Step 1- It is the user who will start the process. Users will create a ride request by entering the exact details of the source and destination.

Step 2- Once the user enters the source and location, the app will calculate the fare based on the distance and other market norms. Based on the fare, the user can decide to take up or drop the ride request.

Step 3- Say the user is satisfied with the fare and decides to take up the ride; the request will be directed to the nearest located driver. Despite the mapping of requests, the driver can reject the request.

Step 4- If the driver accepts taking up the request, the driver will start moving to the user’s location. Meanwhile, the user can track every movement of the taxi and its location.

Step 5- Users can pay the fare using digital payment modes or through cash on delivery options. At present, disabling cash on delivery and enabling multiple digital payment modes will ensure contactless payment.

Step 6- Once the driver reaches the user’s location, the ride begins. While commuting, users can track their vehicles and also share location information with their friends and family.

Step 7- Once the ride ends, the user can rate the ride service or give feedback on the app.

The app’s workflow is relatively simple that even a novice user can book a taxi and avail it.

Features Pinned In The Uber Clone App

The app vests several features that let users, drivers, and the admin accomplish their respective tasks without any difficulties. Let us unwind the features one by one.

User onboarding-

For new users, registration is mandatory. However, they can skip the registration by logging in with social media credentials. Existing users can log in to the app by entering their username and password associated with the app.

Book rides-

It would be great if your service includes a variety of cars based on size and luxury. Users will select the pick-up, drop-off locations, and the type of car. Users will have to wait for confirmation from the admin.

Track drivers-

Once the admin confirms the ride request, drivers will get notified of the new request. Once the driver accepts the ride, the user can start tracking the vehicle’s location.

Fare estimator-

The app has a feature for estimating the fare of the ride making your business more transparent. Once users enter locations of source and destination, the app will display the fare for the ride. Users can decide their ride based on it.

Travel history-

Users can get a detailed view of their previous rides in the travel history section.

Trip alert-

Drivers will get alerts whenever a user books the ride. Based on the driver’s availability, the user will be notified whether they accept or reject the request.


The driver app’s map feature will show the most optimized route that is traffic less and is also the shortest route.


Hey, we have reached the bottom line of the blog. I hope that you will definitely take away insights from this blog. Never slip out the chance to launch your Uber clone app for taxi services that will fetch you massive benefits. Before stepping into the taxi service, ensure you offer distinct services that highlight you from other service providers.

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